Monday, March 28, 2011

Parents Frustrated By Lack of Answers on Seattle Schools' Secret Abortion System

As the Seattle City Council considers doubling the Education Levy used to fund in-school "health clinics", they are coming under fire from parents and activists for continuing to undermine parental authority because of their role in secretly putting girls on birth control and even helping setup abortions behind the parents' backs.

Some critics have even called the clinics the first station in an "underground railroad from hell" where the last stop is one of Seattle's unregulated abortion mills.

Defiant in Face of National Scandal
Last year there was a national scandal after it was revealed that a Ballard High School teenager was taken for an abortion during school hours without her parents' knowledge, all arranged by the Ballard "Teen Health Clinic".

The clinic is run under an extremely complicated arrangement that seems almost designed to diffuse blame and obfuscate responsibility. The clinic is at the school, but the school says it has nothing to do with them. The nursing staff are employees of Swedish Hospital, but Swedish refused to answer any questions, saying policy is set by Seattle and King County Public Health (SKCPH).

Parents are left wondering who exactly to go to in order to protest this devious scheme.

We recently spoke with Gary Reynolds, one local parent who, while not a pro-life activist, was outraged by the Public Health's deliberate setup within the schools designed to facilitate secret abortions. He eventually got in touch with James Apa, a senior spokesman for King County Public Health.

One of the main things he wanted to know was whether or not the consent forms parents sign had been fixed. In the Ballard High School scandal, the mother indicated that she had no idea she was consenting to her child being shuttled off to an abortion clinic. Nowhere was that explicitly stated.

Mr. Reynolds has made the point to the King County council and to Mr. Apa that all the parents he has spoken with are 100% under the impression that they can determine by their consent whether their child can access the school clinic, and if so, what services the child can access, in particular, "family planning" and abortion counseling (also known as abortion sales).

KCPH at the time admitted to no wrongdoing and instead blamed the mother. They claimed they "can't list all medical procedures" as if abortion was just one of many medical events!

And then with us and Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Apa was arrogantly evasive. Eventually we managed to pin him down somewhat. His response was shocking.

Deliberate Scheme
First, he continued the canard from the Ballard scandal in which Public Health claims they "have no choice" to help a child seeking abortion because of the parental consent loopholes in the state of Washington in which a minor of any age can consent to an abortion on her own, without a parent or guardian or adult of any time protecting her from coercion or exploitation. The situation regarding children seeking birth control is similar.

He claims that if a child gets pregnant while using their birth control and chooses to (or is pressured to) get an abortion, their hands are completely tied by state law. They must keep the situation confidential from the parent, and can't do anything to impede that child's "choice".

But they, of course, knew full well when they set up these clinics and chose to provide birth control prescriptions exactly what the law was, namely that these would be done behind parents' backs. So it is utterly disingenuous for them to claim "the law made us do it".

Mr. Reynolds also makes the point that since the bureaucrats who run the school clinics know that parents believe they are opting out of family planning and/or abortion for their child, and the bureaucrats insist on keeping the forms the way they are and not providing any clarification to fix a known confusion despite national embarrassment, it can mean only one thing.

It's a deliberate scheme.

Furthermore, we challenge Mr. Apa to point us to the exact RCW, chapter and verse, which states that they must provide a list of abortion clinics, with phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, services provided, maximum ages of unborn babies they're willing to kill, to a pregnant teenager?

Furthermore, if teens can access these services independently and without parental consent then why have Teen Health Centers?

Lying About the Law
Guess what: there is no such law. It is their choice to do that.

Can Mr. Apa point us to the RCW which states that the "health clinic" staff must advise girls and help them arrange for payment of the abortion payment with state or other insurance officials?

Guess what. There is no such law. It is their choice to do that.

Can Mr. Apa point us to the RCW which states that the "health clinic" staff must advise girls and help arrange for transportation to and from the abortion clinic, taking them offsite while their parents believe they are in school, perhaps via a Hopelink-brokered taxi paid for by the state?

Again, there is no such law. It is their choice to do that.

Finally, can Mr. Apa point us to the RCW which states they must fake school attendance records to trick parents even more about the secret abortions you arrange?

Right, same answer. It is their free choice.

Just Stop
Frankly, we're done with King County Public Health Department's utter nonsense about "the law made us do it". They've been exposed. This is a full and voluntary conspiracy on the part of the Public Health Department, Seattle Schools, individual schools like Ballard High School, Swedish Hospital, and perhaps other hospitals, to arrange secret abortions on minors, perhaps as young as twelve or thirteen.

And it is despicable. And it must stop. Now.

Second, we get to the other outrageous part of Mr. Apa's answers. We alluded to these already. Mr. Apa wanted to continue to defend the consent forms which make no mention of abortion, the focus of the national controversy and ridicule. Apa carried on about how they can't list "every medical procedure".

No-one on God's green earth is stupid enough to fall for this nonsense. Every parent and every doctor knows full well that abortion is not just another medical procedure. We're not even going to engage that "argument". The bureaucrats, medicrats, and social worker creeps in the King County Public Health, Seattle Schools, and even our hospitals are simply moral aliens. Ethically speaking, they bleed green. They have some sick perversion that we don't even want to understand.

Even most life-long Seattle liberals want to be notified if their daughter was pregnant before she had an abortion. If for no other reason than to make sure the abortionist she went to met with their approval.

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