Friday, March 04, 2011

Government Using Low-Interest Health Care Bonds to Refurbish ... Abortion Clinics!

We have recently uncovered yet another reason why we call this "The Abortion State".

As if it wasn't enough to have unlimited and unregulated abortion on demand at taxpayers' expense; as if it wasn't enough to have high school girls being whisked away from school to abortion clinics with government-paid taxi rides, without their parents ever learning about it, all with state approval. As if it wasn't enough for the state's abortion industry to have friends in Olympia trying to shut down non-profit, volunteer-staff pregnancy clinics.

No, we now find out that a government agency designed to offer low-interest loans to non-profit health care agencies to help them build and renovate their facilities, has been issuing cut-rate loans to the state's abortion clinics to build out and renovate their baby-killing operations!

There have been at least four of these, with one in the works.

In the 2003, the infamous Cedar River Clinics was given an interest-free loan of $560,000 to "acquire land and remodel and equip" their abortion clinic in Tacoma. This is the same Cedar River that is being sued for nearly killing a woman during a recent 26+ week abortion. And the same Cedar River clinic which was sued for doing an abortion on a fifteen-year-old girl who wanted to keep her baby but who was flown from Alaska to Seattle without her parents having a clue where she was, with no adult accompaniment. (More on that story soon.)

Loan for more of the same please. APPROVED!

In 2004, they issued a special loan to Planned Parenthood of Central Washington for just over half a million dollars. This is the Planned Parenthood affiliate which runs the Kennewick abortion clinic which tried to kidnap a girl whose father wanted to take her from the clinic and almost had a staff-member arrested. This is the same clinic whose director was witnessed dragging a client back into the clinic apparently for an abortion. This is the same clinic which schedules abortions within minutes of clients finding out they are pregnant and did an abortion on a teenager forced their by her mother when it was clear to everyone working there that this girl did not want the abortion.

Loan for more of the same please. APPROVED!

In 2006, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, flush with tens of millions of dollars in income from the Take Charge program and from billing Medicaid at full price for oral contraception and emergency contraception they buy for a few dollars each, was the new lucky winner. They got an interest free loan, at a rate of just 65% of LIBOR, for almost a million dollars.

Then just a year later, they got another loan, this one for 5 years at 4.11%, for $2.3 million "to acquire equipment".

The first loan was "to refinance taxable debt incurred to acquire property". In other words, to shave a few interest points off money they borrowed to build out their rapidly expanding network of abortion mills. Thanks, Olympia!

Now Planned Parenthood of Central Washington is in the process of getting approved for a new loan for $1.2 million to remodel their abortion sales and referral clinics in Pasco and Sunnyside.

You will recall that the Pasco clinic was authorized despite a massive outcry from local citizens. Apparently the board members at the Washington Healthcare Facilities Authority (WHCFA) that authorizes these loans doesn't care. Perhaps that's not surprising when you consider that Governor Christine Gregoire is chairman of the board, and the Secretary of Health is also on the board.

We contacted the Executive Director of the WHCFA, Donna Fincke, for comment on how exactly a program created to improve access to health care has ended up being used to kill people. Our questions were met with some boilerplate, technical text about how the program works. We are filing a public records request to find out exactly what conversations took place, with whom, and when.

We're not going along with this insulting game the public bureaucracy in this state tries to play when you expose their involvement in butchering children by trying to get you to go along and pretend that abortion is just a form of health care. You can try to play that game with us.

We're not playing.

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