Friday, April 28, 2006

Pushing Plan B

Here is some interesting information I just came across thanks to Christina at RealChoice: The Alan Gutmacher Institute just came out with this report on state rankings for access to contraception.
Washington ranked 4th for "laws and policy." The only thing bringing our state down was a "refusal clause" (or more accurately what I call a "must fill" clause for contraceptives). And whaddya know? --This is exactly what the Washington Board of Pharmacy is working at the behest of Planned Parenthood to implement.
Overall our state ranked 11th to "Help women avoid unintended pregnancy."
A high abortion rate did not seem to affect a state's standing at all. California with the highest abortion rate is ranked #1 in "Helping women avoid unintended pregnancy." Go figure.
You'll also note that the state is broken down into congressional districts showing the "need for services."
I haven't had time to dig into this document and analyze it too much but who wants to bet that this is Exhibit A in "proving" that women are underserved in our state when it comes to access to contraception and Plan B must be mandated as a stocked drug in every pharmacy?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

AIW Patiently Explains it to Seattle PI Reporter

Susan Paynter's column in the April 24th edition of the Seattle PI is yet another trite, and sorry to say boring piece, from the abortion industry's reliable old defender -- the Seattle PI. From reading her misrepresented "facts" and outright errors I can only conclude that her article was pulled together from a publisher's press release and an old Karen Cooper interview.

Ms. Paynter's worship of contraceptives would be laughable if it were not completely based on falsehoods. Contraceptives permeate the society. Nothing, and I mean nothing, stands in the way of a woman getting contraceptives, condoms, you name it, in this state. They pass them out like M&Ms in the schools, clinics and doctor's offices. If you don't understand that the purpose of Plan B (the morning after pill) is to increase the number of first-time abortions then you are more gullible than I realized. Do you really think the abortion industry and lobby wants the abortion rate to go down? Do you know of any industry that wants to put itself out of business?

If Ms. Paynter knew anything about the pro-life movement she would never make such an ignorant and callous statement about pro-lifers believing that "women having abortions are a bunch of irresponsible singles having promiscuous sex." Many of the women in the pro-life movement are women who've had abortions or have family members who were victimized by abortion providers. They know better than anyone how women end up on the receiving end of a vacuum aspiration machine while the father drives away never to be seen again. They know about the coercion from parents, husbands, boyfriends, and the general influence of newspapers like the PI that continue to put a happy face, or P.R. as Ms. Paynter calls it, on abortion. How about interviewing a few real-life local pro-life leaders instead of holding up the usual strawmen?

Did you know that Advanced Nurse Practitioners are now allowed to administer chemical (RU-486) abortions in Washington state, despite provisions in Washington law prohibiting non-physicians from performing abortions, and that reported complications have increased since this drug was introduced to Washington? So much for safe abortion. Why don't you do an investigation into that? If you care so much about safe abortion why don't you do an investigative piece on the reliability of the state's abortion statistics, admittances to emergency rooms from botched abortions and infections, and follow-up by a woman's regular physician that don't get reported. Why won't you take an honest look at the link between breast cancer and abortion? One of the leading researchers in this field works at Fred Hutchinson. How about an article on some of the local abortion recovery programs? Ms. Paynter's problem is that she is stuck in 1969. She and the PI Editorial Board are the flat-earthers of the new millennium.

You are right -- let's move away from the "incendiary rhetoric." I challenge the Seattle PI to start publishing Washington state's abortion stats on a yearly basis. No commentary. Just the data. You won't do it because 25,000 abortions a year in this state is bad P.R. for the abortion industry. Isn't it about time the PI took an honest look into Washington's abortion industry instead of repeating the same old tired clichés. There are too many women who've had abortions and know the truth. You aren't fooling them anymore.

I doubt you'll take on any of my challenges or even print this letter because you don't care about women or women's health. As Ms. Paynter admitted herself, you care about good P.R. for abortion.

Best regards,

p.s. Is Susan Paynter the abortion report for the PI? I'd like to send her a press release for the next Silent No More Awareness gathering in Seattle. Our events have never been covered by your paper.
p.p.s. The "abortions increased during the Bush administration" was thoroughly refuted by See:
Would you please print a correction in your paper.

Gonzaga U. Right to Life to Host Abortion Impact Forum -- April 25

Dale Goodwin, Director of Public Relations
Peter Tormey, Associate Director
April 24, 2006
For a directory of Gonzaga news releases see University News

Right to Life Club Aims to Expose Rhetoric vs. Reality

The Gonzaga University Right to Life Club will host an opportunity for the public to hear Spokane area women tell their personal stories about abortion in a forum that is free and open to the public and begins at 8 p.m., Tuesday, April 25 in the Spokane Room of the COG.

The event is designed to bring greater awareness of the profound and long-lasting impact abortion can have on those women who undergo the procedure and, often, the men who would have been fathers.

"One in five of all (U.S.) abortions performed are oncollege women," said Nick Paradis, president of Gonzaga University Right to Life. "Sadly, the promises of legal abortion did come true for the many women who chose abortion during their college years. Their education, health, and welfare were compromised and in many cases severely damaged. The time is right to hear the truth about abortion from the women who have experienced it."

The event is part of Silent No More Awareness, an international campaign in which Christians seek to inform the public about the devastating impacts abortion brings to both the women and men involved. One of the main speakers is affiliated with the Silent No MoreAwareness campaign, which seeks to expose and heal the secrecysurrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion. Since officially launching the campaign in January 2003, 3,363 people have registered online, 138 gatherings have taken place in four countries and44 states where 2,005 participants have shared their testimonies, and more than 11,665 spectators have heard the message.

For more information, visit the campaign's Web site. To schedule an interview or for more information about the event at Gonzaga, contact Nick Paradis at

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Trial of Doctor Accused of Botched Legal Abortion Continues in Fiji

Bet this won't make it into the Seattle PI.

Your Friendly Neighborhood EC Certified Provider

In terms of what abortion does to the mother, the problems with Plan B and its distribution scheme are the exact same problems many people have pointed out about abortion:

Harm to a woman's health. Lack of informed consent. Lack of alternatives. Coercion by others. Bias in favor of abortion by those with financial interest in the decision. Lack of involvement by those who care the most about the women, i.e. parents. Lack of compassion on the part of abortion providers. Unnecessary treatment. (According to several sources, one finds that only about 6% of women might have been pregnant depending on when they had intercourse. One might ask whose interests are best served when women are convinced that they must purchase a product that 92-94% of them do not actually need.)

Take a look at three real life scenarios that, except for #1, I personally experienced in the past two months.
1. A friend at work in a worried and panicked state asked to borrow money so that she could buy a MAP her doctor prescribed. After I explained to her how MAPs work as abortifacients, because the embryo can't implant in the uterus, she declined to purchase the drug. She said that she went to her boyfriend and explained to him what I had said and since they were both against abortion they didn't want to take it. [Lack of informed consent. Lack of alternatives. Bias.]

2. A friend with a teenage son told me two of his female friends from high school were asking him to go with them to find and purchase Plan B. [Lack of parental involvement]

3. My sister told me the neighbor across the street from her was forced to take Plan B by her husband because he didn’t want any more kids. [Coercion]

See what I mean?

Then there is this sad story from a pharmacist who doesn't believe in conscience clauses. He's happy to prescribe Plan B to anyone for any reason, including reasons that appeal to him and his world view. Too bad for this woman, but when you're busy making omlets some eggs have got to break.

The happy couple comes in; him, a square jawed, buzz-cut, military type. Her, a hoochie mamma, a ho, no other way to put it. I feared syphilis just by getting too close. I have no idea why she was pretending to even wear a skirt, as I'm sure it would have been more convenient to just forgo the last square inch of cloth below her waist and just go bottomless. But hey, I'm not here to judge, and if I can stop this pair's DNA from replicating, then I'm more than happy to do so. So I start the process and it becomes apparent within a few seconds that she's more than a wee bit intoxicated. I still may be a little tipsy from smelling her breath as she filled out the paperwork. I look at her profile and there is about every mental health med known to man. Sedatives, antidepressants, antiphychotics, a Christian Scientist's worse nightmare. The picture's coming into focus now.

This may not have been legally an assault, but it was almost certainly a taking advantage of someone whose judgment isn't clear type situation.

Ya think?

There's some chit-chat between the pharmacist and the boyfriend/client. The pharmacist extols the benefits of Plan B's non-prescription availability, takes a swipe at the Bush administration for not buying into Planned Parenthood's latest pump priming for abortion services, and goes completely nuts when the boyfriend/client makes this statement:

"Well if you think about it that's a good thing because you wouldn't want people going around having unprotected sex"

Sounds like customers of EC have figured it out even if the pharmacists haven't -- Who needs plan A when you have Plan B?
"At least he was good enough to pick up the tab."

Of course he is. The drug is for him.

The one and only comment doesn't give us much hope for the future.

OMG!!! Loved this post. Future Pharmacist here and you are so right and so funny. I look forward to reading your blog more!

We can look forward to more pharmacists who share the drugnazi's enthusiasm for handing out drugs to drunk women who've possibly been raped and haven't been told what this drug does by people who don't really care.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sad News

The twins that we reported were saved from abortion last month, have died after their mother suffered a miscarriage.

The pro-lifers who helped this mom held a funeral for the twins and funds are being raised to place a marker on their grave. I'll provide more details on how to donate as soon as they are available.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

We All See What We Want to See

This post by a local blogger on McGavick's position on abortion was just sent to me.

McGavick’s campaign calls his abortion stance “complicated.” Balter describes it as “moderately pro-choice.” I call it “lying,” for this is a candidate who won’t come right out and say that he opposes abortion, but obviously will not lift a finger to stop his Republican colleagues from outlawing it. It’s kinda like George Bush saying he’s opposed to domestic wiretapping.

I call it cowardly. Besides, he did say he was personally opposed to abortion. It remains to be seen what he would do if a vote for "outlawing it" came up. He's already said he would not vote for a human life amendment to the Constitution so the only straw he's left holding is a vote on a Supreme Court Justice. I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing any "outlawing" scenarios available to Mr. McGavick or his Republican colleagues.

The fact of the matter is that McGavick probably doesn't like abortion (Who does? Even Hilary Clinton called it a sad and tragic choice.), but he's not going to do anything about it.

I understand pro-choicers are concerned about "outlawing it", but they also need to recognize the real and immediate threats come from rolling it back incrementally, and McGavick has shown he's not committed to doing that. i.e. He's not going to lift a finger to change any part of the country's abortion regime as it is currently being proped up by the federal government -- from the funding of Planned Parenthood to a review of the fast-track approval of RU-486 to the push for OTC sales of Plan B.
After all, it doesn’t really matter what a politician says he believes about an issue if he votes the opposite...
Exactly. (I'm still waiting for a candidate who is personally pro-choice but votes pro-life.) And Mike McGavick still hasn't told us how he will vote on critical abortion issues likely to come before him, not ones pulled off a Zogby survey because they poll well.

I'm disappointed the comments weren't more informed about not only the myth of "safe-legal" abortion, but also the Republican party's traditional support for abortion (and removing women from the home so they could work in factories), especially in this state. It was also scary that so many men seemed to be the most rabid supporters of abortion. Tells you a lot doesn't it?

Please Pray for Washington State

If you find this incredible or just more than you want to believe, I’m fine with that. However, Washington State is more than merely a ‘blue state’, a pro-abortion state, a ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ state. It is a state that needs a lot of prayer. In my political associations, I have discovered reasons for real sadness. Some of my own family once associated with a future governor when the future politician owned a brothel in the state’s third largest city. One Seattle tour thinks it is ‘cute’ that at one time over 600 women were enslaved in prostitution in underground Seattle (there once was an actual underground city below a renovated downtown, created out of ‘legal’ graft).

So pray, please, for Washington. I cannot tell you the number of people who talk with me each month, ready to give up standing against the corruption and a culture of death. Some have given up any hope, and I have known some over the years who have ‘shipwrecked their faith’ over despair. I know others who will scarcely associate with me because I will not join them in believing the only hope is that Seattle be destroyed by some natural phenomena, seen as a judgment from God.

It is one of the most truly beautiful places in the world. Some charities here get a lot of money from generous people, though it could be easily surmised that it’s because those people from the most unchurched area of the country have that extra money to give to something other than a church.

There is a battle here. Pray.

God bless you…

Jim Anderson

Monday, April 17, 2006

Round-Up of Good Friday Prayer Vigils

I've received reports from several of the Good Friday prayer vigils that happened around the state. If you attended a prayer vigil and would like to send in a report for posting on AIW, please email it to me.

(Added other vigil -- April 21)
Everett, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
The Planned Parenthood in Everett was covered with prayer and sidewalk counselors from the Helpers. They passed out several rosaries and brochures. 6 or so people were there praying.

(Added other vigil -- April 20)
Bremerton, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
Our Lady Star of the Sea prayed the Rosary on Holy Thursday and then we went to Planned Parenthood and Father Freitag lead the "Rite of the dead". There are several of us praying the Divine Mercy Novena that began on Good Friday.

(Added other vigils -- April 18)
Seattle, Washington -- Aradia Women's Center
At Aradia Womens center on Spring and Summit there was prayer vigils from
8:00 AM until 11:00 AM. 5 people (Helpers of God's Precious Infants)
covered times at this mill.

Lynwood, Washington -- Planned Parenthod
Also, at Planned Parenthood in Lynnwood, Wa. the Helpers covered times
from 9:30 AM until 11:30 PM. There were 2 shifts of 3 people each for a
total of 6 people.

Spokane, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
About the Pro-Life prayer groups on Good Friday, I would say there was around 12 to 15 people around 4-5pm. Just right before they were closing. I was in church services earlier that day but I was told by the Protestants groups that they started when PP opened around 7am. A very nice Christian woman, said there had been a pretty good stream of pro-lifers throughout the day praying and holding Pro-Life signs. She also said there was positive feedback from cars honking their horns in support. A friend at church invited me and my two boys. We then drove to the Planned Parenthood Clinic waited for the Gonzaga students who attend regularly around 4:30 each Friday afternoon. We prayed the rosary and during the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery the police drove up. They first went into the clinic and then came out to talk with the two young men that were closer to the clinic on the sidewalk. They spoke with them for awhile. We could not hear. We continued praying the rosary and after we finished the rosary we all left in prayerful silence. We had been instructed by the leader to do the same in order to give honor to Our Lord and His Passion.

Seattle, Washington (White Center/South Seattle) -- Plannned Parenthood
Well it was a peaceful vigil in West Seattle with about 25-30 people in attendance. As often seems the case, it was raining. Tears from heaven? There were no incidents and only a few women entered the clinic, but one couple also went in and hadn't come out yet before we left so I assume they were there for an abortion. So sad. We were there quite early (just at the time they were opening, so there wasn't too much traffic in and out of the clinic yet). We weren't close enough to interact with any of them before they went in, but they couldn't help but see us all there with signs like "Abortion Kills Children" in both English and Spanish. I've attached a couple of pictures from Fr. Bloom's website.

Mercer Island, Washington -- Abortion center of Dr. Flake
We also had a vigil at Dr. Flake's clinic on Mercer Island after the Stations of the Cross at St. Monica's Friday afternoon. There were 12 of us in attendance. I'm not sure the office was open - the doctor's car was not there, but we prayed anyway. There was no traffic in or out of the office. As always, as few people who drove by gave us a honk and a thumbs up. We display a big sign with a smiling baby and the word "Life" - and there were a couple of people (most always they're men) who honked and then gave a different type of gesture. It always really gets me how they can see the picture of that beautiful baby and express any kind of negative sentiment!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Birthright Plant Sale Fundraiser

(Distribution site graciously provided by Sacred Heart Church Seattle)

Beautiful bedding plants to benefit Birthright of Seattle

Dear Friends of Birthright:

Add life to your garden this spring while supporting pregnant moms. Birthright of Seattle, a nonprofit pro-life pregnancy-support service, is having a Plant Sale fund-raiser, with a variety of beautiful bedding plants grown locally by Rehon (formerly O’Brien) Greenhouse.

Your pre-purchased flats will be available for pickup from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 20 at the Birthright of Seattle (Sacred Heart Church) parking lot, 214 Warren Ave. N. Please select from the following bedding plants and return this order form by Friday, April 21 to Birthright of Seattle, 214 Warren Ave. N. Seattle WA 98109.

Checks should be made payable to Birthright of Seattle. For more information, call sale coordinator Gloria Kruzner at 206-284-9262.




Email address______________________

Plants - Cost: $17/flat – Prepay by check only to Birthright of Seattle

Paging Dr. Brown

Remember Dr. Zane Brown (professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine) of "it is impossible to tell whether the fetus feels pain during an abortion" fame?

He really, really, really needs to read this article.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Emergency Contraception Consent, Release and Assessment Form

This is a copy of the "Emergency Contraception (EC) Consent, Release and Assessment" form used by my local Safeway pharmacy to distribute Plan B to women and teenagers in my neighborhood.

Knowing what I know about the risks of abortion and contraception, I certainly wouldn't put my professional posterior on the line using this form, but heck I suppose women are to leave all this stuff to the professionals and not worry their pretty little heads over the details.

There is at least one typo ("batter" instead of "better") and one error ("I understand that the laws of my state may affect my remedies in connection with this vaccination." Should be some other word than 'vaccination'.) The rest of it is pretty evasive and deceptive.

For example, there is no mention of the risk of ectopic pregnancy when using MAPs. The "morning after pill" is associated with a 10-fold increase in risk of this condition when its use fails to prevent pregnancy. Wouldn't it be the responsible and professional thing to do to let women know about this risk in a clear and unambiguous way, such as -- the “morning after pill” is associated with a 10-fold increase in risk of this condition when it successfully prevents implantation in the it is designed to do. Why is everyone involved with this drug more concerned about protecting the sale of this drug than a woman's health?

There's a sentence that grants permission for Safeway to "release any medical or other information to my physician, Medicare, Medicare HMO or insurance enable Safeway to process my insurance claims with respect to the medication." However, it does not include permission for information to be released to the folks at the "Emergency Contraception Project" as stated must happen in the recommended protocol agreement put out by the WSPA. Why not? Are pharmacists sharing personal health information with the ECP and not getting the consent of women?

No definition of "pregnancy" is given as in, "EC will not disrupt an established pregnancy." Well, if a woman believes that anything after fertilization equals pregnancy or a baby and Safeway believes pregnancy or a baby doesn't begin until implantation then we have what is called in modern parlance a failure to communicate, and I don't care what the American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or the World Health Organization has to say about it. Instead of explaining to women this critical nuance, they keep repeating the mantra, "EC is not an abortifacient. EC will not distrupt an established pregnancy. EC is contraception..." Repeat as necessary to convince yourself and others you aren't partaking in an abortion.

Lawyers please feel free to pick this document apart at your leisure.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Viagra Prescription

A recent WA-NARAL fundraising scare-letter includes this ...uhmmm... lame teaser:

Imagine this head line:

Pharmacist refuses to fill Viagra prescription; does not approve of right-wing Congressman having sex with new young wife.

It goes on to include this line just to make sure WA-NARAL supporters understand the hypocracy of all the unnamed "right-wing leaders" here in Washington.

If these scenarios were real, they would spark outrage amongst our nation's right-wing leaders.

The whole scenario is hillarious, but I suppose this kind of straw-man/pharmacist fundraising tactic works with WA-NARAL supporters. Unfortunately for Karen Cooper of WA-NARAL I doubt such a scenario would "spark outrage" amongst anyone.

Well, come to find out "aregisteredpharmacist", a "left-leaning, Bush-hating, agnostic, democrat," admits to refusing to fill a prescription for Viagra and we've posted the headline.

I had a doctor yell at me to fill Viagra for a patient who was on nitrostat, I refused, should this be against the law?

Thank you "aregisteredpharmacist". Apparently Viagra and nitrostate could lead to a possible fatal interaction. We need pharmacists who are looking out for the health of patients, not bowing to the pressure of drug manufacturers and marketers. No word from "aregisteredpharmacist" on whether the patient was a "right-wing congressman."

Now that the headline is out there, let the "outrage amongst our nation's right-wing leaders" -- whoever they may be -- begin .

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pharmacy Stakeholder Meetings to Discuss Conscience Clause for Pharmacists

Please note, the times for the April 19th workshop and the April 21st Board of Pharmacy meetings have been corrected.

Comments received by the Board on or before April 18th will be considered at the April 21st meeting.

Comments may be sent to:

Two Stakeholder workshops are scheduled at:

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Location: Labor & Industries, Auditorium
7273 Linderson Way SW, Tumwater WA 98501
What: Hear public comments regarding the Pharmacists' Right to Conscience

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2006
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Red Lion Hotel, Yakima Center
607 E. Yakima Avenue, Yakima WA 98901
What: Hear public comments regarding the Pharmacists' Right to Conscience

Board of Pharmacy Meeting
On Friday, April 21 The Board will be reviewing comments from stakeholder meetings and discussing whether rules are necessary regarding a pharmacist's responsibilities in processing a lawful prescription.

Date: Friday, April 21, 2006
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Location: Red Lion Hotel, Yakima Center - 607 E. Yakima Avenue, Yakima WA 98901
Note: No public comments will be permitted during the discussion on this agenda item.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nurses Now Providing Abortions in Washington

In the last days of the Gov. Christine Gregoire's stint as attorney general she issued a ruling (
AGO 2004 No. 1) in answer to the following question:

[I]s it unlawful for an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) to prescribe or furnish a drug to a woman upon her request for the purpose of terminating pregnancy, where the ARNP is acting in all respects within the terms of his or her professional license but is not acting under the supervision of a physician?

Brief Answer
An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner may, when consistent with his or her professional license, lawfully furnish or prescribe a drug to a woman for the purpose of inducing an abortion where the drug may lawfully be prescribed and the woman seeks to terminate her pregnancy before the fetus is viable or for the purpose of preserving the woman’s life or health. (emphasis added)

In other words, no one is going to prosecute ARNPs for violating the state's one and only restriction on abortion -- namely that physicians perfrom them. Now that two more women have died from the chemical abortion drug regime RU-486, is it really wise to widen the scope of practice of non-physicians? Isn't this a return to the "bad old days" of botched abortions and hack abortionists? Were we not promised a stop to all that with legal abortion? Apparently not.

Apparently this is going great guns here in the state, as related in the 2005 fall newsletter of the Abortion Access Project.

Washington State: Thirteen additional advanced practice clinicians have joined the ranks of providers by adding medication [chemical] abortion to their practice. The increase has far reaching impact as many of the new providers practice in underserved areas throughout western Washington, continuing to increase access to women who have previously traveled long distances for heath care.

Which leads me to wonder (again) where the last two RU-486 deaths took place and was the drug administered by Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Catholics in the Public Square

I just came across this website/blog: Catholics in the Public Square. I've added them to the blogroll in the sidebar.

There's lots of good reading and a list of links to Church documents and opinions related to Catholics in public life.

Of special interest to certain politicians in our state is: Worthiness To Recieve Communion: General Principles, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Karen Cooper Call Your Office

Where are all the "pro-choice" Washington representatives co-sponsoring the anti-CPC bill The Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act (SDAWS)?

Where's Jim McDermott? Adam Smith?

As Christine at Real Choice points out, why is it all men, except for Lois and Carolyn, co-sponsoring this bill?

Don't forget to vote for your favorite re-naming of this bill at the Real Choice blog.

My vote: The Better Killed by Prochoicers than Annoyed by Prolifer Act

Or how about The All Babies Overboard Rather Than Initiate Options Needed Act (ABORTION) of 2006?

Speaking of false advertising, check out this abortion center that advertises under "pregnancy counseling." Gee, I wonder how many adoption referals they do?

Healing Mass

I recieved the notice below a few days ago. Since this is her parish, perhaps special prayers can be made for the healing needs of Governor Christine Gregoire.
Dear Healing Ministry Group & Friends:

I'm sorry this did not go through correctly the first time. This Healing Mass will be in English; however, the Archdiocese is providing translation devices for the Spanish-speaking. Please forward to those who may be interested. If you are not able to participate in the Healing Mass, please pray for those who will be attending and for our celebrating Priests. It is very special that the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed before Mass, and that Confession will be available. God bless you.


Thursday April 6th - 7:00 PM

Saint Michael's Church
1021 Boundary SE, Olympia, WA
360-754-4667 -

Traducción en español será disponible
(Spanish Translation Devices Available)

"What's Your Name?''
Looking for our True Identity

Fr. Jim Lee, Fr. Thomas Nathe & Fr. Paul Weckert

Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet 6 PM Confessions 6 PM & After Mass

You are invited to participate in a special Mass for healing. What are your healing needs? Are they physical, emotional or spiritual? Would you like special Graces? Charismatic Healing Mass and Prayer Ministry following Mass are usually two hours in length.

More Information, call Jose at 360-754-3464
Sponsored by Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal