Monday, December 26, 2005

Bill & Melinda Gates: Persons of the Year, Abortion Supporters

According to, "In 2001, the Gates Foundation gave $2.8 million to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business. They continued funding the abortion business annually and upped the donation to $3.5 million in 2005."

Melinda Gates regularly attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington and is a graduate of Catholic schools.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another "Personally Opposed" Catholic Politician

Here we go again. Another Catholic politician "personally opposed" to abortion.

Barbara Listing of Right to Life of Michigan made this comment that Washignton state pro-lifers would do well to consider -- On Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who favors abortion rights: "The governor was able to confuse people last time, because she was a Catholic who indicated in a variety of ways that she was personally opposed to abortion."

Can you say Mike McGavick?

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up

Norwegian Study: Psychological distress from induced abortion and miscarriage.

I looked through the study and sometimes it's that little details that can be quite interesting.

In discussing the participation rates of miscarried and aborted women in the study, this paragraph stood out--
When nurse G. asked the women [to participate in the study], 52% agreed to participate in the study. For several years, this nurse had cared for women during the first hours after an induced abortion. She was genuinely interested in the project and had a positive attitude towards taking part in it. When other staff members asked the women, only 30% agreed to participate. The project leader (who was also the interviewer) was not well known to the staff, and some of the staff were skeptical about the study being carried out in their department. At the beginning of December 1998, when all but three of the women who had had an induced abortion were included, only half the women who had had a miscarriage were included. The project leader then had the oportunity to address the staff at a meeting that lasted for two hours. After this meeting, several staff members said that they were much more positive about the project than previously, and that they felt more comfortable about asking women to participate in the study. Before this meeting, the inclusion rate of women who had experienced a miscarriage was 36.5%; after the meeting it increased to 75%.
First, why were the staff "skeptical about the study being carried out in their department?" What's that all about?

Second, what were the staff saying to the potential participants when asking them to participate?

Third, can we find out what was said in that 2-hour meeting with the staff that caused a jump in the "inclusion rate of women who had experienced a miscarriage" from 36.5% to 75%?

A Humble Request for Financial Help for 15 Week Old and Her Mom

Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause.

Mail your check to: New Philadelphia Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 344
Quincy, FL 32351

I'll be mailing my check tomorrow.

God bless you.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Theater of the Absurd

Every abortion clinic is a theater of the absurd.

The Theater of the Absurd “…was anti-theatre. It was surreal, illogical, conflictless and plotless. The dialogue seemed total gobbledygook.” And, “[a]bsurd drama subverts logic. It relishes the unexpected and the logically impossible.”

The action centers on a doctor who is practicing “anti-medicine”; performing aimless surgery on patients who are not ill and need no healing.

The doctor boldly proclaims that he “destroys life.” Yet, he refuses to “destroy a life” unless the patient is complicit in and directive of the surgery by asserting the logically impossible – her unborn baby is not a baby. "It's not a baby to me until the mother tells me it's a baby” but later learn he won’t perform third-trimester abortions because it’s too much like infanticide.

This is a surreal world where who is being killed and who is being born are unclear. He believes that the thousands of women who have relied on him have been “born again.” The 70 year old doctor recently “…injured his head in a fall. He underwent three surgeries and spent months in rehabilitation. His wife urged him to retire.” He continues his surreal work. It seems he’s going to help these women become “born again” even if it kills him.

In this unexpected scenario of death and birth there is confusion over which character fills the roll of victim. Who is actually doing the killing? Is the doctor a rational hired assassin or a psychopath? Is the patient a victim or calculating murderess?

…[T]he Theatre of the Absurd… seems to have been a reaction to the disappearance of the religious dimension from contemporary life. The Absurd Theatre can be seen as an attempt to restore the importance of myth and ritual to our age, by making man aware of the ultimate realities of his condition, by instilling in him again the lost sense of cosmic wonder and primeval anguish. The Absurd Theatre hopes to achieve this by shocking man out of an existence that has become trite, mechanical and complacent.
If only.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Olympia Clinic Ceases to Perform Abortions

I received this email from a friend of mine who attends St. Michael Church in Olympia, Washington:

Some months back, the abortion clinic in Olympia, WA was severely damaged by a roof fire, that was classified as arson by the Fire Marshal. The "Christian" doctor owner, modernized and supposedly expanded the life taking capabilities of this clinic. I heard this morning, the clinic will not reopen [for abortions] because, according to the owner, the cost of liability insurance coverage is excessive and unreasonably high.

So, once again, the "culture of death" proves it is only interested in paying homage to the god of money and greed.

Thank you Jesus! BTW: the...abortion clinic is only two or three blocks from the St. Joseph Perpetual Eucharist Adoration chapel at St. Michael Church in Olympia.

(Fr. Corapi is right!)

Here's the article in The Olympian.

The commentary on the article doesn't get beyond the usual "abortion is necessary for women's health" sophistry. The bad news is that the taxpayers of Washington state, in addition to paying for abortions, may now get the privilege of insuring abortion clinics thanks to Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Abortion Suicide Link

Springfield, IL ( -- A new study of women in Finland finds that those who have had abortions have higher rates of suicide than women who carry their pregnancies to term. The epidemiological study, published in the European Journal of Public Health, was conducted by Finland’s National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health.

The comprehensive three-year study of the entire population of women in Finland found that, compared to women who have not been pregnant in the prior year, deaths from suicide, accidents and homicide are 248% higher in the year following an abortion. The study also found that majority of the extra deaths among women who had abortions were due to suicide. The suicide rate among women who had abortions was six times higher than that of women who had given birth in the prior year and double that of women who had miscarriages