Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood Regional CEO Denies Patient Death

We wanted to give you an update on our story yesterday in which a woman was evacuated from the Everett Planned Parenthood abortion clinic by ambulance. Christine Charbonneau, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (formerly Western Washington), responded yesterday afternoon by email.

In the email she admitted that the plaintiff victim was a patient (and not an employee as some have speculated), but denied that the client was deceased as some eye-witnesses had feared. She claimed "patient is very much alive, stable and getting care appropriate to the situation."

She attempted to downplay the seriousness of the situation, saying that they had "evidently ... transferred [her] to a hospital for observation."

Ms. Charbonneau, who probably doesn't want the victim thinking about lawsuits and going after her organization's $40 million bank account, claimed the reason her employees formed a wall was not to try to hide the state of the patient, but rather that "client asked for privacy so the client’s face was covered when wheeled outside, to avoid being harassed and photographed by protestors (sic)."

And while Ms. Charbonneau did not admit that the client was the victim of a botched abortion, she didn't deny it, and she knows that's certainly the public's operating assumption, since Friday is an abortion day at their Everett facility.

We have asked Ms. Charbonneau for independent documentation of her claims beyond the self-serving assurances of an organization which is hardly at the zenith of its public credibility. Since we have some familiarity with the behavior of 40 Days for Life volunteers, who pray for and reach out to Planned Parenthood's abortion clients with love, we asked for some evidence to substantiate her claims that they would seek to harass or photograph clients, especially those being taken away on stretchers.

It's also important to note that the only person to move along the sidewalk to view the paramedics entering and leaving the Planned Parenthood, and take photographs, was an AIW reporter who had already been praying at the site for 3 hours. The other vigil participants continued praying in the usual spot and increased the fervency of their prayers when told that a woman had been hurt. They never gawked or ceased to pray.

To paraphrase the President, let us be completely clear: the only photos we have ever published of women patronizing Planned Parenthood are those leaving in emergency vehicles.

Unless there is a reporter at the scene, a lawsuit or public testimonies of post-abortive women, the public is unaware of just how dangerous "safe and legal" abortion is.


Anonymous said...

1. It doesn't matter how much safer abortion may be than child birth. There still may be fewer cases of botched child birth than abortion. Either way it doesn't matter. None of your business.

2. It is not a crime. It is legal. Just because you think it is wrong, doesn't mean everyone else has to. You can stomp your feet all you want that your opinion on this is gospel, but it is not and you don't care one bit about the fetus'. the parents know their situations and what's best for them and their embryos better than you ever could. You're a disgusting excuse for a human.

3. Exactly. You don't know what happened, but you are using some strange woman's unknown incident to further your cause. Would you not be as credible if you told facts? Probably not. That's why you lie and embellish.

4. Women can claim choice and they do. If it weren't legal, then they'd be going and doing it with clothes hangers in the alleys and you'd see more deaths than in the clinics. If you care soooooo much about a woman's health during an abortion, then you'd be all for planned parenthood. Face it. You don't care about the women. You care about forcing your beliefs on people. And abortion is not killing a person. It is aborting a fetus. An egg is not a chicken, a seed is not a flower, and an embryo is not a person. I'm sure you will pick and choose what bits and peices of the comments you will answer though, based on what supports your argument.

5. Not sure why a pill was brought up, nor does it have anything to do with choice I'm sure. Either way. Yes Lying is a sin as stated above.

6. You prove it WAS a botched abortion. You posted the blog trying to pass it off as one, now put up or shut up. Until there is proof, you have no credibility.

7. You didn't answer the person's question at all. She asked why we should take your word for the reason the employees were protecting their image. It's common sense. If you go to the doctor, you will have privacy. There are curtains and everything. If you were having surgery, I'm sure you would find it odd and uncomfortable if doctors just let anyone with a camera come up and ask questions and snap photos. Have some common sense and quit trying to dream bs explanations, because you know you're wrong.

8. You don't really GET to tell women what they need. You know squat. It's their decision and whether or not the doctors are proud is irrelevant.

9. Again. A fetus is not yet a person. Even if it is, it is irrelevant. That fetus is living off of the mother and the mother has a right to choose whether she wants to be pregnant and endure body changes and painful labor or not. Too bad. You don't have to like it and it doesn't have to seem fair to you, but it is what's best for everyone.

10. There's risks in just about everything you do in life. We're not going to stop procreating just because we could die during labor too. Again. If you're so worried about the health and safety of women who get abortions then you need to support pp, because without them, more women will die in the alleys. I bet you won't even answer this argument though.

11. Come off it. You don't care about this woman. You were salivating at the chance to post horror stories about the big bad planned parenthood and used some stranger with an unknown condition to do it. Again. If you cared about her and any other woman, you would support planned parenthood as an alternative to alleyway abortions.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember HIPAA or protected health information? It is the patients right to have privacy. Thank you planned parenthood for knowing the law and protecting this persons privacy. protecting privacy is not a coverup and it is none of your business why this person was in the clinic or if she is a patient

Mary E. said...

Please don't throw the spectre of "alleyway abortions" and coathangers in my face. My grandmother had an illegal abortion so I know all about it. I have several close friends who've had legal abortions so I know all about that too. In both instances those abortions were for someone else, NOT the woman.
I've spoken to the people who've come out of the Everett PP and I've heard the reasons for choosing or not choosing abortion.
What did you say to the woman of American Indian descent whose boyfriend brought her in for an abortion because they happened to find themselves on a cemetary and he believed the fetus would curse his already born child? Did you tell her that was a great reason for "choosing" abortion? Or did you abandon her by telling her it was her choice and it was safe and that she could go on with her life like nothing happened?
Also, quit blaming the abortion choice on the woman and washing your hands of what happens. You and every counselor and person who gives her advice or says a word or gives a look in reaction to the temptation to abortion had a role to play in the abortion or birth. It's not a private decision; there are multiple people who go into making it happening.
You haven't really proven that a fetus isn't a person. You've just given reasons justifying his/her execution. Even abortionists know they are killing a baby, a person. The women even know it. Why do you think they are crying when they come in and leave?
What about the woman a few weeks ago in your clinic who couldn't even walk she was so devestated? It took several staff people to hold her up. Are you going to be there when the nightmares start? Are you going to be there when the thoughts of suicide start? What if she's aborted the only child she'll ever conceive?
I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anybody. I'm confirming what they already know -- it's a baby --and inform them that there are people who will help them solve the REAL problems in her life; not propose that she scrape out her uterus and pretend that that will solve her money, relationship, health, housing, etc. problems.
If someone has financial problems they should go to someone who knows something about managing money, not get an abortion, don't you think?
If you were unjustly killed or hurt wouldn't you want someone caring about it?
If we decided to legalize rape or slavery would that make it any less a crime?
If you care so much about women why don't you start helping the women who come into your clinic find solutions to their problems that abortion can't solve.
My challenge to you -- the next time a woman comes in and says "I'm having an abortion because I'm scared and I don't have enough money and I'm all alone" tell her that there are people outside who will help her with that and that abortion is no guarantee of money, courage, or friends.