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Answering the Critics of Our March 18 Article

On March 18th we posted this article, Safe and Legal Abortion Claims Another Vicitm at Everett Planned Parenthood.

It generated some comments in the combox that were critical of our reporting and defended Planned Parenthood's track record in particular and abortion in general.

Here at AIW we know and believe that every abortion kills an unborn human person and wounds the mother, father and society at large. Some of the people who work at Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers also know this, but for reasons particular to each person they keep trudging along in an industry that has no winners.

Here's a summary of the criticisms and our response:

1. This could have been a heart attack...
True enough. It could have been a lot of things. But I thought abortion was safer than childbirth? At least that's what we've been told for the last 40 years.

Regardless of what exactly happened to this woman this event demonstrates the pointlessness of submitting oneself to elective surgery for no known health benefits. Why risk it when abortion can't provide the things a woman in crisis and despair really needs?

Read here about abortion deaths due to anesthesia and cardiorespiratory arrest during an abortion.

2. This is a private MEDICAL matter - nothing about it says that it's any of your business.
Actually abortion is not a "medical" matter in the traditional meaning of the word. The medical arts were always about healing, and "to do no harm" was the first rule of medical practitioners.

It is more accurately described as a crime that is committed in private by people with medical degrees and licenses. The public has been denied the ability to intervene to stop it or prosecute the perpetrators. In analogous areas of the law -- murder, manslaughter, injury to citizens -- law suits can be brought and filed and heard within public courts. The state will even try certain cases on behalf of the citizenry even though the crime was committed against only a single person.

If you were scheduled for 'routine' surgery with Dr. X, yet Dr. X's last patient before you had to be evacuated by ambulance, isn't that something you would want to know about Dr. X? The public has a right to know about the history and skill of the doctors working in the community.

3. This article is lie. What they are saying happened is not true.
I admit that I don't know what happened inside that clinic. Tell us what happened.

4. The fact of the matter is a persons privacy is of there own CHOICE and for you to try and take that and turn it into a horror scene is completely obnoxious.
No one can claim "choice" in the matter of hurting another person. A place where people die and are scarred for life is a horror scene. I didn't make it that way.

Read about women killed by legal abortion.
Read about what it's like inside America's abortion mills.

5. Lying is a sin. Little alone your outline of the abortion pill.
Here's a description of how it works from a pro-abortion source. It tracks pretty closely with the one given in the combox.

6. Nothing about it was botched either.
Prove it. See 1. above.

7. Pp wasn't trying to protect their image, the doctors their know exactly what they are doing and know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.
Why should we take your word for it?

Is everyone in the operating room licensed?
How many have any medical training?
Is everyone trained in CPR?
Is any emergency equipment clean, inspected regularly, and easily available?
Are medications out of date?
Are instruments properly sterilized?
Are employees trained to properly to administer anesthesia?
Is PP required to meet the regulations and requirements that other medical facilities that perform surgery are?
Is this PP being used to train ARNPs, physician’s assistants or medical students to do abortions?

How is the public to know that any of the above is happening or not happening since we have no visibility into PP thru state regulatory mechanisms? PP regulates and monitors themselves.

8. [T]hey are the ones women turn to in time of serious need and they proudly help them.
Women don't need abortion. They need friends, support and love. PP doesn't give them that. PP just empties her uterus and sends her on her way.

No, they don't "proudly" help them, at least not as individuals, or doctors. The doctors won't even identify themselves in most cases. They do it like rats, or perhaps like the Tolkein's character Gollum.

9. This is about a womens right.
No one, not even a woman, has a right to kill another person. See the article about the woman who decapitated her 21 week old "fetus". The state is bringing murder charges.

10. The average percent of something going wrong is about 1% during an abortion, and they let you be well aware of the risks. Everything usually goes smoothly, and when it doesn't, they know exactly what they are doing.
I don't know where you are getting your 1% stat. Even the quasi-official stats provided by the state, and rely on the honesty of the state's abortionists in reporting complications, give a 4 to 10% complication rate. And that's only immediate complications. They don't track future infertility, suicide, suicide ideation, breast cancer, pre-mature birth, infections, self-destructive behavior, drug abuse, obesity, various mental health problems, etc.

See 7. above.

Remember – Abortion cures no known disease or condition. It is used for social reasons, not medical. Abortion was never tested on animals for safety as most medical procedures are.

11. [P]erhaps PP staff were protecting the woman's privacy so she doesn't end up on salacious blogs like this.
We care about this woman to the extent that she is healed and able to live her life again. We have no interest in knowing her name to report on her unless she chose to publically share her story as this PP client has done.

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