Sunday, March 06, 2011

Democrat Staffer Blatantly Misrepresents Abortion Bill, Current Law

With a vote on HB1366 imminent in the Olympia House of Representatives, some Democrat politicians supporting the bill still seem to be trying to get away with outright deceptions with their constituents.

Take Larry Springer for example. Springer represents the 45th district, which covers some parts of Kirkland and Redmond, plus a range of rural King County including Duvall and Carnation. His staffer, Kelly, attempted to defend his support for the legislation on the grounds that "we're just trying to apply the same regulations to pro-life pregnancy centers that already exist for abortion clinics."

Yes, she really said that.

One hardly knows where to begin after someone tries to get away with The Big Lie like that one.

Um, Kelly, I guess you're not aware of this, but even NPR just ran a story on the fact that many states are considering finally starting to regulate abortion clinics after Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia was discovered to have been operating a house of horrors abortion mill, murdering nearly full-term babies with scissors after delivering them, amongst many other crimes.

"Well that's not Washington," Kelly might say. Only if you haven't read our article in which the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that even after the Kermitt Gosnell scandal was all over the national news, Washington State had no plans whatsoever to review this state's notorious lack of regulation or oversight of the abortion industry.

We noted that Washington State is rated as the top state in the nation for the abortion industry to operate because of the lack of regulations.

The situation was perhaps most succinctly stated by DOH to blogger The Savvy Citizen when they said:
We do not license or regulate abortion clinics in Washington State. However, we do license and regulate the providers who practice in abortion clinics. These clinics do not have any safety or cleanliness standards, because the clinic itself is not regulated.
When our correspondent corrected her by pointing out some of these facts, Kelly just dug herself in deeper. She claimed there were regulations in HIPAA that required abortionists to tell give their clients "medically accurate" information. In fact, HIPAA is entirely about privacy of medical information. That's it, that's all. It doesn't say a word about what medical providers or abortionists must say or do in terms of informed consent or accuracy of medical information.

Kelly also seems to have forgotten that 15 years ago the political tables were somewhat inverted, when pro-lifers were trying to pass a minimal informed consent law that would have required abortionists to provide certain factual information to clients about the baby they were killing. Planned Parenthood and their ilk fought that bill tooth and nail, and won, precisely so they would not have to tell women the truth and risk losing the abortion sale.

Kelly also seemed not to be aware that when HB1366 was pushed last year, it was defeated because of an amendment that was passed in the Senate Health Committee that simply applied the same regulations to abortion industry as were being suggested for pro-life pregnancy clinics. Planned Parenthood and NARAL immediately freaked out and said that was intolerable, and ordered the bill killed. (Their mindless supplicants in the Democrat Party obeyed.)

OK, at this point we're just piling on the hapless Kelly. It's really not clear whether Larry Springer's staff member was simply utterly incompetent, or was just making things up to tell constituents as they popped into her sweet head.

Rep. Springer, take a page from Patty Murray's playbook. If you're the dumbest member of your caucus, at least hire some competent staff that can conceal that fact from your constituents.


DK said...

Incredible. The blind leading the blind. Some people in Olympia act like ignorance is a virtue...

chimakuni said...

PP could start with a huge sign in front of their doors - WE KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN HERE