Monday, November 09, 2009

Seattle Archdiocese to Host Pro-Abortion Rep. Jay Inslee at Cathedral; Abortion and Euthanasia Center Representative also to Speak

Updated: 4:54 Nov. 10 --
Received notice at about 3:30 today from the Archdiocese of Seattle that the "Morality of Health Care Reform" discussion has BEEN MOVED to Seattle University. Yipee! It's still too bad that our Catholic schools feel compelled to host this kind of thing but at least they won't be defiling the Cathedral.


If you haven't heard by now, St. James Cathedral has decided to host the strangely titled forum, "The Morality of Health Care Reform: The debate's missing link".

Pro-abortion legislator Jay Inslee is one of the invited speakers. He was demoted from "keynote" speaker status to panelist late last week. Laura Rehrmann, president of the Group Health Foundation and "in-charge of patient care" at Group Health Cooperative will also be on the panel. Group Health has a reputation as an abortion center and will allow doctors to assist with suicides at their "health" centers after the passage of I-1000. Ms. Rehrmann is a parishioner at St. James Cathedral.

Why is the Cathedral allowing this event to take place?

Pro-Life Action Item

Health care reform IS About saving lives NOT destroying them.

On Saturday evening, Nov. 7 the congress of the U.S. approved the Stupak-Pitt amendment to HB 3962 by a vote of 240-194. This amendment, a pro life Statement true and true said to government “remove abortion funding and mandates from health care reform” period.
Jay Inslee voted against this Amendment, in other words, support abortion at any cost, regardless of the consequences on the mothers and their preborn babies!