Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Completely New Idea to Transform the Abortion Debate

Since abortion was forced onto national agendas in countries around the world, it has been debated and promoted as part of "health care", or medicine. This has never been questioned anywhere that we have found in any literature.

We are comfortable here at AIW being the first in the world to put forward new ideas. Here is one.

What if we decided one day simply to stop going along with this Leftist Canard which says that abortion is "health care"? The fact is that every honest person knows that abortion does not cure any disease, or make anyone healthier. It is not health care. It is not medicine. Yes, it tends to be done by medical experts, and yes it is usually done with medical equipment, in medical settings, but there's no reason why that has to be the case.

You see, what is interesting about this is that we could extricate abortion from the world of health care and (true) medicine without ever touching the debate over legalization. It is perfectly possible to remove abortion from the realm of medical licensing, health insurance, medical privacy, etc., without making it any less legal than it is today. People have always assumed that one involves the other. But the arguments for legalization (privacy, etc.) are quite separate in reality from the question of who does them and where they are done and how they are paid for.

What would this look like in practice? First, abortion would not be done in hospitals. They would be done in dedicated abortion clinics that could not be passed off as medical facilities. This, of course, isn't too far from where we are today. One great benefit, however, would be that when you see a hospital or visit a doctor, you wouldn't be wondering in the back of your mind if they are involved with killing babies. The Hippocratic Oath could be honoured once again, and hospitals would look like hospitals again, instead of whole wings that look like Sandy Hook Elementary classrooms.

Second, abortion would not be done by doctors, but by dedicated hired killers. Abortionists would not be able to parade around with MD's after their names and benefit from the prestige that goes with being a doctor. They would stand before society exactly as they are, hired legal baby killers. And the society that tolerates them can stop pretending they are anything but that. If society isn't comfortable with legal, professional dedicated baby killers, it can choose to stop it.

Third, abortion training wouldn't be done in medical schools. It would be done by dedicated abortion training institutes. Or maybe it would be completely deregulated. Maybe anyone should be able to do an abortion. After all, Obama-Reid-Pelosi-Cantwell-Murray-Inslee keep telling us that the government shouldn't come between a woman and her abortionist. Why should the government decide who should be an abortionist? Oh wait, you haven't heard CNN come back with that follow-up question? Think about it. If they really mean what they say, then the state has no business deciding who is qualified to perform an abortion.

If you start to think about it for a little while, and envision what the true ramifications of Roe v Wade are, if abortion was extricated from health care, why shouldn't anyone with a syringe from PATH and a lab coat from a party supply store hang out a shingle and start doing abortions? Kermit Gosnell anyone? Let's see NARAL and Planned Parenthood stand up an get behind that.

Also, medical privacy laws would not apply. Today, women (and the man who in many cases force them into it, get to hide the shame of having an abortion under "medical privacy". This may be the single greatest obstacle to de-medicalizing abortion. But arguments for legalized abortion are completely unconnected to arguments for keeping your abortion secret. Just because we admit to everyone what is going on doesn't make it any less legal or accessible. The right to do x, y, or z does not entail to keep conceal the fact that you did x, y, or z. By severing abortion from its medical facade, those wanting to argue for abortion secrecy would be forced to do so outright. We could have an open debate about why women should be ashamed of something that is supposedly constitutional, legal, safe, positive, and empowering. Bring. It. On.

Finally, abortion would not be presumptively covered by health insurance, private or public, because it's not health care. Any organizations wanting to help pay for it would still be 100% permitted to do so, but they wouldn't be able to hide it under nice-sounding health insurance facades.

All the standard leftist pro-abort claptrap arguments abortion keeping abortion legal would be irrelevant to these changes. None of these changes would make abortion any less legal. All we are doing here is telling the truth. Abortion is legal killing by hired killers. Let's see if the abortion industry and its lackies can handle the truth.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

A New Approach to Pregnancy Medical Clinics Leads to Abortion Clinc Shutdown in Yakima

In February 2010, Lenette Lindemann asked God how to pray against the late-term abortion chain that had been started in Yakima 30 years earlier. Mrs. Lindemann was running the Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic in the same city. "God told me to pray for 'the whirlwind'," she told AIW in a recent interview.

Lenette Lindemann, Yakima
Mrs. Lindemann did a study of the Bible for references to 'whirlwind' and prayed Proverbs 10:25 daily around Cedar River Clinic, run by Beverly Whipple. Cedar River had 3 locations then: Yakima, Tacoma, and Renton. Now they have two. The Yakima clinic closed 9 months to the day after Lindemann had that conversation with God. November 15, 2010, was the last day babies were killed at Cedar River Yakima.

But prayer wasn't the only ingredient in the closing of Yakima's most infamous and oldest abortion mill. Ms. Lindemann also went on a mission to save babies from death at Ms. Whipple's hand with more earthly (though not secular) measures. One of the biggest single changes she made was to take the fledgling ultrasound capabilities and expand them aggressively. Research has shown that up to 75-85% of pregnant mothers, even those who are intent on abortion, end up choosing life for their babies after seeing them on an ultrasound. This has prompted many pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) to upgrade themselves into Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs). This requires a medical director, a nurse trained in ultrasound, and of course ultrasound equipment.

Mrs Lindemann told us that Life Choices was doing just 50 ultrasounds a year, and the volunteer nurse was 'working from home', waiting to be called in if she was needed. This wasn't acceptable to Mrs. Lindemann. She was on a mission. First, she led a move to hire nurses to perform the ultrasounds.  She found that retired nurses made excellent candidates, wanting to work part-time to supplement their retirement and were willing to work for less than the standard hourly nursing rate.  She eventually developed a staff of four nurses with three of them certified in ultrasonography.  "Volunteers are wonderful resources, serving in so many capacities ... but when life is on the line I wanted to know that my staff was going to be there when that abortion vulnerable woman came through our doors."

She actually served as a volunteer executive director and used her salary to pay the nurses. And she trusted God to provide the rest.

Having more trained staff and having them on site during work hours meant ultrasounds could be offered to more pregnant clients immediately, more days a week. Even then they were not open full time, but the number of ultrasounds went up to 250 a year from 50. She thinks this was a critical factor in putting Cedar River out of business.

When it was reported by the local newspaper that the Cedar River Yakima clinic was closing, their CEO Bev Whipple implied that she felt it was because of competition from the local Planned Parenthood. She failed to mention a large lawsuit that had been filed against her organization seeking millions of dollars in damages over a botched abortion. She also made no mention of the additional pressure from a faithful group of individuals who prayed outside the clinic weekly for years. "The fact is that Cedar River Yakima is one of the few abortion clinic closings in the state, and shows what God can do," noted Mrs. Lindemann.

She's not resting. She believes just as God shut down Cedar River, He can shut down the Planned Parenthood abortion giant also. "God wants to show us he can do big things." Mrs. Lindemann has now moved onto mobile ultrasounds and has started up a dedicated company, ImagePoint Mobile Medical Services, to go right where women are. She knows that the abortion industry is doing everything it can to fasttrack women from pregnancy test to dead baby as quickly as possible so they don't have the time to research, breathe, and consider what they're doing. Mobile ultrasound units will let her reach more women with life-saving, scientifically accurate and factual information that Planned Parenthood doesn't want them to have.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Women Taken from Local Planned Parenthoods By Ambulance Show Need For Immediate Regulation of Abortion Chain

We recently posted some brief reports on breaking news involving emergency vehicles taking women from local Planned Parenthoods. We can now report that we have obtained the full 911 audios from both of those incidents and can report to you what happened.

First, let's recap. The first incident happened October 3 in Kenmore, where Planned Parenthood has long run an abortion mill. The second happened at PP's flagship downtown location on Madison Street, about 3 weeks later.

We originally suspected it was yet another victim of abortion like we reported on last year, in which a 16 year old girl, possibly alone, possibly behind her parents' back, possibly a victim of unreported statutory rape, possibly a victim of unreported sexual trafficking, had to be rushed to a real medical facility after her abortion was botched by an unnamed Everett, Washington PP doctor or nurse (or volunteer).

But these cases were actually a little different. The first one was a woman who was hemorrhaging following a reportedly natural miscarriage a week earlier. She had gone to a real hospital, Valley Medical, when the miscarriage happened and was subsequently discharged. For unknown reasons, she started bleeding heavily again, and got herself to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. PP CEO Christine Charbonneau told us in an email the woman made a full recovery once she was removed from the Planned Parenthood and taken to a hospital that could provide actual medical care, but we have no way of confirming these claims.

Charbonneau did not explain why a woman would have come to her clinic for this type of care.

What we do know is that this woman clearly put her life in danger by seeking real medical care at a Planned Parenthood facility. Where did she get the idea that PP was a full service reproductive health clinic, instead of the "drive-through" abortion and contraception dispensary that everyone knows it is?

It could have been the President's fault. He repeatedly lied to the entire country claiming that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. Numerous Democrat politicians, like Senators Cantwell and Murray, in a desperate effort to legitimize the largest single killer of human beings in the free world, claim Planned Parenthood offers a full range of "reproductive health services". If that were true, you could be forgiven for thinking PP would know how to care for women undergoing miscarriages or delivering babies.

That brings us to the second Seattle 911 call. This one occurred on October 25 this year at Planned Parenthood's Washington headquarters at 2001 E Madison Street in Seattle.  A 21-year-old woman was giving birth to her third child in the PP parking lot at 7:50 AM. Listening to the audio is very instructive. Even though this incident occurred a little before regular hours, there were employees on site. If Planned Parenthood really was a "reproductive health center" dedicated to serving low income women, you would think this would be a pretty great place for someone going into labour to end up.

But the woman making the 911 audio clearly has absolutely no idea what to do with a woman giving birth to a live baby!

The 911 operator asks the PP caller some basic questions, in particular, if the woman's water has broken. The PP employee barely seems to understand this basic question. Eventually the pregnant mother, at the 911 operator's insistence, brings the pregnant mom into the PP foyer to wait for the arrival of real health care workers who know how to take care of reproducing women!

One would have thought that PP Washington's flagship office would be full of doctors and nurses who would know how to help a woman going into labour. But actually not. They had no idea.

All of this not only shows Planned Parenthood to be a pack of liars and a threat to women's health. It not only shows that Planned Parenthood's Democrat Party's hacks like Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Jay Inslee, and Barack Obama -- to name just a few -- are the real threat to women. It shows that regulation is needed now to protect the women of Washington.

Last year PP of Washington pushed legislation in Olympia that was almost successful that would have regulated pro-life Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) and Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). The law would have forced these centers to post signs announcing services they did NOT offer. And if they violated any of these regulations, they could be sued out of existence. The pretense was that women's health was supposedly threatened by going to a PRC/PMC with unrealistic expectations about what kind of health care is available.

But now we know who is the real threat to women's health. We have two stark examples of actual Washington women who nearly died -- or perhaps did die for all we know -- because they went to Planned Parenthood expecting reproductive health care that PP simply isn't set up to offer and never will be. The experiment with deregulation of abortion providers has failed. It must be ended today. The Legislature in Olympia must act now to introduce legislation forcing Planned Parenthood to publicize what services it does not provide so that women's lives are no longer put in danger.

And politicians like Governor-Elect Inslee, Senators Cantwell and Murray, and President Obama must stop lying today to women about Planned Parenthood and what services it offers.

When you lie, women can die.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Group Health Killed at least 294 Babies in 2011

Earlier this year, we exposed how Group Health Cooperative (GHC) was running an abortion clinic in Seattle. Many readers, especially long-time Group Health members, were shocked to learn that their health care provider was actually murdering babies. In fact, more than that, our readers learned that GHC is helping to train new abortionists with skills in the cold-blooded, scheduled, clinical killing of innocent, healthy children, as GHC is promoting their 'abortion clinic' as a training site for the University of Washington Medical Center abortion training regime.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pro-Life Candidates Need Professional Message Training

This blog usually focuses more on news and reporting, but with the election results, we have seen a huge problem that needs to be addressed urgently. There has been much misguided commentary in recent days regarding the election and abortion. On the one hand, some well known GOP Senate candidates were verbally gang-raped by the pro-abortion "mainstream media" which never, ever asks pro-abortion politicians a challenging follow-up question on their extremist, no-exceptions pro-abortion positions. On the other hand, Mitt Romney and a whole host of down-ticket Republican candidates completely failed to use their Democrat opponents' extreme positions on abortion to their own electoral advantage.

Both these situations make one thing clear: Republican politicians are not receiving any helpful professional advice from their consultants and advisers on how to message their pro-life position. It's an after-thought at best. Remember, candidates for office are usually not running alone. They have staff. They have a team. Especially at the highest levels, they have professional consultants who do this cycle after cycle for candidates. You can tell, however, that when these candidates deal with the question of abortion, they are going it alone. Their answers are unsophisticated. It's nice that politicians are coming up with their own words, and speaking from the heart, but in this day when the pro-abortion media are like starving lions on the prowl for meat, on this subject wording is everything.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The War on Women

Women in body bags.

Women wheeled out of offices buildings on gurneys covered by white sheets.


No. Your local Planned Parenthood. The same Planned Parenthood that Obama touted at last night's debate.

See the real War on Women with a photo below from the front lines.

Injured woman being loaded into an aide car and taken to the hospital. Another casualty in Planned Parenthood's and the Democrat's War on Women. Everett, Washington 2011


Pro-Abortion man who threatened AIW publishers sentenced to 41 months in jail


A pro-abortion activist who sent death threats to a number of pro-life leaders has been sentenced to 41 months in federal prison.

Theodore Shulman, 51, threatened pro-life Princeton University professor Robert George and Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life. He was arrested in February 2011 and has been held without bail ever since.

One of the comments he left state:

Will there be PAYBACK for Dr. Tiller? Will there be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers? WHO will be the most effective and deserving TARGETS of anti-right-to-lifist counterterror? WHERE do they LIVE, WORK, WORSHIP?

Threatening but thankfully he is behind bars.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on Failed Medical Care at Kenmore Planned Parenthood

Just want to give an update on the woman taken from the Kenmore Planned Parenthood on October 2nd, 2012.

According to the 911 incident report, which we just received today:
--The correct date for the incident is October 2nd.
--The Northshore Fire Department responded to the call with priority status of "Immediate Threat to Life.
--She was taken to Evergreen Hospital.

 We'll post more as information is made available and we review the log and audio.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Woman Taken from Kenmore Planned Parenthood on Stretcher

This correct date of this incident if October 2nd, 2012
We are working on a tip we received that a woman was taken from Kenmore, Washington Planned Parenthood on Wednesday October 2nd, 2012.

We spoke with the Kenmore Fire Department on Thursday the 4th and they confirmed that indeed 3 teams were sent to the Kenmore PP at 10:31 on the 2nd of October. An engine, an Aide Car and Medic.

We are attempting to get more details and will post as soon as they are available.

Christine Charbonneau of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest has not responded to our email request for comment.

This would be the second publically know emergency transport from a western Washington Planned Parenthood in a little over a year.

We hope that the woman injured is alive and recovering. We also hope that the baby made it out with her life as well.

Did she deserve to die?

Hear the testimony of a woman who was
conceived through rape and given a chance to live.
Rebecca is that exception.

UW Seattle ~ Kane Hall 130

October 8th at 7 PM
Sponsored by the UW Students for Life

Here you will find more information about Rebecca's story, driving and parking directions.  Please attend and support this brave,
special lady.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tell Snohomish County They Need to Start Protecting the Human Rights of the Unborn

Hey folks!

Snohomish County has a survery for citizens to partake in: "we'd like to gather information from residents about their perceptions of human rights in our community"

Lets flood them with an overwhelming response on our perceptions of Right to LIFE.


Rebekah Barnes of Students for Life of America to Speak in Federal Way


Saturday, September 15th
Rebekah Barnes of Students for Life of America
 Vote Pro-Life First - 2012 Is the Turning Point!

Saturday September 15th at 2:30 p.m. 
at the Federal Way Regional Library
Rm.1 34200 1st Way S
Federal Way, WA 

Newly appointed Pacific N.W. Regional Director for Students for Life of America, Rebekah will share Students for Life's new vision with us and how each of us can help share the pro-life message & help influence the vote!

Everyone welcome * Please bring your friends * Mark your calendars! Refreshments

For more information: call 253 632 0961
Patricia Conant ~ Pro-Life Connections
South King Pro-Life Support Network at


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Slaves to the lie: Pro-aborts attempt to shut down Abby Johnson at UW

Remember how we were promised abortion and the pill would make women happier, healthier and freer?

Remember how we were told abortion was the fulfillment of the American dream, would solve our nation's problems and rid us of inequality?

It didn't happen.

Exhibit A:
Sad woman pumping her body full of steroids in order to deny her normal and natural fertility.

The real war on women: contraceptives and curettes.

Does she know the health risks of contraceptives?

Exhibit B: I guess some people are more equal than others.
Dr. Mengele would be proud.

Exhibit C: Member of Seattle Clinic Defense. Are you really free if you have to defend abortion in your free time?

Exhibit D: No caption needed.

(Photos courtesey of ©lantz45)

Exhibit E:
Why do they spend their time trying to make other less free by taking away their speech rights and then claim they are promoting freedom?

Exhibit F: If this is what abortion does to people in public I don't want to know what it does to them behind closed doors.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Washington Does it Again

Seattle company promotes sex selection IVF and embryo destruction. I suppose if there is a mistake they can line up an abortion for you. And what happens to all the "leftover" embryos?

The name of the company is Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine and the quack running the place is James Kustin.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just in time for Easter: Rob McKenna Asks the Perennial Question

Would it not be expedient that babies be killed so that I may become governor and the whole state shall not perish?

Right after he blames exalts and excites the mob voters, he kisses the innocent babe says life begins at conception, and finally washes his hands of the whole mess by blaming the mob women.

See and hear it here. If you can stand it.

A Catholic American public official circa 2012 AD: Caiaphas, Judas, and Pilate and rolled into one. Nice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sad Anniversary: Two years since Ballard HS teen abortion scandal

This is the week the Ballard High School teen abortion scandal broke.
Here's a round-up of the stories from that date.

Here's our coverage of the scandal and stories related to teen clinics, Hopelink/Medicaid Transports to abortion appointments, Planned Parenthood in the schools.

These teen clinics serve as surrogates for Planned Parenthood in the schools. Slowly and steadily they've been able to worm their way in -- from the pre-schools to the high schools.

And no one's done anything to stop it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Democrat Governor Who Forced Morning-After Pill on State Goes to Jail Today

As that part of the country that still registers a moral pulse continues to protest Barack Obama's war on women (and men, and children, and the unborn, and the Constitution...) in the context of the "HHS Mandate" to force all private sector employers to subsidize all forms of contraception, including those that are clearly abortifacient, like the morning after pill and IUDs, one of Obama's fanboys, former colleague, and trailblazer is going to jail today.

And as the state of Washington continues to celebrate the victory in the Stormans case, in which morally decent pharmacies re-secured their God-given right not to have Christine Gregoire force them to take part in murder via dispensing Plan B, it's particularly poignant to note that one of the first governors to do what Gregoire has done is putting on a prison uniform today.

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich may be going to prison for trying to pawn off Barack Obama's former Senate seat for personal gain, but as Gregoire huddles with Rob McKenna to consider appealing the verdict (!) it's worth remembering that "in 2005, [Blago] announced the emergency rule at a press conference, flanked by the heads of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion leaders."

We can't tell you that Governor Christine Gregoire, who similarly colluded with NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion leaders while crafting this state's fascist "Plan B" rule, will be found guilty of crimes that carry prison terms, but it's certainly worth remembering that people drunk on power and with fascistic tendencies who couldn't care less about killing children, or violating the consciences of others are probably devoid of a conscience themselves. And people without a conscience tend to break the law. And some of them get caught. And some of them, even Democrat governors in Democrat states, go to jail.

If that happens, it's Gregoire who will need a "Plan B".

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Botched Everett Abortion Follow-Up Shows Desperate Need to Fix Public Records Loophole that Protects Abortionists

Our readers will remember the chilling 911 audio tape from last year in which the unidentified Everett Planned Parenthood worker made an emergency call to get a 16-year-old patient who had just had an abortion to the hospital because they almost killed her. She was bleeding uncontrollably.

We investigated aggressively to try to find out as much information as we could in order to protect more women from these butchers. We contacted Planned Parenthood and Everett Providence (where she was taken) to find out if this girl went through experience on her own, whether PP almost killed her without her parents ever knowing anything about it. They all refused to answer, even though we had and sought NO personally identifying information. They claimed the girl was in stable condition but refused to provide any evidence that would allow independent verification of that claim.

We also asked PP and the Department of Health for information that would identify the abortionist responsible not just for the murder of this 16 year old's baby (or babies, she could have been carrying twins), and for nearly killing the girl so that future PP clients could know whether they are being operated on by someone with such a record.

Was it Cameron McIntyre, PPWW's long-time medical director? He was once associated with that address. Search engines list two MDs at that address; one is C.D. Steele, but we contacted her and she has been working in another state for a few years. Maybe there is no doctor working there and it's just nurses doing all the abortions? The only other medical personnel associated with that address are Shannon R Zeh, MD, Gayle M Hayden, ARNP, and Theresa E Ranta, ARNP. In Washington, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners are allowed to procure chemical abortions without any doctor present.

A quick search of Washington's licensed health care providers database shows no-one by the name Shannon Zeh, doctor or otherwise. Is this a false identity designed to cover up a record of malpractice? There's simply no way to find out in Washington State.

In the State of Washington, everything is set up to protect Planned Parenthood profits, not women, despite the propaganda from PP that is dutifully regurgitated by the Seattle press.

We finally resorted to getting the abortion complications report for that facility; the report is one of the few pieces of paperwork an abortion clinic is required to file with the state. We got two reports: the report of all abortions done that day, and the complications report.

The former revealed in faceless data the horrific story of death and despair that is one day in the life of Planned Parenthood Everett's abortion production line. There were at least 7 babies murdered that day by the unidentified abortionist(s). Most were there for their first abortion. Shockingly, one woman who was just 25 was actually there for her 8th abortion!!! Clearly abortion was being used as birth control and Planned Parenthood's staff are more than happy to oblige, regardless what they say in public.

Three of the aborting mothers were mothers of live children. Two were 16-year-old girls. The others ranged in age from 20 to 31. Most were local women, from the Everett and Marysville area. One was from Clinton, another from Granite Falls. Most were white. One woman was Asian.

The ages of the babies killed that day, per Planned Parenthood's estimate, ranged from 5 weeks to 11 weeks.

Six had surgical abortions. Just one woman (girl) had a chemical abortion, the one whose baby was 5 weeks.

The 16-year-old who nearly died was the only reported complication that day. The complication report just indicates that she experienced a hemorrhage and was hospitalized.

No further information is available to the public or future would-be clients of Planned Parenthood. There is even state law which prevents the government from releasing information that would identify abortion clinics and abortionists, even in the complications report. You see, everything in this state is carefully designed to protect the abortion industry and maximize their profits. There are no laws that would protect women.

It's time for this to change. We are calling on Olympia to fix this legal travesty and end the war on women. Stop protecting abortionists.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Butcher of Philadelphia, Kermitt Gosnell, May Not Have Committed Any Crimes if "House of Horrors" Abortion Mill was in Washington

And Legislators of Both Parties Plan No Changes to Laws!

About a year ago the nation was finally in collective shock over the actions of an abortionist. Kermit Gosnell, of Philadelphia, was arrested after police revealed that he had been running a late-term abortion mill that came to be known as a "house of horrors". But while everyone watched Gosnell get charged with violations of various criminal counts in Pennsylvania, we started an investigation to see if this horrific genocidal butcher of a man would have actually committed any crimes had his abortion mill be operating here in The Abortion State of Washington.

We can now report the results of that investigation.

The shocking answer is pretty much "no"!

Now we know no-one likes reading the details of what Gosnell was doing, but it's crucially important. Here is the summary straight from the Philly District Attorney:
Gosnell is accused of causing the death of one of his female patients; and killing viable babies, born alive in the 6th, 7th, and 8th month of pregnancy, by severing their spinal cords with a pair of scissors. 
A search of Gosnell’s office, called the Women’s Medical Society,  in West Philadelphia revealed that bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses were scattered throughout the building.  Jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf.  Furniture and equipment was dusty, broken, and blood-stained.  The doctor himself was seldom present.  In his absence, untrained, unsupervised workers, one of them a teenage girl, routinely injected dangerous sedatives into women undergoing illegal late-term abortions. 
 Law enforcement officers happened upon the medical abuses in the course of investigating tips that the doctor had been illegally selling thousands of prescriptions for oxycontin and other narcotics to “patients” that he never examined.
The grand jury investigation revealed that, for over two decades, government health and licensing officials had received repeated reports about Gosnell’s dangerous practices.  No action was ever taken, however, even after the agencies learned that women had died during routine abortions under Gosnell’s care. 
“I am aware that abortion is a hot-button topic,” said District Attorney Williams.  “But as District Attorney, my job is to carry out the law.  A doctor who knowingly and systematically mistreats female patients, to the point that one of them dies in his so-called care, commits murder under the law.  A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law.” 
Gosnell, a family practioner who was never certified as an OB/GYN, operated the clinic for years primarily treating lower income, minority women.  Along with performing abortions beyond the legal 24 weeks time, he is also accused of delivering and then killing healthy, viable babies; using a sliding pay scale to administer anesthesia; re-using unsanitary instruments; performing procedures in filthy rooms-some of the rooms had litter boxes and animals present at the time of the operations; and allowing unlicensed employees to perform operations and administer anesthesia-including a teenaged high school student. 
Gosnell is facing Murder in the 3rdDegree for the death of 41 year old Karnamaya Mongar.  Mrs. Mongar died on November 20, 2009 when she was overdosed with anesthetics prescribed by Gosnell.  He is also facing seven Murder charges for the deaths of infants who were killed after being born viable and alive during the 6th, 7th and 8thmonth of pregnancy.  Along with the Murder charges the District Attorney has charged Gosnell with Infanticide, Conspiracy,  Abortion at 24 or more weeks, Abuse of Corpse, Theft, Corruption of Minors, Solicitation and other related offenses.
Now we know that you want to take it for granted that here in Washington a man who did these same things could and would be charged with violations of similar laws on the books in this state, and that the county prosecutor/DA would actually bring such charges. Well, we consulted with the office of the Attorney General (who, in case you haven't heard, is running for Governor). The only thing Gosnell did as far as we can tell that would have been a prosecutable felony is the accidental death of the 41-year-old patient. Let's look at the other charges in detail.

Illegal abortion after 24 weeks? There's no such law in Washington. The closest you will get is RCW 9.02.110 and 120. It deliberately avoids any mention of weeks and instead leaves the definition of an illegal abortion vague, subjective, and hard to prosecute. (The attorney general and the association of county prosecutors could not give us any examples of charges ever having been brought under this statute.) An abortion at any stage of pregnancy including the 6th, 7th, and 8th months like Gosnell was doing is legal in Washington as long as a single licensed doctor in his or her arbitrary, subjective, biased, self-serving "judgment" says the pregnancy was "not viable" or "a threat to the health" of the mother. There are no requirements for independent second opinions, supporting paperwork, medical tests, documentation. In other words, a "Washington State Gosnell" can make his own abortions legal by fiat.

It could actually be even worse than that. The statute, from an initiative passed by a vote of the people of the Soviet of Washington, says:
"A physician may terminate and a health care provider may assist a physician in terminating a pregnancy." 
We asked the AG's office if this horribly vague language meant that meant that the determination of gestation, viability, or threat to the mother's health could be delegated to a "health care provider". Janelle Guthrie, spokeswoman for Rob McKenna's office, said that "it could be interpreted this way", though she cautioned that this would be stretching the language and a non-standard interpretation. We would note, however, that stretching statutes is what lawyers do for breakfast.

Note also that there is no legal definition of a "health care provider" in the R.C.W. that we could find. Gosnell was delegating things like this to untrained and unlicensed family members, a crime in Pennsylvania. In the case of abortion in Washington, he could just claim these untrained individuals were "providing health care". If that sounds crazy, one must remember that when Christine Gregoire was Attorney General, she provided a formal opinion allowing certain kinds of nurses to do (chemical abortions) based on an extremely liberal reading of the state's existing (and minimal) abortion statues.

Also, note that Gosnell was never trained as an Ob/Gyn. Surely it's illegal for someone in Washington to do abortions unless they are a trained and licensed Ob/Gyn. Wrong again! You can be a podiatrist or a urologist; all you need is to be a (licensed) physician and you can do abortions all day long without violating a jot or tittle of Washington law. Ms. Guthrie did point out that you might expose yourself to some civil damages with malpractice insurance if you 'practice' outside your training, but that's far from a criminal charge, which is our focus.

So what about Gosnell's practice of having babies be born alive and then "snipping" their spinal cords with scissors? Well, while there is a federal law against partial-birth abortion, there is no state law against any kind of abortion technique. And there is no requirement to minimize the suffering of the baby you are murdering. Since Washington State law specifically says that "Any regulation promulgated by the state relating to abortion shall be valid only if ... of the available alternatives, the regulation imposes the least restrictions on the woman's right to have an abortion" it's completely possible that an abortionist who prefers to kill babies in this way would have the law on his or her side.

Next, what about Gosnell's practice of keeping aborted baby remains around his Auschwitz-like office as trophies of private holocaust? We consulted with Ms. Guthrie and her colleagues about this and the applicable law is a little vague. She did tell us that once a baby has been murdered, if it was 20 weeks or more, it is suddenly considered to be human. (How nice for the baby, he's a blob of tissue before he's murdered, then as soon as his life is brutally ended by Planned Parenthood's finest, Washington State suddenly recognizes his humanity!) There are regulations governing how "human remains" are dealt with, but any violations are misdemeanors, or at worst, a gross misdemeanor.

Finally, one might think that the filthy state of Gosnell's facility would have been discovered during routine inspections of abortion facilities in Washington State and caused the facility to have lost its license. No again. Because in Washington, abortion clinics are completely unlicensed, unregulated, and not subjected to any form of inspection ever. The Department of Health told us that monitoring of medical facilities is done on a complaint basis, which they supposedly take very seriously. Well, we saw how seriously the Pennsylvania Department of Health took the routine complaints they received: they ignored them for years. Gosnell was only discovered when he violated narcotic regulations. And Washington's DoH is known for being even more sympathetic and deferential to the abortion industry. They even recently passed new rules letting late-term abortion clinics regulate themselves with respect to administering anesthesia. (Imagine if your two-year-old asked if he could "regulate himself". Gosnell was "regulating himself".)

We have filed a couple of complaints with the DoH regarding abortion clinics employing unlicensed nurses. The result? Crickets...

So what we have discovered is that it is perfectly possible that this state is littered with a network of Kermit Gosnell's running their own houses of horrors with absolute impunity. You would think that on discovering this shameful outrage that Christine Gregoire, Jay Inslee, and our legislators would be running to Olympia to fix the situation immediately. You would think Rob McKenna would be making this a centerpiece of his campaign for Governor. You would hope that the Seattle Times and other media outlets that obsess about "human rights" would be editorializing about it. You would hope that Bill & Melinda Gates would be crying out for their home state to fix this outrage before he goes around the world telling of his compassion.

But the reality is that Seattle Leftists could care less. They seem to love abortion with all their hearts, regardless how it is done, to whom, or under what conditions. The Washington State Democratic Party and all its subsidiaries can fairly be declared monsters and barbarians. And the Republican Party is devoid of any moral conviction and can't even figure out how to take advantage of this situation as the political opportunity of the century.

As we say in Washington, Welcome to Hell.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Ultimate Liberal Fantasy

Threatening to bomb a small, weak and defenseless African nation over "sex" comes easy to these people.

This, this, and this are going come easy to people who would kill to make their point.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest Continues to Promote VD Among Population

Leave it to CEO Christine Charbonneau and Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. Really. These people are slaves to money, sex and power and I think enjoy bringing other people down into the gutter with them.
In 2010, 283 cases of syphilis were reported, an 82 percent increase from 2009. Syphilis had been virtually eliminated in King County in the early-1990s.”

"1 in 4 teen girls has an STD, study says".

"Chlamydia becomes widest STD threat".

"Gonorrhea Superbug: First Antibiotic-Resistant STD Strain Discovered."

Don't forget PP's favorite STD, pregnancy: "Number of abortions performed by PPWW  jumped a shocking 16% from 2006 to 2007".

We've got a major public health problem on our hands and PP continues to push a piece of latex and "safe sex"? Why does anyone take these people seriously?

The only "safe sex" there is is monogomous relations betwen a married man and woman for a lifetime. Of course, PP won't tell you that. They'll tell you if it feels good do it and they'll start telling you that in preschool like they did in this handout from Mountlake Terrace Cooperative Preschool. After kids have learned to mastrubate at MTCP they are ready for full-on sex-ed,(and we do mean full-on) condoms, contraceptives and abortion in junior high and high school just like at Ballard High School.

Here's the many ways PP makes money on the whole cycle:
-Sex-ed programs paid for by taxpayers sexualize the kids at an early age. Collect $$$.
-PP abortion/contraception/sex centers sell pre-teens, teens, adults condoms, contraceptives, etc. Collect $$$
-When contraceptives fail, PP sells abortion. Collect $$$
-When teens and adults get VD, which they do, PP sells testing services through their privately owned testing clinic. Collect $$$

Repeat as necessary.

As PP leaders told Abby Johnson, "Non-profit is a tax staus, not a business model." Indeed!

Gimicks like the QR-coded condoms just keep everybody, especially the media, giggling through the broken hearts and ruined health.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Insanity of Washington State

As a follow-up to Jonathan's article on changing hearts and minds, I was reminded that England has stricter abortion laws than Washington state.
Abortion investigation: doctors filmed agreeing illegal abortions 'no questions asked'.

In England, sex-selection aboritons are illegal. Here in Washington you can abort viable baby girl triplets in the thrid-trimester and no one will bat an eyelash.  In England, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said: "I’m extremely concerned to hear about these allegations. Sex selection is illegal and is morally wrong. I’ve asked my officials to investigate this as a matter of urgency.

Do you think we could get the gutless wonders in the state legislature to pass a law against sex-selection abortion? Maybe Democrat pro-life hero Mark Miloscia would take it on.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Constitution 1, Rob McKenna 0

Oops. Rob McKenna bet on the wrong side yesterday.  Rob McKenna believes allowing people to refuse to participate in murder is a violation of the Constitution and Judge Leighton smacked him down.

Court upholds pro-life pharmacists’ objections to dispensing abortifacient contraceptives.

We applaud the court's decision because it was the right one. AIW was at many of the Board of Pharmacy hearings and covered the controversy in-depth. We provided the only public reporting on the incestuous business relationships between Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, the UW School of Pharmacy/Don Downing, Barr Labs, the Board of Pharmacy and the governor of Washington. ALL of them colluded against pharmacists (and others) who said, "Plan B kills and we don't want to be part of it."  Specifically, they targeted Christians and people of conscience.

WE TOLD YOU SO. And the court agrees with US. He sent everyone involved in the selling and promotion of the snake-oil known as Plan B out the door.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swedish Hospital Lied about Abortion, Allies with Butchers under Federal Investigation

While some of this news came out recently, we were holding off publishing anything while we gave the parties involved a chance to respond. We wanted to ensure we had the facts straight. But it appears clear now that Swedish Hospital has utterly disgraced itself and put itself under a moral cloud that will take a long time to undo.

In late 2011, Swedish Hospital announced a new partnership with Providence Medical Systems, a large regional Catholic hospital network. Under this arrangement, Providence required Swedish not to be directly involved in killing unborn babies. But Swedish, in a bizarre, contrived, and morally deviant move that could only come from the Seattle region, got suckered  into putting up money to help build a new Planned Parenthood abortion mill so that "abortion access would not be limited" by this move.

Before getting to the details of why Swedish would support a such a radical, controversial, and immoral organization that is under investigation for fraud in numerous states, and found to enable child rape, sexual slavery, forced abortion, and unlimited abortion on demand, it's worth noting another detail of the story that emerged.

Ten years ago, Providence sold their King County hospitals to Swedish, and there was a well publicized condition that Swedish not do abortions at any of these newly acquired facilities. Swedish apparently agreed, admitting that they were "only" doing about 50 abortions a year in hospital settings anyway, so it's not as though there was some sort of huge real issue here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

We don't need to change more hearts & minds, We need to shut down abortion clinics

One of the most irritating things you hear, especially near the Roe v. Wade anniversary, is seemingly well-meaning, but usually inactive pro-lifers, talk about how we need to change "hearts and minds" before we can see an end to the million and a half murdered babies each year in the United States. And usually everyone listening nods approvingly with a serious look on their faces as if they've just heard some deep profundity uttered.

Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why is it Only Democrats can focus on Social Issues during Down Economy?

One of the most irritating things conservatives and Republicans have been doing in this election season has been saying that with the economy in the state it's in, candidates must focus on economic issues, and put social issues on hold "for a while". Nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Michael Medved is a perfect example of this.

These people never say just exactly when we'll know the voting masses will be able to handle social issues so that the pro-lifers can come back out of the closet. Is there some magical GDP number that means we can start protecting unborn children from genocide?

The absolute ridiculousness of this whole position has been starkly demonstrated here in Washington State with the ideological bender that our leftist Democrat legislature has been on lately. In the middle of yet another budget crisis, did the Democrats say to themselves: "You know, with this economy and the budget shortfall, and spending problems, we have to focus on economic issues"???

NO! They decided to push through one of the most radical pieces of social engineering in state history by redefining marriage. Well, then surely they said: "That huge social agenda item is enough non-economic stuff until we figure out the budget"???

NO! They've decided to try push through a highly controversial and frankly completely bizarre bill for the abortion  industry. If you haven't heard, this legislation would force all health insurance companies to treat killing babies by abortion as morally equal to giving birth. They can't even tell you if there are any insurance companies that don't cover abortion already, and we are already the most pro-abortion state in the union.

So how is it that Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time, but the brain trusts in the Republican Party tell us that we can't talk about abortion during a recession? No, it's time to put that argument to bed once and for all.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fetus Escapes Beating by Mom's Boyfriend

...and the former uterine contents with the potential to become a reporter and the products of conception with the potential to become an editor were of course relieved that the "fetus appears to be unharmed."

Laci Peterson and Sharon Tate all had "unborn babies". Why not this 18-year-old mom?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Seattle Archbishop Urges Catholics to Fight Against Unnatural Unions and Insurance Mandates

      In a very grave violation of our religious liberty, the proposed abortion-insurance mandate before the Washington State Legislature similarly would place the Church, Catholic health care and all Catholic organizations and employers in an absolutely impossible situation.
      We, the bishops of the Archdiocese of Seattle, have an obligation to make you aware of the seriousness of the situation and to ask for prayer and action to turn back these efforts to deny our constitutionally guaranteed right to religious liberty as a church. In generations past, the people of God, the Church, has always stood up to protect our sacred rights. Today we are again called upon to stand up for these rights. We will do so as loyal Americans and loyal Catholics.

Read the letters and statement here.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen Caves or Komen Fights Back?

We feel for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We really do. But on the other hand, anyone doing business with the Abortion mafia should know by now what they are getting into. Komen willingly partnered with PP so they cannot claim they were forced thru blackmail or threats. Now, however, SGK and the American people are seeing PP's true colors that pro-lifers have been warning the American people about for decades.

We see it whenever funding for contraceptives comes up. "Vote for 'family planning' or the baby gets it." The sick logic being that contraceptives will stop women from getting pregnant with babies they will abort.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Still Pushing Population Control

Infowars has a great piece on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their support for, among other things, population control.
Go read the article there as they pretty much cover it.

AIW has been critical of BMGF in the past and don't see any reason to stop now.

Bill's father, Bill Gates, Sr. is a former board member of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington.  The BMGF is rumored to have a conference room named after Margaret Sanger. If any of our readers can verify that, please send me an email.

One thing I didn't know about was BMGF's financial sponsorship of the mainstream media and various media ventures under the guise of "health" and "helping the poor". Of course, this is an old trick that Planned Parenthood and NARAL use to their advantage. I don't suppose he could throw a few bucks our way? We are promoting true health care and exposing those who would get in the way of helping moms and babies.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Komen Foundation Defunds Planned Parenthood!

Well it's about time.

Planned Parenthood never even provided mamograms to women according to undercover audio recorded by Live Action.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, one of the recipients of Komen money in the past, doesn't need the money. They have $36 million in the bank (according to their 2006 tax filings). Planned Parenthood of Central Washington has $7 million in the bank.

Maybe now is the time they could dip into their own bank account and start helping the poor who need mamograms.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

HB 2448: Promotes Sodomy, Sex, and Secularism to Pre-Schoolers...

...Oh, and making sure a two year old can balance on one foot briefly.
That's the gist of what's in HB 2448.

Here's what Research Mom says about the bill:
HB 2448 will create and fund the complete takeover of childcare from pre-birth to age five, at which time mandatory Kindergarten takes place. Starting with the funding of a “voluntary” Washington Preschool Program and phasing in birth through three year olds, the plans will eventually create a regulated school system with performance standards, one-size-fits-all outcomes, and assessments for all children birth to five. The Department of Early Learning (DEL) 2011-2014 Strategic plans reveal that this “high quality” government early learning system will provide programs that include prenatal care, health, nutrition, social-emotional mental health development, parent/community partnerships, and required college degrees for all providers. (pg 7)
You can find the curriculum for the children in the handbook called “Early Learning and Development Benchmarks”.  This manual lays out a set of one-size-fits-all outcomes that all children are expected to attain at each stage. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

40 Days for Life to Continue in Everett this Spring

We just received very good news that the Everett 40 Days for Life team will hold a Spring 2012 vigil outside the Everett Planned Parenthood on 32nds and Hoyt.

Here's part of the email we just got from the Campaign:
Dear Prayerful Supporters of Everett 40 Days for Life:

I hope this email finds you well.  Thanks to many of your encouragements and continued support we will continue our efforts during Spring 2012 Campaign from February 22 (Ash Wed.) to April 1 (Palm Sun). 

We plan to make this campaign as simple as possible.  But we need your help and many of you know where the needs are.  Please feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions/visions/etc.

Our online Vigil Schedule is available for your sign-up.  Please consider having a sign-up table in your church during the next few weeks -- with your Pastor's approval, of course.

We also have a few forms (you can also click on FORMS on the upper menu area on our webpage) available online to get you started, i.e. Statement of Peace, Flyer/Poster, a Sample Letter to Pastor, Sample Bulletin Announcement, etc.
The Everett 40 Days Campaign has been hugely successful with several babies being saved from abortion there. One of them was just born in November 2011. The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, who helped close down the Aradia abortion clinic in Seattle a few years ago, were active prayer leaders at the Everett abortion mill before 40 DFL took off and have also saved several lives.

Planned Parenthood was so upset with the success of the pro-lifers they moved the entrance to the back alley on the east side of the building and put out a blockade of trees last summer to keep the abortion-bound women from discussing their options with pro-lifers. So much for choice.
New landscaping and changed entry way do not deter pro-lifers from reaching out to mom's and dads at Everett abortion mill.

Monday, January 23, 2012

In commemoration of all the lives lost to abortion on the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

"It is a shame that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
--Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Today we mourn the millions of babies who were killed by abortion throughout the United States, but most especially here in Washington State.

It's also a shame that all those women who chose abortion had no one to help them, to walk beside them. No one to show them a different, better way.

Wouldn't it be a shame if Christine Charbonneau of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest had to lose her $265,368 a year salary because she was the CEO of the state's largest baby killing operation? And wouldn't it be a shame if all the politicians who traded away the lives of women and children by giving millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and concealed their crimes in exchange for power and riches had to give up their big houses and fancy lifestyles and went to jail instead?

Then there's Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna's hometown, Bellevue, Washington host to possibly one of the state's most grusome mass murder sites ever documented.  Wouldn't it be a shame if Rob McKenna had to see those murdered children face to face one day now that he's built his career ignoring the plight of the innocents?  Some people were born to be Herod. Others aspire to it.

Using statistics from the State Department of Health (sic) we calculate that over 1 Million children have been slaughtered in this way in Washington State since 1970. And that doesn't even include the chemical and mechanical abortions facilitated through oral contraceptives and IUDs.

Our state is sick. One can only wonder where and when it will all end. God save us.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Washington Planned Parenthood Was Sued for Botched Cancer Screening, Patient Died

In the last year or so we've finally witnessed serious discussions at the national level, if not here in Washington, over cutting funding to the most repulsive organization in America, Planned Parenthood.

PP has tried to draw attention away from their primary reason for existence, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of babies every year, and the millions of dollars they make from doing that. They used to try to get people to focus on their birth control agenda, but recently they've chosen to use their "life-saving cancer screening" work as a defensive marketing ploy. Of course their friends in the media have dutifully and mindlessly played along.

In fact, Seattle's own Natasha Ryan, from King 5, treated us to one such rot-gut story about how Planned Parenthood offers things like pap smears for low income women who "wouldn't have anywhere else to turn".

And never to be outdone in this department, Seattle's own village idiot and abortion industry stooge Nicole Brodeur published an obligatory piece along the same lines.

But AbortionInWashington has for the first time gotten hold of court records which show how a local woman died after going to Planned Parenthood in Federal Way, south of Seattle, for a pap smear. She died because she did, in fact, have cancer, and PP missed it. She sued Planned Parenthood, but it was too late; she passed away, at the age of just 34, of endocervical adenocarcinoma, which metastasized into her brain and liver because it went undiagnosed.

To be clear, a woman died because she want to Planned Parenthood for preventative health care.

The tragedy happened about 10 years ago. The victim's name was Caroline Carnahan. During the course of her illness, she got married to a Christopher Dahl, who continued the lawsuit on behalf of her estate.

From the court records: "The case involves the failure of Planned Parenthood's employee, Jane Watts, ARNP, to timely refer Caroline Carnahan for testing and work-up for a cervical cancer that was in her differential diagnosis. As a result of this failure, Caroline died of cervical adenocarcinoma on September 22, 2001."

What should be particularly disturbing for PP clients is that Ms. Carnahan's story started with her perfectly following the PP love & sex script. She met a new guy, started having sex with him, went to Planned Parenthood, got on birth control thanks to Planned Parenthood, bought some sex toys (sorry, fair readers, but it's pertinent to the case). You see, as PP's own experts testified during the discovery stage of the case, the side effects from getting on hormonal birth control ("irregular bleeding") and using her new "toys" are very similar to the early symptoms of cervical cancer, so PP missed the cancer symptoms, mistaking them for side effects of Ms. Carnahan's obedient following of PP's free love recipes.

PP patients will hardly be reassured by this part of PP's defense: "Dr. Cameron McIntyre ... will testify that Planned Parenthood's protocols do not require further testing if the Pap smear is negative and the bleeding can be explained by other factors such as birth control pills, infection, or mechanical trauma." In other words, they would do exactly the same thing again that led to this woman's death!

And the screw-up by PP wasn't because they fobbed Ms. Carnahan off to one of their short-term, unqualified, "I'm working at PP because no-one else will employ me" nurses. The nurse overseeing Carnahan's case was a Jane Watts, ARNP, who was supposedly "one of PP's very qualified and most experienced nurse practitioners", according to testimony from "Dr." Cam McIntyre, who has been and still is the well-compensated Chief Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (now PP of the Great Northwest).  It's worth noting that while the case occurred several years ago, some of the key actors in the case for PP are still there today.

But any "botched pap smear" story must also involve a pathology lab. PP at that time did not do its own lab tests, and even if they missed all the early symptoms of cervical cancer, the lab results should have come back positive. The lawsuit records show that Carnahan sued Skagit Pathology and Washington Pathology Consultants in addition to Planned Parenthood because of their role in the incident, and settled with them (in October 2002).

Originally PP's defense did not include supporting Carnahan's case against the pathology labs. From the court records: "Planned Parenthood has never alleged Dynacare or Skagit Pathology were negligent." It was only after Carnahan settled with the lab that PP did a legal u-turn and tried to pass all the blame to the lab; but the case continued to the verge of trial even after the settlement, with just PP as the defendant. Clearly the judge had decided that there was enough evidence to go to trial against Planned Parenthood alone.

One of the legal dramas revealed in the court records occurred when PP suddenly tried to change their mind about calling on their cherry-picked "medical expert" to give her interpretation of the pap smear slides. No explanation was given, and this move came after the legal deadline to make such changes; they notified the court just one month before the scheduled trial date, knowing full well that this would break the court's rules. It seems they felt desperate. They are of course accustomed to getting all the rules broken in their favor.

The case was ultimately settled, in 2003, just before the trial began, after Ms. Carnahan had died. The terms of the settlement are unknown at this time.

Any would-be PP clients who have bought into PP's snake-oil marketing spiel about being a "trustworthy", non-profit, friend to horny youngsters should read the vigorous legal defense brought by their attorneys: Michael R Green and Steven Caplow working for Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP, in Seattle.  That heartless, well-funded juggernaut is exactly what you'll be up against, or worse, if PP screws up your "health care" and you come seeking relief.

"Journalists" like Ms. Ryan and Ms. Brodeur would look less like useful idiots if they did a little more research and covered stories like the dead Ms. Carnahan's in their own back yard before regurgitating Planned Parenthood's propaganda about "saving women's lives".