Friday, March 04, 2011

Speaker Frank Chopp Lets "More Dead Babies Act" Proceed to Floor Vote

Pro-lifers across the state were alarmed today to find out that Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp decided to go ahead and let the massively controversial legislation to shut down the state's pregnancy centers out of the Rules Committee. HB1366 is now headed for a floor vote in the House. If it passes, it will then go to the Senate.

There had been hope that Mr. Chopp would keep the bill bottled up in the Rules Committee after pregnancy center advocates had met with him and educated him on what the state's 50-60 Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) and Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) do to help women at no cost facing one of their life's most difficult circumstances, an unplanned pregnancy. Mr. Chopp was reported to have been greatly impressed at the time.

There had been hope that the Democrats who were pushing the bill might reconsider after the massive show of opposition at the Health Committee Hearing. But the ideological extremists in that Party, which has been damned as a wholly owned subsidiary of the abortion lobby, were unfazed.

There was further hope after a similar bill was struck down in Maryland as patently unconstitutional that the Democrats would dig deep and find some shame. But no luck with that either.

There was still hope after numerous Democrats were publicly humiliated during meetings with constituents in which it was discovered that they hadn't even read the bill they had co-sponsored. Their reaction to the penalty portion of the bill was so strong, apparently, that the bill sponsor, Judy "The Abortionator" Clibborn was forced to revamp it completely. The new text, which calls for "injunctive relief", has been condemned as just as bad as the first version, but less easy to attack.

The bill could come to a floor vote as early as Saturday morning. For details on the legislation, click here and you will find our many other stories.


Anonymous said...

We should all be on our knees, praying that this bill and the other crazy bills that are currently in the House do not pass.

Jonathan B said...

Prayers are always a good idea, but our prayers wouldn't have to be so loud if our pulpits weren't so quiet.

Embracing Life said...

Thanks for saying that Jonathan!