Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, We Finally Did It

We found somewhere in Washington State law which recognizes the unborn child as a separate and unique person under the law.

As most people know, in America if you are poor and need medical attention, you can apply for the Medicaid program. It turns out that the government not only uses your income to determine if you qualify for the benefits, but also your family size. That makes sense: the same amount of income spread over more children means less money per child.

For example, Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has an online questionnaire here where you can fill out your info and it will tell you if you qualify. Question 2 is about family size, specifically "how many children live with you?". The comments add: "If you are pregnant, please include that unborn child." (emphasis ours)

And in another DSHS document, it explicitly says: "An unborn child is included in the household size." (emphasis ours)

This "unborn child" language comes directly from state law, no less.
3.   Each unborn child is counted as a household member when determining household size for:
a. Family medical;
b.  Pregnancy medical; and
c.   Children's medical
So a young woman who didn't qualify for Medicaid before becoming pregnant could now qualify because of their unborn baby. This all makes sense if you think about it from the point of view of getting prenatal care and healthy birth experience to poor women.

The rub comes in when you realize that in Washington State, abortions are paid for by Medicaid without restrictions. And just as mothers who do not choose to kill their unborn babies can qualify for state medical benefits this way, girls or women who want to abort their baby can qualify just the same. State law, which comes from Initiative 120 passed by the voters in 1992, says that the state can not "discriminate" in any benefit program if favor of human life or decency (not the actual words).

So a program designed and created to nurture and protect human life everywhere else in the United States must in Washington be available to those who wish  to murder and destroy.

So in Washington, the state can treat your unborn baby as a full, distinct human person entirely for the purpose of qualifying you for a check to have that same "unborn child" killed.

Lest you think this some sort of strange loophole that if only Governor Gregoire, or State Rep. Judy Clibborn, or Rep. Jay Inslee or Senator Patty Murray just knew about they would immediately try to fix, you are sorely deluded about the depths of evil in the Soviet of Washington. Our pro-abortion rulers know about this full well. And they love it.

In fact we contacted Dr. Laurie Cawthon with DSHS to make sure we were completely clear on this. Perhaps DSHS tries at least informally to restrict benefits to those choosing life over death. No. Dr. Cawthon told us in chillingly clinical tones about the process of approving benefits:
"no one can know for sure what will happen [with a pregnancy]. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage or fetal death (still birth), in addition to those that end in voluntary pregnancy termination."
And we know from the Ballard High School "Secret Abortion" Scandal that the "public health" bureaucrats who prey on young pregnant girls know the system inside and out and are ready and waiting to explain to them how they can exploit this legal outrage to get their free abortion.

As if this wasn't enough, the rules for pregnancy benefits specify that the mother is qualified for free birth control for a full year after "the pregnancy ends". And that again is regardless how the pregnancy ended.
"A woman who was eligible for medical coverage on the last day of pregnancy is eligible for family planning services for twelve months from the end of the pregnancy even when eligibility for pregnancy was determined after the pregnancy ended."

So a woman gets to treat her unborn baby as a person to get the check to have the baby killed, and then gets to use that baby's humanity again to get taxpayers to pay for a years' supply of birth control.

You can see why we keep telling you that the individuals who control public health policy in Washington State are moral aliens.

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DK said...

Yet, we have to deprive some who are truly needy, because our state is in debt. Perverse.