Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tacoma Stands Up for Life Needs Your Help

I received a letter from Bud Niebergall a few weeks ago with news about TSUFL’s ministry working with women and girls going into the abortion mills in the Tacoma, Washington area. Please consider making a financial donation of any size to this wonder group of people who come out, rain or shine, the preach the Gospel and offer hope to the women and girls of Washington state who feel abortion is their only choice.

Right now they are raising funds to pay for the gravestone for two twins who died in-utero after Bud convinced the mother not to proceed with a scheduled abortion. (See portion of Bud’s letter below.) TSUFL continued to show this woman love and compassion even after, and especially after, the death of her two children. Pro-lifers do care about everyone, born and pre-born, because every life is precious and a gift from God. Your prayers are also greatly appreciated.

Their address is:
914 Alameda Ave.
Fircrest, WA 98466

Remember that while many government resources are available to help a woman facing crisis pregnancy, the official policy of Washington state is to treat birth and abortion as equally valid and acceptable choices. The state of Washington and its employees do not necessarily encourage women to carry their children to term or discourage them from seeking abortions. I spoke personally with one woman who hadn’t even considered abortion until a state employee suggested it to her. The state sees abortion as the "cheaper" alternative and depending on the circumstances the state may gladly recommend abortion and/or refer out for it. This attitude was most recently and blatantly on display when proponants of the Morning-After-Pill on-demand stated before the Board of Pharmacy and the media that pushing this drug into the hands of women had saved the state millions of dollars. So it is truly the simple and humble folks at TSUFL, Helpers of God Precious Infants and unknown others who are the workers in the vinyard of the Lord--on the front lines saving lives and letting women know the truth and offering alternatives to abortion.

Below is the excerpt from Bud's letter:

Hello everyone;

Good News! Karen is working as an independent courier, and making enough money to support her three children. It took nearly three years to get to this point, but the Lord has blessed her richly. With your help, hard work, and a persevering spirit, she has been able to turn her life completely around. We recently managed to help her purchase a low mileage Kia Rio automobile. She can drive her route everyday without worry about breakdown. Thank you so much for sticking with her. I wish I had the time and space to tell you all the details of her journey. A wonderful success story of what can happen when loving people open their hearts to help those less fortunate! Thank you, thank you. Our God is a Miracle Worker, if you don’t believe it, ask Karen.

Some very wonderful and very sad news:
Recently, we were able to persuade a mother named “Kathy” to let her babies live. We offered her the usual love, friendship and financial help if necessary. She was four months pregnant with twins and going into the mill to begin the abortion procedure. She agreed to let us help her. She said that she would carry the babies to birth and then adopt them out to a deserving couple. We were really elated!! That was the good news. The sad news is that she miscarried 3 weeks later. Both children were born dead. She named the boy Alpha and the girl Omega. It was a difficult time for all of us, but we went ahead, with “Kathy’s” okay, and held an informal burial service for Alpha and Omega at Gethsemane Cemetery. It was truly a beautiful experience. We laid the precious children to rest with love for their mother, scripture, prayer and song.

I tell you all these things, so that you will see our need, and be willing to continue your financial support. Thank you for your past prayers and generosity. Please send what you can. One thing we need to do soon is to buy a grave marker for the babies. God gave us the opportunity to make a strong statement. God gives life, life is sanctified and precious. Unborn children are human persons loved by God. Thank you for helping us.

Bud Neibergall et. al.
Tacoma Stands Up For Life

p.s. More good news: After a year of prayer, sharing the Gospel and loving conversation, we saw a very aggressive pro-death registered nurse from the clinic, come to us and tell us that she has quit the abortion business, returned to church, and has a new job!! She came to thank all of us for our prayers and the love we gave her. God is very present and very good. Agree?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sabina of Araida

Sound Politics also posted a story this week about the retirment of Marcy Bloom. Matt Rosenberg the author of the post is disturbed that some people still find abortion normal. (I'm confused about why he says "still" find abortion normal. Did anyone ever find abortion normal?) Anyway, if he wants a mind bend he should try surfing the Washington State Department of Health web site to read how they talk about abortion. He'll find all kinds of abnormal thinking about how normal abortion is. If he really wants to set get disturbed I recommend reading the RCWs regarding abortion.

Matt also relates the story of overhearing a conversation between two young men as he passed them in the 300 block of W. North Ave. "My girlfriend has had like FOUR abortions...." (followed by admiring, slightly incredulous laugh).

In the comments, "Sabina" who works for the Aradia Women's Clinic in downtown Seattle, attempts to "clarify a few points." It's a mish-mash, but for some reason she thinks readers are uninformed about the women who are having abortions.

please, this is not hard to understand, so please please please listen and now you'll know: women who have abortions are the SAME women who have babies!!!!!!!!
61% of women who have abortions are ALREADY mothers. The vast majority of young women who have abortions because they feel ill-equipped to nurture and care for a child for the next eighteen years of their lives are the SAME women who go on
to have children - yes, even 2, 3 or 4 children. Can you believe it?!

Yes, Sabina we can believe it because we know these women. Some of them are part of the pro-life movement. Some of them are not. Either way they've told us about the pressures to abort. The threats from boy friends and husband and parents. The general lack of support. The abortion center workers who find a woman's weak point ("I just don't feel ready to be a mother/have another child.") and play off of that rather than offering helpful alternatives.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Marcy Bloom Flees to South America

...Well, not exactly but the fact that she has such an affinity for South American reminded me of some other folks who found refuge there at the end of World War II after they uhm...retired.

Just last year she carried a suitcase of abortion implements with her on a vacation to Mexico to give to a women's clinic there.

Still, many others have come to see Bloom as the face of a place that has provided about 70,000 abortions over the past 30 years.

Bloom says she may write a book. Or work with clinics in Latin America.

On the other hand it could be her extreme bigotry, ignorance and hatred of the Catholic Church that drives her to help abortionists in South America.

MB: A woman was having an abortion recently and she was holding a rosary, and she told us that the anti-choice people had given her the rosary. But she kept it because she found the rosary comforting, which was interesting. They gave it to her for a different reason, and to her it was comforting because she believed in a free, giving, and loving god.

It was fascinating to see that she took what for them was a symbol of punishment and she made it her own. That's the way it should be. Spin it in the loving-God way, because that is what God and religion are supposed to be about, though they have gotten seriously distorted over the last few thousand years.
Pray for the conversion of Marcy Bloom and the deliverance of Latin American from our country's abortion export business.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Never Had One Moment of Regret

If you don't believe there is a culture war. If you don't believe Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood have a eugenic past or present. If you believe the "Religious Right" and the Catholic Church are trying to force their views on you. If you don't believe the Democratic party is the party of death, then this memo is for you. See Tab F.

Below is a sampling from this recently released memo from Ron Weddington (ex-husband to Roe v. Wade litigator Sarah Weddington) to the Clinton White House Transition Team that turned up in a Judicial Watch review of documents related to the FDA approval of RU-486.

Discussing creation of a non-profit to market and distribute RU-486 in the United States:

It's possible that such an endeavor could be a vehicle for a number of birth control efforts. Something's got to be done very quickly. 26 million food stamp recipients is more than the country can stand.
Discussing how to create a "better educated, healthier, wealthier population":

...[Y]ou can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country...

I'm not proposing that you send federal agents armed with Depo-Provera dart guns into the ghetto. You should use persuasion rather than coercion. You and Hillary are a perfect example. Could either of you gone to law school and achieved close to anything close to what you have if you had three or four or more children before you were 20? No! You waited until you were established and in your 30s to have one child. That is what sensible people do...

You made a good start when you appointed Dr. Elders, but she will need a lot of help. You will have to enlist the aid of sports and entertainment starts to counteract the propaganda spread by church officials seeking parishioners...

Condoms alone won't do it. Depo-Provera, Norplan and the new birth control injection being developed in India are not a complete answer, although the savings that could be effected by widespread government distribution and encouragement of birth control would amount to billions of dollars. No, the government is also going to have to provide vasectomies, tubal ligations, and abortions...RU-486 and onventional abortions. Even if we make birth control ubiquitous as sneakers and junk food there will still be unplanned pregnancies.

The memo was directed to Donna Shalala to "handle" it.

Then there's the post script...

In direct mail marketing the post script is usually the most important part of a letter. It includes the call to action and is the heart of the appeal. Even though fun to read, you can usually skip the 4-page introduction and go right to the P.S. to see the purpose of the appeal and the unvarnished point of the letter. Mr. Weddington's letter to Bill Clinton isn't a true direct mail piece but the post script to this letter seems to tell it all.

P.S. I was co-counsel in Roe v. Wade, have sired zero children and one fetus, the abortion of which was recently recounted by my ex-wife, in her book A Question of Choice. I had a vasectomy in 1969 and have never had one moment of regret.

A number of pages recounting Sarah Weddington's abortion "choice" and Ron Weddington's role in it are available at Amazon. I never thought I'd say it, but I kinda feel sorry for Sarah Weddington.

Women are (Guinea) Pigs

That seems to be how U.S. "health" experts view women anyway.

Vioxx gets pulled and RU-486 gets "advice from outside experts to decide what research is needed to understand and track the infections."
Overall, most experts from state public health offices, hospitals and universities encouraged further study.
Of course they did. Washington State politicians and "health" officials love RU-486. That's why Christine Gregoire as Attorney General decided that ARNPs could start administering the drug. We now have 13 such new abortion practicioners who administered 3,364 such abortions in 2004 with 91 reported complications and 2,985 such abortions in 2003 with 45 reported complications.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anti-abortion Display and Pro-abortion Violence Hit WWU. Students Confused

Western junior David Zhang was charged with first degree malicious mischief Wednesday. University Police officer Chris Davis said Zhang damaged anti-abortion posters in Red Square Tuesday.

Zhang was in court Wednesday for his first court appearance. Zhang said the court set his arraignment for May 12, and he plans to plead not guilty.

There's more on Life News.com

I guess some people didn't like the photos of the aborted fetuses, to the point of denying that the fetuses are even alive.
Western junior Julia Rink is a member of Voices For Planned Parenthood, a student group that promotes sexual awareness and reproductive health rights on campus. She said the Genocide Awareness Project’s name is inaccurate.

There’s still a debate over if the fetus is living or not,” Rink said. “You can’t say it’s genocide if it’s not living. It’s only a comparison if you consider a fetus to be alive.”

Sign this girl up for biology 101. (Ms. Rink's "superiors" at Planned Parenthood later distanced themselves from Ms. Rink after informing her that she does not speak for Planned Parenthood and is not allowed to "interview for any kind of press release.")

The editorial in the Western's student newspaper, using the terms "anti-abortion" and "pro-choice" complained about the display's "polarizing" effect and lamented that "lost in the shouting was a reasoned, logical debate."

It's hard to have a reasoned, logical debate when one side is called "anti-abortion" and the other side is called "a student group that promotes reproductive health rights" or "pro-choice" for short. It's even harder when students are unable to determine when someone is dead or alive.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Same Product. New Bottle.

Five hundred years from now, people will look back on surgical abortions the way
we look back on the butchery of medieval barbers. Like the barbers, we're trying
to help people to the best of our ability. But our ability is growing. So should our wisdom, and our ambitions.

This statement comes from an very long article about abandoning Roe in order to save Roe by William Saletan and was published in the Seattle Times about a week ago.

It's a strategy doomed to failure in my opinion because it relies on contraception and sex education to avoid second and first trimster abortions and make "Roe irrelevant." The abortion industry must surely know their abortion revenue is a function of the amount of sex-ed and contraception can be found in the society at large. Roe might be the license but sex-ed and contraception are the marketing.

Like the writings of so many abortion strategists and defenders, there's always a warped through-the-looking-glass aspect to their arguments. Because so many of them are unwilling or unable to see the very concept of abortion as wrong, they must seek to fix or perfect the unseemly, ugly aspects of abortion. All the while conveniently forgetting the promises of the earlier brand of abortion: Progress. Wealth. Safety. Health. Freedom. Life. Happiness. Yet today here we are comparing surgical abortion to the butchery of medieval barbers. Maybe if we slap a "New! Improved!" label on it people will buy it all over again.

It is a utopian project with a blind faith in the power of the human mind and human reason to make a better, new and improved abortion that will ultimately render it "good" or at least acceptable. Rather than understanding that man is both body and spirit, they put all their faith in the ability of the human mind to dominate the material world, including the body. It is a Manicheist mind-set that pits man against himself.

Manich├Žism professed to be a religion of pure reason as opposed to Christian credulity; it professed to explain the origin, the composition, and the future of the
universe; it had an answer for everything and despised Christianity, which was full of mysteries. It was utterly unconscious that its every answer was a mystification or a whimsical invention; in fact, it gained mastery over men's minds by the astonishing completeness, minuteness, and consistency of its assertions.
Mr. Saletan believes that our growing "wisdom" and "ability" will improve abortion and create the next promised abortion utopia. Abortion technology in the form of a pill is today's latest and greatest wisdom. Does Mr. Saletan not know that "abortion pills" were around long before surgical abortion? Calling a pill or a chemical "technology" does not change the nature of abortion nor remove the stain of "medieval butchery." The attempt to "set the light-substance [of abortion] free from the pollution of matter" can never happen because it is a conceptual and material impossibilty and the attempt to even do so is moral and mental madness. Abortion in the form of a pill (RU-486 or Plan B) is simply a new bottle for an old product.

More Violence Against Pro-lifers

This time it's in Vancouver, BC not far from the Washington-Canada border.

On April 7th, a peaceful pro-lifer in Vancouver, BC was assaulted while protesting outside and abortion center there. At the link above you can view a video of the attack.

The month of April also saw a pro-abortion professor at Northern Kentucky University destroy a pro-life display on campus there. The attack took place on or around April 14th and was videotaped by students.

HT: Christina at RealChoice