Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Saved at Everett Planned Parenthood

We received word that another baby and mom were saved from abortion outside the Everett Planned Parenthood this week.

We won't publish any details on line so as to protect the family's privacy.

Thanks to everybody who helped and is helping this woman.

This is the second known save at this particular Planned Parenthood during this 40 Days for Life Campaign.


Anonymous said...

Praise God!

Anonymous said...

So you will respect the privacy of a women that YOU encouraged to not go through with her decision, but will not respect the privacy of a women that was sent to the hospital for the decision that she had made. You criticized her and pp for respecting her wishes posted up pictures and details that you clearly new nothing about all over the Internet and these ridiculous blogs all because you could not and refused to respect HER privacy. What kind of people are you? So basically when it benefits your beliefs it's ok to respect privacy but when it's against your beliefs it's ok to slander another human beings rights?!! Really sit back and read everything that you post, maybe you will actually see all the slander you put out there.

Anonymous said...

A baby was also saved in Renton this week!

Thank you for always showing your concern for mothers and babies; and for shedding light on the fact that babies are murdered through abortions, and their mothers are harmed emotionally and sometimes physically.


Jonathan B said...

Dear Privacy:

It's hard to tell whether you're being deliberately dishonest, or simply cannot understand, but the fact remains that we made no attempt whatsoever to expose the identity of the woman you sent to a hospital presumably through incompetence. That's because we don't have the slightest interest in doing so.

As we've noted, we've never attempted to expose the identities of aborting mothers. We're actually considering offering a cash prize to anyone who can find any evidence on this blog of us ever having done so!

The fact is that it may be a legitimate thing to do, since killing one's children is not a private matter, but it's a red herring in this case, and you're not fooling anyone with it.

Once you send patients out the back door in body bags or on stretchers, it is no longer a private matter. The only "privacy" we have violated is that of Planned Parenthood and the way it hurts women, and we plan to continue to violate that "privacy" with passion.

Jonathan B said...

Kitty, that is FANTASTIC news about the baby saved at Renton. Praise the Lord. And thank you for reporting it.

I hope the Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinic volunteers reading the blog will start to realize that most of these women are "choosing" abortion -- not even counting the ones being forced into it by parents, boyfriends, or husbands -- because they don't realize there are people willing to help them parent in whatever way they need.

I do hope one day the mother might be able to share her story so that other mothers in her situation will see that there are life-affirming options that Cedar River and Planned Parenthood are not telling them about.

I wonder what beautiful and amazing contributions this child will grow up to make to this world!