Thursday, March 03, 2011

Washington State Senators Keep up Fight for Abortion Industry, vs Scientific Accuracy

Senator Patty Murray (looking a little surprised
and confused ... not surprisingly
Washington State's two leftist 'lady' Senators never seem to miss an opportunity to be on the most extreme position of any issue.

Despite a $14 trillion debt and $1.6 trillion deficit, Senators Murray and Cantwell today voiced their opposition to Republican attempts to try to find even a few hundred million dollars in savings, and to get the government out of women's private, reproductive lives.

Murray, recently determined to be the most liberal Senator, and routinely voted the dumbest, repeated the left's bedrock belief that contraception reduces abortion rates.

This belief may vie with Darwin's Origin of Species as virtual Canon Law for the Sexual Left, so it must be restated: it's absolute baloney.

Miss Cantwell, who has never married and has no children, joined her much ridiculed colleague Mrs. Murray in failing to acknowledge the recent study out of Spain which showed that while contraception use rose from 50% to 80% over a 10 year period, the abortion rate doubled!

This finding came as no surprise to those of us who believe in scientifically and medically accurate sex education. In fact it is 100% consistent with the abortion industry's own research, which says that 54% of women getting abortions were using birth control the month they got pregnant.

We contacted both Senators for comment and to ask them if they would at least support the GOP cut to funding of Planned Parenthood, the state and country's largest provider of abortions, and active participant in countless crimes and scandals.

We're still waiting.


Anonymous said...

Adam Smith recently responded to me, saying the same thing about contraception. Margaret Sanger initially did not want to promote abortion, but she realized that she needed a back up for "failed contraception". As the Spain study shows, contraception and abortion go hand in hand.

Jonathan B said...

Thanks for letting us know about that. We will use that later. Interestingly, Kirsten Powers had a column today on exactly the same lines as ours. Good for her. She's taking it on the chin from her normally admiring liberal followers.