Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seattle Clinic Defense Snoozes through August Protest

The pro-abortion, anti-woman group Seattle Clinic Defense slept through their August protest today after the Helpers of God's Precious Infants got an early 7:00 am start.

Here's a report from the Helpers:
"Our vigil went really well. Peaceful and Prayerful. About 10 minutes
before we finished the protestors showed up and as they began to line up with all their signs etc. we began walking back. I think we really took
them by surprise but I am sure they will look at it as victory for them.
There was about 17 of us and 12 of our regulars weren't there so we were really pleased with the Helpers turn out. I can imagine what they will say on their web site but we loved having a very peaceful and prayerful vigil. Besides that is what we are all about. Fox TV showed up ready to film us as we were getting in our cars and was very surprised that we had just finished so he went down in front of PP and filmed them. That's what they want anyway. I am sure that they called them."

It's too bad the SCD couldn't find a better way to use their time and energy, rather than helping the abortion industry to prey on women and children. Hopefully some if them will wake up before they hurt too many people.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Abortion Advocates Organize to Confront Pro-Lifers at Monthly Planned Parenthood Vigils

A new group calling itself "Seattle Clinic Defense" is organizing monthly demonstrations to counter the pro-life vigils and encourage women to continue with their abortion plans.

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, which helped to shut down the Aradia clinic on Capitol Hill a few years ago, organizes vigils at the Madison St. Planned Parenthood. These vigils are not organized by the Knights of Columbus.

The Facebook page for SCD describes the group as,"...a grassroots group dedicated to comprehensive, medically-accur​ate, shame-free and affordable reproductive care for all."

Curiously, many of the contributors to this Facebook page seem unaware of the scientific fact that a live human being exists at conception. To abort such an organism is to kill a human being. No evidence has ever been provided by this group or any other to prove otherwise.

When Matt Ulrich, the Helpers local director, was asked to comment about the possibility of protesters confronting his group he responded by saying, "Whenever you do God's will for the right reason, and are vulnerable at the abortion site, you accept whatever the opposition has to alter your prayer efforts, and to disturb your peaceful presence. I welcome the challenge to defend life no matter what the costs, and to continue always to stand up for
the truth."

According to several Facebook postings the group seemed wildly enthusiast for abortion but indifferent to the damaging effects abortion and contraceptives have on women. SCD did not respond to a request posted on their Facebook page for an interview about their group.

In addition to closing down the Aradia abortion mill, The Seattle Helpers have been quite successful outside the Everett Planned Parenthood helping women not only to carry their babies to term but also warning women about the dangerous side effects of contraceptives. They have also provided information on post-abortion healing through Project Rachel. Statistics show that almost half of the women seeking abortion will be obtaining a second, third or fourth abortion.

The Helpers along with the 40 Days for Life Campaign have been responsible for saving countless lives and shutting down many abortion centers across the world. Several abortionists and former abortion workers have also been converted by their work and now help to save lives instead of ending them.

The next Helpers vigil will be Saturday August 13th.
For more about the Helpers see:

Contraceptive pushers and Big Pharma continue to lie about safety of contraceptives

I got this unusual piece of spam last night. It read:
Severe Side Effects of YAZ Yasmin and Ocella
Important Lawsuit Info
Birth Control Injury Alert!

I knew there were ongoing lawsuits against these pill makers but decided to do a search to see what was up.

Searching on these terms given in the email provides a plethora of legal websites offering help.

I discovered at one site that at least 50 women had died from using these pills. I was most interested to learn that Bayer was reprimanded by the FDA for false and misleading advertising; the same thing manufacturers of Plan B were reprimanded for.

Read more for yourself here:

Seems like all these people can do is lie to women to make a buck. I wonder if they figure in the cost of lawsuits when they price these drugs.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Planned Parenthood to have seat on "Super Committee"

It was just announced that Washington's senator and guardian of Planned Parenthood's privileged position, Patty Murray has been assigned to the Super Committee. Her job will no doubt be to make sure no cuts are made to PP's federal largesse in upcoming talks over budget cuts.

See story on Super Committee appointments:

Saturday, August 06, 2011

For the 123,361,635th Time: Contraceptives don't prevent abortion

Another post for the "We told you so file."

Plan B was a racket from the beginning.

Don Downing, UW professor of pharmacy and bed partner with NARAL Washington, couldn't stop blathering about "a second chance at preventing pregnancy" and lowering the abortion rate. It was always the come on we said it was. In the end he went home richer after betraying his fellow pharmacists to the state's abortion industry to say nothing of the women he's hurt thru his shameless promotion of Plan B and contraceptives.

Yes, Don Downing and Naral and Planned Parenthood are getting their way but they can't have it both ways. They will be told exactly what they are doing.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anti-Choice Project in August- new day and time

Hi everyone,

This month we are changing from the our normal 2nd-Saturday protest time because Nichole and I have an important event to attend that day. We will be coming out to the busy intersection of 1st Ave and Northgate Way, at the north west corner of the Northgate Mall parking lot on Sunday, August 14th from 1:00pm till 2:30pm.

Hopefully with this different day and time some more of you will be able to come out with us than have been able to in the past few months. Please consider the simple gift of just an hour and a half of your time this month for this critically important and enormously effective campaign.

These pictures of the true violence and inhumanity of abortion are our best against our shockingly ignorant and indifferent culture. These photographs instantaneously communicate everything a person needs to know to realize how wrong abortion is, and does so even when all other lines of communication have evaporated.

As always, having more people out there with us means that we can hold more signs, which means that more passersby will have the opportunity see the light of truth.

Because of the new day and time, it will be very helpful if you can shoot me back a quick email response if you think you can make it.

On a final note, Tom and Andrew have just sent out the latest ACP newsletter with exciting updates like the newest ACP chapter being launched over in Missoula, Montana! To receive a copy and be kept up on our latest developments you can sign up here:

God bless you and keep us in your prayers,

Marc Snyder

For pictures and updates, see our Facebook page too!

Monday, August 01, 2011

UW Continues its Attack on Women While Acknowledging Negative Effects of Contraceptives

This article was recently sent to us by a close friend of AIW:

As she put it, "Amazing that the Times reported on the pill essentially being responsible for HIV deaths."

However, we note the following statement of affirmation for contraception that seems to be de rigueur for all MSM articles dealing with contraception, "The researchers said the findings need to be confirmed in follow-up studies, and should not cause women to immediately change birth control practices."

What the?! Women are dying and putting themselves and others at risk because of OCs and Depo-Provera shots and researchers don't want anyone to do anything drastic like ditching the very thing that's killing them.

The study was conducted by the UW (a hotbed of pro-abortion and anti-woman experimentation) in seven African countries - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa.

It's a tragedy that Americans are invading these counties to experiment on their people and using them for their own ideological ends Have Americans become the new Nazis?

The researchers also showed their anti-child bias by blaming children for maternal mortality and poverty: "The increased risk of HIV infection also must be balanced against the consequences of unintended pregnancy, which in Africa can include maternal mortality and financial squalor, they explained."

So instead of sending food or health care overseas we send contraceptives that don't fill any real human need. There is clearly an agenda at work.

Another horrific statement came from UW researcher Dr. Jared Baeten, "Contraception is incredibly important to economic and social development of women and children worldwide".

Why does this doctor believe that women can't contribute to society or the economy of a nation unless they deny the very thing that makes them a woman? Researchers at the UW are advocating that a woman's body and the natural gift of fertility must be denied thru chemical or mechanical means so that each women becomes an object, an "it". I wonder if Dr. Baeten understands that this effectively puts women at war with their bodies and that his promotion of contraceptives puts him on the attack against women.

It was also reported this week that NIH sent more than $90 million in taxpayer-funded grants to China.

And you guessed it, some of it was for HIV research involving women working in prostitution. The US isn't trying to end prostitution just make it "safe".

No wonder people are hoping the country declares bankruptcy so that maybe the funding of these terrible crimes will end.

Spring Hiatus for AIW Coming to an end

Readers may have noticed we took a little break starting this spring. We are going to swing back into writing on a more regular basis. I'm going to try to do more blogging on the fly thru mobile blogging. (I can now blame typos and mistakes on the limitations of my iPhone.) We'll see how it goes. Jonathan and I have a packed editorial calendar we really want to get to and more investigative reporting and wonderful surprises in the battle against abortion.