Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anti-Choice Project Confronts Planned Parenthood Supporters with Reality of "Choice"

Our friends at the Anti-Choice Project (love that name), were out in force at Planned Parenthood's "I Stand with Planned Parenthood" Rally at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle March 19th.
As usual the pro-abortion crowd attempts to cover up the graphic signs illustrating "choice".

Women are holding signs with slogans like "Don't take away my breast exams" and "Don't take away my birth control".

I'm always curious about the men in the crowd. Why aren't they holding a "Don't take away my birth control" sign?  The FDA said men have a "right" to Plan B, a.k.a. the-morning-after-pill. King County Public Health reminds visitors to their Birth Control Gallery that, "No prescription needed for people over age 18 and men can get Plan B for their wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends!

We also know that "birth control" means abortion too. How many men in the audience paid for an abortion or pressured a girlfriend or wife into getting one?

Why is it so hard for men to claim it and own it?

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