Monday, January 31, 2011

State Dems Wade Deeper Into Controversy by Misleading Constituents on Bill to Crush Pregnancy Centers

Another Washington State Democrat is in trouble over blatantly false claims she has been making to constituents about current law in a desperate effort to rationalize her support for SB5274, the bill widely condemned as clearly crafted by the abortion lobby to destroy the state's network of non-profit pro-life pregnancy clinics (known as HB1366 in the House).

Democrat Senator Rosemary McAuliffe was responding to a Mountlake Terrace resident who is deeply opposed to the bill. Firstly, McAuliffe said she had spoken to the prime sponsor, who "assured" her that "this legislation has no intention of closing down" pro-life pregnancy centers. Yet she completely failed to address the fact that the penalties prescribed in the bill for failing to use proper font size, offer sufficient documentation in enough languages, and uttering exact verbiage mandated by Olympia are completely without any precedent in state law.

Numerous legal experts who have analyzed the bill are in complete agreement that these ludicrous mandates would sink the state pregnancy centers -- who survive on a shoe-string budget of donations with a staff of volunteers -- in fines and legal bills.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

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State Rep Van De Wege Shows Stunning Ignorance in Meetings with Constituents on 'More Dead Babies' Act

We recently caught up with River Sussman, who runs two pregnancy medical clinics on the Olympic Peninsula. Mrs. Sussman has been working desperately to try to convince her state representative Kevin Van De Wege to end his co-sponsorship of House Bill 1366, the bill being pushed by the abortion industry to destroy crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

Rep. Van De Wege is new to state politics, having been a fireman before. But he seems quickly to have gone from saving babies from burning buildings to delivering them up to be killed by the abortion industry that helped land him his new job.

Mrs. Sussman met with him recently in his office in Olympia, along with 35 other CPC supporters from his district who crossed the Puget Sound for the occasion. Not only had he not read the 5-page bill before he signed on as a co-sponsor; he hadn't even read it before their meeting.

One of the points Mrs. Sussman raised was the fact that not only were the penalties described in the bill without any sort of precedent for the infractions outlined, but the abortion industry itself was not subject to anywhere close to this kind of oversight. In fact, the abortion industry is either unregulated or "self-regulated".

Van De Wege's response: "That's not true."

Mrs. Sussman repeatedly tried to educate the legislator on this point, but he kept repeating his false "facts" back to her.

It seems that Rep. Van De Wege's enablers in the abortion lobby who sold him on this bill set him up for humiliation. They've been going around to legislators asking them: "Did you know that these clinics aren't licensed?" The fact is that their own clinics, which murder unborn babies, are also not licensed. In fact, in Washington State, we don't license buildings. We license individuals. Only doctors need licenses. This is deliberate sleight-of-hand by the abortion lobby.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Group Health Touts Own Abortion Clinic to Attract Residents

If anyone still thinks that abortion is an isolated, never discussed part of mainstream medical practices, all they need to do is a little research to discover that abortion is part and parcel of the establishment medical system.

Group Health is just one example. They are very proud of the abortions they do and don't try to hide it.

Here in the Program Highlights from Family Medicine Residency program with learn about the "Group Health Abortion Clinic" where, "...all residents participate in an opt-out rotation at Planned Parenthood and a small private clinic to train in counseling, early dating ultrasounds, medical and surgical abortions. Additional training is available in the Group Health abortion clinic and at other sites for those interested in additional experience."

We have heard from one woman who had an abortion at Group Health and, though she asked us not to reveal any details about it, we can say that it was an unwanted abortion and it was a horrific experience. We also have been informed that their "Abortion Clinic" in downtown Seattle is actually a ward on the 6th floor complete with bullet proof glass.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Abortion Toady Rep Clibborn Humiliated by Testimony at 'More Dead Babies' Act Hearing

It's a wonder Washington State Rep. Clibborn didn't crawl under her desk and cry like a baby. Clibborn is the prime sponsor of HB1366, the bill given to her by the abortion industry to destroy the pro-life pregnancy centers that cut their business by 6% last year. On Monday afternoon, the House Health Committee held a hearing on the bill. Supporters of the state's pregnancy centers turned out by the hundreds, packing the room, and filling the hallways.

The bill imposes some ridiculous requirements on pregnancy clinics that don't kill unborn babies, and then sets up a legal open season on them by creating unprecedented grounds for them to be sued, by almost anyone, with crippling damages.

We present a transcript of one particularly noteworthy testimony that exposed Clibborn's diabolical agenda and laid it bare for all the world to see.

I'm John Panesko. I'm just an attorney from the community. I'm a former prosecutor. I'm not affiliated with either side, but I was asked to read a copy of this bill, and it made an impression on me, and that's why I'm here.

I'm glad as a lawyer I don't have to post on my door all the things I don't provide, but if somebody asked me if they wanted a divorce, I'll tell them, 'No, I don't do divorces; go somewhere else'

What's the harm? But back to this bill...

I read it and I believe the enforcement part of this bill will put pregnancy centers out of business and I'll tell you five reasons why..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DSHS Knowingly Violating Hyde Amendment, Using Federal Tax Dollars to Fund Abortions

In this exclusive report, AIW can now reveal the results of an investigation into Washington and other states in which we have learned that they are routinely violating federal law.

Since 1976, it has been illegal to use federal Medicaid money to pay for abortions. States that opted to subsidize the abortion industry through Medicaid had to make sure to carefully segregate funds so that abortions were only paid for out of state Medicaid dollars. (Medicaid is a federal program with a complicated funding formula, but in brief, it's funded from a mix of federal and state monies.)

But the Medicaid program also includes a relatively little-known program called "Medicaid Transportation". This program pays for the travel costs to and from medical appointments that are covered by Medicaid. The rationale is, apparently, that a doctor appointment is no good if you can't get to it.

Since states like Washington (and California and New York) pay for abortions under Medicaid, the travel to and from the abortion clinic is also picked up by the Medicaid program.

Readers may remember our coverage of the scandal last year in which a Ballard High School student was taken from school for an abortion without her parents' knowledge, all arranged by the schools' "Health Clinic" (run by Swedish Hospital). During this investigation we also discovered that Hopelink, an organization that milks unwitting churches and other groups into partnership to help feed the hungry, is running secret "Abortion Taxis" that shuttle girls and women to and from abortion clinic appointments, often without their parents' knowledge.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Abortion Lobby Gets Desperate; Lies About CPCs While Hiding own Misconduct

In what can only be described as an act of desperation just as the country reels in shock at the discovery of what goes on at unregulated abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the ACLU are now disseminating false information about crisis pregnancy centers in an attempt to convince legislators that they need to "regulate" CPCs.

In a press release issued January 19, this consortium of abortion zealots stated that CPCs:
"put women’s health at risk when they withhold test results and give inaccurate information about pregnancy, reproductive health, or options."
The fact of the matter is that CPCs don't withhold test results or other health information from women. The only time a CPC would do such a thing is in the case of potential fraud, i.e. a woman is attempting to gain access to DSHS benefits by bringing in a sample of another woman's urine. This is something pro-abortion activists have also been known to do to try and trap the CPCs.

It's laughable that that this consortium of abortion cheerleaders would accuse the CPCs of giving "inaccurate information about pregnancy, reproductive health, or options." It would appear to be a case of accusing others of doing what you are most guilty of. A quick visit to this link containing a detailed interview with one abortion client at a Washington State Planned Parenthood will leave you crying out for Representatives Mary Helen Roberts and Tami Green, for example, to pass legislation regulating Planned Parenthood.

But instead they are sitting down with Planned Parenthood coming up with crushing regulations on pro-life pregnancy centers!

Here's just a quick list of some of the other deceptions we've heard from inside the state's abortion clinics and from abortionists themselves:

  • It's not a baby.
  • You've got to have the abortion right away.
  • It's just a blob of tissue.
  • Abortion is safer than childbirth.
  • Contraception is safer than childbirth.
  • No, you can't see the ultrasound.
  • Plan B isn't an abortifacient.
  • Abortion doesn't hurt.
  • Abortion causes no long term negative side effects.
  • Going on contraception will prevent you from coming back for another abortion.

We might also add that women who are crying before, during and after an abortion are in most cases NOT rescheduled or referred to organizations or people that offer services other than abortion. Women who tell the abortionist to stop are instead told to shut-up or "it's too late." Women in tears are ignored.  No other business that we know of, except for maybe prostitution and pornography, ignores the pleas of women to the extent that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry do.

Regarding access to medical records, getting Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities to turn women's health records over isn't exactly a walk in the park from what we've heard. There are frequent reports in the media about medical files thrown out in dumpsters and landfills. We know of at least one woman who was unsuccessful in ever gaining access to her abortion medical file.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Call these Legislators TODAY

The "More Dead Babies Act" introduced last week in the Washington State Legislature can be stopped, but you need to speak up. It is currently before the Health Committees in both the House and the Senate. The best way to stop it is to kill kill it in either committee.

The Democrats -- also known as the political arm of the abortion industry -- control both branches, and so have majorities on both committees. In the House, the breakdown is 7-4; in the Senate, 5-4. Assuming we have all the Republican onside, that means we need 1 Democrat on the Senate committee and 2 on the House to see the light.

Starting with the House, 6 of the 7 Democrats are co-sponsors. The non co-sponsor is Troy Kelley. Rep. Kelley is from Pierce County and beat pro-life attorney Steve O'Ban with under 53% of the vote, so there's a good chance we can get a no vote out of him. Call him at (360) 786-7890.

Of the remaining co-sponsors, there are two worth focusing on. The first is Kevin Van De Wege. Rep. Van De Wege is from Jefferson County, is a liberal Democrat, and has reportedly been hostile to pregnancy center staff who have tried to educate. He also co-sponsored the bill last year. All that bodes ill, but he is the only other Dem on the committee besides Kelley who wasn't endorsed by NARAL/Planned Parenthood. Call him at 360.786.7916.

The other one to try to talk sense to is Tami Green. While she received $2,800 from NARAL last election, was endorsed by the abortion lobby, and is a co-chair of the Health Committee, on the other hand she only won re-election by 1,200 odd votes (51.5%), also in the same district as Kelly, not-too-liberal Pierce County. There's a chance she might be able to understand the political calculus if you call her at 360.786.7958.

On the Senate side, unfortunately all of the Democrats on the Health & Long-Term Care are co-sponsors. The best two to contact may be Ed Murray and Craig Pridemore. Murray's a surprising one: he's a radical homosexual activist, but last time around he voted the right way and even indicated to pregnancy center advocates that he would be a hypocrite if supported "minority rights" for homosexuals, and then turned around and persecuted Christians.

He needs to be reminded of his own words. Call him at 360.786.7628.

Finally, Pridemore represents an urban Vancouver district. While he won re-election quite comfortably, it's possible that he's sufficiently far from the Seattle sanity vacuum that he could be capable of seeing sense and doing the right thing. Call Pridemore at 360.786.7696.

It's best if you're from their district, but since these folks are on the all-important Health Committees, they represent everyone in the state in a sense. Imagine what kind of impact 10,000 calls on this bill would have?

If you've never called your legislator before, now is a great time to start. Do not be afraid. They work for you. If you don't like confrontation, just tell them you are deeply troubled by the bill to shut down crisis pregnancy centers ("HB 1366" in the House) and you want them to vote it down.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Study: Washington State Most Pro-Abortion State in the Union

Confirming what those of us in Washington State already knew, a new study by Americans United for Life placed Washington dead last in a ranking of states based on protections for human life.

The top state was Oklahoma.

Contributing to Washington's last position was the fact that the state is one of the few that voluntarily pays for abortions at any stage, for any reason out of Medicaid funds, even with the existence of a multi-billion dollar deficit. You can even get taxi rides to abortion clinics from school and back without your parents' knowing, paid for by the taxpayers, and government officials say: "So What?"

Washington is also one of the only states without any legal restrictions or regulations on the abortion industry whatsoever. It's possible that every abortion clinic in the state is run like Kermit Gosnell's abortion mill in Philadelphia: how would we know? The abortion industry is not only allowed to "regulate itself" -- how many industries in Obama's America are allowed to do that? -- but abortion chain operators like Planned Parenthood and Cedar River Clinics actually get together on a regular basis with DSHS officials to map out state health policy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Share this Post with your Legislator: Botched abortions, malpractice, and dead women

The recent story about abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia reminded us here at AIW about all the quacks that operate in Washington state. Go read the article just so you are familiar with the horrific conditions inside his "clinic". Unfortunately, stories like Dr. Gosnell's are not uncommon among abortionists even here in Washington.

It's important to note that licensing agencies and others with authority were warned about Gosnell,
The grand jury investigation revealed that, for over two decades, government health and licensing officials had received repeated reports about Gosnell’s dangerous practices. However, no action was ever taken, even after the agencies learned that Mrs. Mongar had died during routine abortions under Gosnell’s care (see related story).
Put your legislator on notice. This post will give them a little window into what's really going on and suggest that instead of the trying to shut down the state's crisis pregnancy centers they go after the real criminals.

We've looked back over our records of first hand accounts from people who have been inside the state's abortion mills. Here's what we have so far:
-- Robert L. Kothenbeutel. Cedar River ClinicsLaw suit brought in 2010 by a woman who claims that, "Dr. Kothenbeutel and Cedar River Clinics were ill equipped to handle Maria Diel's late term termination the termination was negligently performed. Maria Diel lost an excessive amount of blood and was taken from Cedar River Clinics by ambulance to Valley Medical Center where a hysterectomy was performed to save her life." The unborn child was 26 weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pro-Aborts, Dems Drop Heinous Anti-CPC Bill on Olympia

We got word from Olympia today that the abortion lobby and their allies in the Washington State Democratic Party have, as expected, just reintroduced a bill they tried to pass last year but never got out of committee. The bill is designed to destroy Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) that offer safe and compassionate health care to women in need while leaving the filthy, manipulative, chop-shops staffed by quacks free to ply their deadly trade unmolested.

(Here's the text of the House Bill HB1366. Senate Bill is here.)

The Family Policy Institute of Washington has provided a good summary of the effects of the legislation:

1. It creates two classes of medical/pregnancy centers based on whether or not they provide abortion services.

2. Requires centers that do not provide abortion services to disclose that fact in five different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Cambodian, and Laotian) in 30 point font on the front door of the centers, and on any advertisement or notice promoting the centers services.

3. Creates regulations and liabilities associated with medical records that do not apply to any other medical/pregnancy centers in Washington State.

4. Creates a private cause of action (lawsuit) against pregnancy centers for violations of any of the above regulations. In lawsuits against pregnancy centers: (1) anyone can be an aggrieved party even if you have never been in or even seen a pregnancy center; (2) there is no need to prove damages; (3) those who sue a pregnancy center can collect legal fees from the center if they win; (4) but pregnancy centers cannot collect legal fees if they win.

In summary, this bill creates significant liability for non-profit, faith-based, pregnancy centers that receive no tax dollars and provide at least $16 million in free services to communities in Washington simply because they do not offer abortion services. The stated reason is that they are afraid that women who are looking for an abortion will go to one of these centers. Why the attention of the Washington State legislature is required to prevent that from happening is something each of us can ponder for ourselves.
Most craftily, for purposes of seeking damages against CPCs and shutting them down, it defines "person" as "counties or other municipalities". No doubt the City or Seattle and King County would quickly move to shut down all CPCs that didn't have a huge 30-point font size sign in Laotian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic stating they don't pass out the sacred condom or offer babies for live sacrifice.

Jill Stanek, who is following similar efforts in NYC, doubts that such a radical bill will pass even in the abortion capital of America. She sites the bad PR from NARAL's recent granting of an A- to NY for abortion advocacy, the report from the New York City Department of Health that a staggering 41 percent of all pregnancies in NYC ended in abortion in 2009, and the fact that abortions are on the rise after a 20 year decline.

How's that compare with Washington?

Pro-lifers Rock Olympia for 2011 March for Life; Pro-Aborts not so much

I attended the March for Life in Olympia yesterday. Here's a great picture that was sent to me. It was taken with a wide angle lens. "With a wide angle lens this photographer went to the Hall of Justice steps, to the top of the steps, and couldn't get the whole crowd in one photo."

Here's coverage from the Olympian, which ain't half bad considering they seem to love the abortion industry most days. However, they only estimated the crowd at 4,500. According to my sources the campus police said if the steps of the legislature building were covered with people, that would be 5,000. It was at least 7,000 by my estimation.

The new archbishop, Peter Sartain, of the Archdiocese of Seattle was on hand. Here he is with Karen Rotter from the pro-life committee at St. Michael Parish and Leigh a representative of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

And, well, the pro-aborts just couldn't muster much enthusiasm for their cause.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gregoire Restores Funding to Planned Parenthood, Cuts Billions Everywhere Else

Confirming once again that the Washington State Governor's Mansion is little more than the Olympia office of Planned Parenthood, Governor Christine Gregoire just decided to preserve the state's "Take Charge" free birth control program.

We have exposed how the program, now in its 10th year, has done almost nothing to reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies, births to low-income women, or abortions, but has become a massive, multi-million dollar slush fund for Planned Parenthood affiliates of Washington.

As everyone now knows, the state has been facing a budget deficit in the billions, and state legislators have been forced to cut spending on a host of health and education programs, even those which are widely supported, and which help the truly sick and destitute.

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) gave Gregoire a list of programs for possible elimination. The Take Charge program was in that list, raising hopes that the scandalous scheme would be eliminated once and for all, and abortion clinics would start closing immediately.

But, alas, Gregoire decided to cut the state's Basic Health Plan, which covers 66,000 otherwise uninsured Washingtonians, rather than cut birth control payments to Planned Parenthood.

She cut the Children’s Health Program, which was helping 27,000 kids. But Planned Parenthood's sacred cow was untouched.

She chose to eliminate Disability Lifeline grants to 28,000 people each month who are temporarily disabled and who can’t work, rather than cut the Planned Parenthood CEO Cadillac plan.

She chose to eliminate the Disability Lifeline Medical Program, but not the Abortion Industry Slush Fund.

Gregoire cuddling former NARAL
director Karen Cooper
She thought it better to reduce in-home Medicaid personal care, which benefits 45,000 people, who will now have to look elsewhere for assistance with bathing, dressing, medication management and other activities. But the Planned Parenthood spendapalooza? Not on your life.

She slashed public education funding in every direction. But free birth control that essentially ends up as millions of dollars in Planned Parenthood's Abortion Clinic Expansion Program was off the table.

You get the idea.

"Take Charge" -- which is exclusive to Washington State, and started in the George W Bush administration -- is an 'experimental' Medicaid program which provides a year's supply of birth control to women who would normally be ineligible for Medicaid because of income at taxpayer's expense.

Most women enrolled in the program get their contraceptives through Planned Parenthood, so it is this organization which ends up getting paid. PP makes huge profits on oral contraceptives sales, and so the program has been a cash cow for them for a decade.

For example, in 1998, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington was pulling in about $5m each year in program revenue. Ten years later, in 2008, that figure had rocketed up to over $25m. In their 2006 annual report, they admitted that fully 70% of their clients the previous 5 years had been Take Charge participants.

PPWW has used these millions in revenue to expand their network of clinics, all of which provide or abortions or at least close the abortion sale.

Defenders of the program argue that all those women on free birth control adds up to fewer unplanned pregnancies, fewer Medicaid-paid births, and fewer abortions. As hard as it may be for contraceptive ideologues to accept this, the numbers are in, and the truth is just the opposite.

In 1999, before the program, Medicaid was paying for 32,000 births each year, at a cost of less than $200 million. Now it's 42,000, at a cost of over $330 million.

Before the program began, Medicaid paid for over 10,000 abortions in Washington. At the program's peak, that figure crossed 14,000, with Planned Parenthood doing an increasing share of those. It's not known how many abortions PPWW was committing back in 1999, but the figure grew from about 6,000 to about 9,000 at one point during the program, due in part to their massive new reach.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Renton Abortion Clinic Being Sued for Botched 26-week Abortion

This blog has just learned that Washington State's most horrific abortion clinic is in the middle of another scandal. Cedar River Clinics is being sued for medical malpractice for a late-term abortion that almost killed the mother and left her unable to have children.

The doctor who performed the late-term abortion was Robert L. Kothenbeutel.

According to court documents, on December 13, 2007, Maria Diel of Pierce County came to Cedar River in Renton -- also known as the Feminist Women's Health Center -- to have her "25+ week" baby killed by the brutal abortion procedure known as dilation and evacuation. This is medical-speak for forcing the mother's cervix open enough so that the 'doctor' can go in with a forceps and rip the baby's legs and arms off and pull them out. Here is one description of the procedure:

Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)
Similar to a D & C abortion, this method also necessitates the forced dilation of the cervix. Metal forceps with a sharp cutting edge are used to grasp and pull the baby from the womb. The entire body is removed piece by piece. Because the baby's skull has typically hardened to bone by this time it must sometimes be compressed or crushed in order to be removed from the uterus. As a result, women undergoing this procedure have a higher risk of cervical laceration. Ironically, even some abortionists find this procedure distasteful, as the process of using forceps to twist and tear the baby's body from the womb is undeniably traumatic.

Another description is from former late-term abortionist Dr. Tony Levatino, where he goes into detail about removing the baby's skull:
The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. The head of a baby that age is about the size of a plum and is now free floating inside the uterine cavity. You can be pretty sure you have hold of it if the Sopher clamp is spread about as far as your fingers will allow. You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see a pure white gelatinous material issue from the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. If you have a really bad day like I often did, a little face may come out and stare back at you.

Because the baby is so developed at 25 weeks, and his or her bones are hard, and so much force is involved, it's quite easy to lacerate the mother's uterus, or other organs. It seems something very much like this happened when Dr. Kothenbeutel was dismembering Mrs. Diel's baby.

The court documents allege that:
"Dr. Kothenbeutel and Cedar River Clinics were ill equipped to handle Maria Diel's late term termination the termination was negligently performed. Maria Diel lost an excessive amount of blood and was taken from Cedar River Clinics by ambulance to Valley Medical Center where a hysterectomy was performed to save her life."

The case is still at an early stage, and further medical facts will be brought out at trial. The parties have agreed to arbitration, as opposed to a jury trial, so maximum damages are $1 million.

Alas, Mrs. Diel's attorneys will be hard pressed to prove that Kothenbeutel and Cedar River were 'ill equipped' to handle late-term abortions like this, because they have in fact committed hundreds, if not thousands.

According to a 2002 “study” published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Kothenbeutel reported doing just under 200 Dilation & Evacuation abortions in just a 6 week period.

We will bring you further details as they emerge. Meanwhile, this story can't be comforting to future would-be clients of this abortion mill.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Is This Post Illegal?

This last Monday in a Kent courtroom, the Constitution prevailed over a shocking attempt to silence this blog by a prominent local doctor linked to the region's most controversial abortion clinics. This doctor is Chair of the Washington State delegation to the American Medical Association, and in that capacity represents all the doctors in the state.

She is also a colleague and associate of pro-life, Christian doctors, some of whom sit on the board of our local Care-Net pregnancy resource centers.

Her name -- this is the part that she wanted to make a crime -- is Dr. Julie Komarow.

As with many other doctors involved with the local abortion industry, we have written about Dr. Komarow before. We have pointed out that she recently worked at Cedar River Clinics, the most horrific, late-term abortion clinic in the state of Washington.

Cedar River is actually involved in an ongoing medical malpractice lawsuit involving a 26 week old baby, as we will reveal in an upcoming post. Cedar River was also involved in another recent lawsuit because of an abortion they did on an Alaskan minor who was transported from her home state without her parents' knowledge and brought to Cedar River for an abortion. We will soon be exposing the depth of the clinic and staff's involvement with that scandal also.

As if that was not enough, we've also posted the interim results of an ongoing investigation into Cedar River's very questionable financial reporting.