Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 Days for Life Wraps up First Week

40 Days for Life started on March 9th this Spring and already it's been quite a campaign.

I've been praying at three locations: Everett, Northgate (North Seattle), and Kenmore (not an official 40 Days for Life site).

My first day out was last Thursday the 10th at the Northgate site. I hadn't been there long when a young woman assaulted us. She kicked our signs out into the street, tried to grab a sign out of my hand, and yelled that we weren't helping anybody. She claimed that she was poor and needed the birth control that Planned Parenthood provided.

Our shift leader tried to calm her down and talk some sense into her but it was clear she didn't want to listen and eventually stormed off. The look on her face was one of sadness and fear.

The Everett site was also struck by pro-choice violence when a man who frequently comes to harass people praying ran over one of the 40 Days for Life signs. The decision was made not to call the police in both of these particular situations but from now on people need to report these acts of violence.

If this had been Planned Parenthood property that had been destroyed you can bet that the police would have been notified.

My second day out was on Friday the 11th at the Everett site. That was a much better experience. We met a young woman who decided to not go through with her scheduled abortion. What a joy to meet face to face with someone for whom you've been praying.

Sadly, it was a very active day at the Everett Planned Parenthood; the parking lot was packed, one deathscort roamed the front of the building for most of the morning, and the atmosphere seemed especially oppressive and disturbed.

There was a mom with a brand new Toyota Sienna van with Bellevue dealership plates still on the back. She was there with her daughter who looked very young. The mom snarled at me when I asked if she'd like a brochure.

One strange couple pulled up in a white van, which they parked on the street. The woman was Asian and wearing a green poncho and was led into PP by a man wearing a huge gold crucifix. He, however, stayed at least 100 yards in front of her. She seemed to be in a daze and didn't want to talk or take a brochure. I don't think she spoke English.

A while later an Asian couple pulled in to the parking lot. The man, possibly the husband of the woman driving, got out and went into PP. A little while later a diminutive woman with a badge got out of the car and went in the PP. I asked her if she was the translator. She said yes. After that both of the men came out together like they knew each other.

After I left, Schola reports this incident:
At some point there were three teenage boys (about 7th graders), who were entering PP to use bathroom. I gently suggested why not use another building. As they came out of PP, one of the boys exclaimed, "we saw this lady who just passed out!"
As the abortion industry gets more and more desperate and frantic over the fact that their empire is crumbling we can expect those who still cling to their mantras and way of life to panic. Who knows to what means they will resort in order to keep things afloat. Those of us out on the front lines need to be careful and watchful at all times. And keep praying.

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Lisa said...

Always call the police anytime a crime is committed against you.