Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everett Planned Parenthood Lists Unlicensed, Disciplined Doctor

Just as people are processing the news of an ambulance evacuating a female patient from the Everett Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, there is new controversy surrounding questions as to the identity of the Planned Parenthood doctor involved, and the organization's refusal to completely answer questions about whether or not they are using licensed staff.

A quick Google (Maps) search of the PP Everett abortion clinic address, 1509 32nd Street, Everett, WA, shows several staff associated with this clinic, but only one doctor: Dr. C. D. Steele.

If you go ahead and check Washington State's Department of Health license database, you find that Dr. C. Danae Steele last held a valid license to practice medicine on October 9, 2008, two and a half years ago. You also see that Dr. Steele was disciplined by the Department of Health for two major obstetrics mistakes in 2004, resulting in her freedom to practice obstetrics without supervision being revoked temporarily.

In one case she caused lacerations of a baby's scalp using "vacuum extraction", having not noticed that a medical resident had already caused similar damage to the baby after the resident "vigorously rocked the extractor, causing lacerations to the fetal scalp" as Dr. Steele "looked on".

Dr. Steele apparently now works in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she continues to practice obstetrics. We contacted her there and asked about her name showing up as working at the Everett Planned Parenthood. She told us she has worked in Wisconsin for a couple of years, and only worked at the Planned Parenthood in "about 2004 or 2005". This would make the Google information 6 years out of date. Google became a massively profitable, world-renowned corporation by providing the highest quality internet search results.

More significantly, however, 2005 was during the period in which she was disciplined and medical privileges were limited. (She was only licensed to practice obstetrics under the supervision of a residency program. Her full privileges were restored in 2006.) This was, apparently, when she was working at Planned Parenthood Everett, the site of the recent medical emergency.

Critics charge that it's not surprising that a financially desperate, professionally reprimanded doctor with a propensity for causing damage to unborn children and limited career options would find a home at Planned Parenthood.

We also contacted Christine Charbonneau, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, to see if she wanted to clear this issue up given that average internet users checking out her Everett abortion clinic are getting the impression that she is hiring unlicensed doctors.

Charbonneau did respond to our email but, in a somewhat surprisingly emotional display, refused to answer any questions about Dr. Steele, and refused to disclose the identities of any other licensed medical staff who work there, if any. Perhaps tellingly, she mocked the notion that she would have anything to worry about from Department of Health licensing regulators.

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