Monday, December 17, 2007

Planned Parenthood of Western Washington Answers Our Questions, Explains Thriving Abortion Business

[Ed. Note: This interview and story provided by Jonathan B.]

No-one does more to reduce the need for abortions than Planned Parenthood.

Or at least that's what Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (PPWW) spokesman Brian Cutler told Abortion In Washington when asked about the 11% jump in the number of abortions performed by the organization for the second year straight.

Indeed, that view is shared by many PPWW supporters in the region, from Christine Gregoire to Bill Gates.

But PPWW's latest annual report, for 2006, seems to suggest the opposite.

The fact is, as AIW readers know, times have rarely been better for PPWW. Whether it’s money in the bank ($36 million), annual revenues ($32 million), number of clinics (~23), or executive salaries ($250,000/year), PPWW has been living large since George W. Bush took office in 2000.

And yet PPWW's annual report shows that they did 7,780 abortions in 2006, compared with 7,023 in 2005, and 6,291 in 2004, an amazing 11% growth each year. This despite reaching near record numbers of clients with their "prevention" and "education" programs.

I asked Mr. Cutler if these were 'good times' for PPWW financially.

He said no. The 'money in the bank' isn't just cash they can use on any project they want, he added. Some of it is “endowments”, the rest requires an order from the board to be released. He said they can't just draw on that money for regular expenses, but rather, “it can only be used for things like building a new building.”

I asked why PPWW claimed earlier this year – to public officials no less – that it had shuttered its Longview clinic because it “couldn't afford to keep it open” if the $36 million in the bank can be used for building new buildings? "I'm not sure why that is", Mr. Cutler said. (In fact, the Cowlitz County board announced a plan to use taxpayers’ money to keep the clinic open, based on PPWW’s public representation of its finances.)

In addition to “having to” close the Longview clinic, along with the Port Orchard clinic, he said this last year had actually been tough because the number of patients seen has gone down since last year, and Medicaid reimbursements were down from 2005 also (because of some restrictions from Congress disallowing Medicaid for illegal aliens). They even had to lay off 29 full time employees.

Notwithstanding a slight dip in revenues from 2005-2006, PPWW has grown rapidly over the last 8 years, doubling revenues, assets, clinics, clients served, etc. So I asked why the number of abortions has gone up even though they now have so much more money, have so many clinic locations, and are seeing so many more clients than 5-7 years ago with their “prevention” programs and contraception sales.

For example, in 2004, PPWW reach 30,799 individuals with their sexuality education. That jumped an extraordinary 50% by 2006, to 45,230. Surely the more well funded PPWW is, the more people they reach, the fewer abortions there will be. Isn’t that the PPWW promise?

Mr. Cutler explained the apparently devastating correlation by claiming that their abortion business was booming not because of their programs and influence, but because they were offering easier access to medical abortions (RU-486) and abortions in general. [Ed. note: these are being provided by Advanced Registered Nurse Practicioners (ARNP), not licenced physicians.] You see, PPWW has been adding abortion services to many of their existing health centers. Surrounded by countless photos of seemingly giddy men and women, the 2006 annual report includes a section called “Increased Abortion Access”, which reads:

We continue to expand access by having medication abortions at 16 sites. Aspiration abortions are now offered in 8 health centers. In 2006, the Olympia Clinic became our seventh site to offer this service. In 2007, the Madison Clinic will become our eighth site offering aspiration abortions and will provide Saturday appointments as well.
I continued to push the issue: if PP's goal and plan is to reduce the need for abortions, yet with all this money and reach and clients the number of abortions is going up, doesn't this show that the programs and approach are failing and need to be immediately reevaluated?

He said no, and repeated that the number of abortions is up because of “increased access”.

He went through the standard PP spiel that “no-one does more to reduce the need for abortion than PP”, “PP is not pro-abortion”, and argued that if PP was pro-abortion they wouldn't provide birth control. He claimed they only make 5% of their revenue from abortion, and pointed out that the statewide abortion rate has been going steadily down, and attributed this to “better contraception & education”. [Ed. Note: Due to unbundling of services, 5% is a gross under calculation.]

"Our education and prevention programs are working." He said the rate of women with unplanned pregnancies who choose abortion has remained steady at 50%.

I responded with the obvious question: if you know that increasing access by opening more abortion clinics is going to increase the number of abortions, then isn't it effectively pro-abortion to be opening up as many abortion clinics as possible?

Rather than answer this directly, Mr. Cutler responded by pointing to a WHO study which claimed that the number of women who get abortions is independent of its (official) availability.

“So you’re saying that the number of abortions you’re doing has gone up because of increased access, but you’re also citing a study which says that access doesn’t change the abortion rate,” I pointed out. "Can you help me square that circle," I asked. He didn't have an answer.

Then I moved on to Emergency Contraception (EC). PP led the charge to get EC legalized and approved by the FDA, based on the promise that the drug would drastically reduce the need for abortion. [Ed. Note: PPWW was also an investor in the original company that developed the only EC drug currently on the market -- Plan B. See our articles and links to PPWW's involvement in pushing this drug throughout the state and efforts to deny pharmacists their First Amendment rights.] The 2006 annual report even claims: “Unrestricted access to EC is preventing many hundreds of unintended pregnancies and abortions every month.” Yet PPWW is now selling 122,427 EC packs a year compared to zero just three years earlier, and yet the number of abortions is up 11% each year from 2004. "I’m not really sure [why that is]", said Mr. Cutler. I then asked: "Wasn't EC supposed to reduce the number of abortions?"

"That's the hope... One would expect that.... but does that really matter?"

I then asked how much money they are making off EC sales, since they have a deal, according to records from California court proceedings, where they get them for $5 a pack, and then turn around and sell them for about $25 each to low-income clients. Mr. Cutler said PP has always needed to make some money off the sales of birth control to keep the doors open. I pointed out that they are reporting $9 million in profit of EC a year, from $0 profit four years ago, yet they managed to keep the doors open back then.

"I don't know," was his response. He also admitted that he didn't know how much they sold EC for or how much money they're making from it.

Interestingly, he also claimed that PPWW was not taking any money from the federal or state government for abortions. I told him that according to documents received from the DSHS, PPWW receives about $1.5 million a year from Olympia in Medicaid reimbursements for abortion. He said they were not. I told him I was quite sure of this and he would want to go back and check. "Well, that's as far as I know," he finished.

Finally, I pointed out that their number of abortions even as a percentage of pregnancy-related visits had been increasing over the last two years from 18% in 2004 to 25% in 2006. I asked if he knew why that might be.

"I don't know", he replied. He surmised that perhaps "if a woman already knew she wanted to put her baby up for adoption, she probably wouldn't come to Planned Parenthood." He added, "if a woman knew she wanted to carry her baby to term, she probably wouldn't come to Planned Parenthood."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Shoe Drops

After the 2006 election debacle, where the Washington State GOP handed the legislature over to the Democrats, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And the shoes they have been a dropping. Here they are as outlined by David Postman of the Seattle Times:

Former Rep. Richard Curtis quit suddenly after a sex scandal. Rep. Jim Dunn was reprimanded and kicked off all his committees after making an inappropriate sexual remark to a female staffer. Rep. Shirley Hankins agreed to pay a record settlement with the Legislative Ethics Board for violations related to her work promoting her daughter's business. And Rising star Rep. Chris Strow quit last week for a new job with the Puget Sound Regional Council.
News now is that the pro-abortion Fred Jarrett (R) has switched sides and become a Democrat. Not surprising really, or as one blogger put it -- "It's kind of like Richard Simmons coming out."

The really surprising thing was that apparently the "tipping point" was a comment from a Republican senator that if Jarrett was endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington "it'd be a problem in the caucus."

If this story is true, is it because there was a fear that a NARAL endorsement would pull the mask off the GOP and finally reveal their abortion industry sympathies, or was it because it really would be a problem as the remaining GOP legislators try to regroup and pull themselves out of the grip of the Mainstreamers? Rob McKenna received a mixed-choice endorsement from NARAL and Dan Satterberg received a 100% rating from NARAL. I can't imagine they were told that kind of support from the abortion lobby would be a problem.

The GOP here has never been pro-life. The platform may have kissed-up to pro-lifers in the party and provided cover to pro-choice politicians who wanted the pro-life votes but the GOP simply put doesn't know what to do with the abortion issue. They flounder in the status quo, crying over the lost glory years of Dan Evans, talking of pragmatism while totally blind to the fact that the situation on the ground has changed.

The sweetest words however, came from Alex Hayes, Executive Director of the Washington Mainstream Republicans, who said Jarrett's party-switch will be felt hard there.
He's a friend. Of all the House Republicans, he's my closest friend and he was the only guy we had who was my ally to think big things about advancing the cause of moderate Republicanism. It's really personal. It's sad for me.
Finally Alex has uttered something we can all agree upon -- the definition of a "moderate Republicanism" is Fred Jarrett.

If the GOP wants to be the pro-choice party and they think that's how they'll win then they need to be the pro-choice party. Start taking the money and endorsements from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Promise them the moon.

I never understood how being in favor of pulling the arms and legs off of tiny children was "moderate" but you'll have to ask Alex.

Washington State Association of Abortion Providers is Reactivated

According to the Abortion Access Project (AAP) the Washington State Association of Abortion Providers (WSAAP) is once again active in Washington state.

Founded by the Feminist Women's Health Center in 1987, the WSAAP has been dormant for over a decade. The renewed group of about 40 plus clinicians and advocates met in April of 2007 and featured special guest Dr. Sarah Prager, assistant professor of the OB/GYN at the University of Washington/Harborview Medical Center and recent Family Planning Fellow at UCSF. She was on hand to discuss her new position as the Ryan Residency training program director as well as offer a literature review on the use of misoprostol.

The lack of abortionists is hitting the state hard. The recent arrest, and revoked licenses of several abortionists and closure of clinics has the abortion industry worried.

Chemical abortion (misoprostol) is therefore being pushed and non-physician abortionists are being trained. They call it improving access. We call it bad for women's health.

Friday, December 14, 2007

$50 Abortions Coming to Washington?

This article on the Reagan Wing alerted me to what socialized medicine means for the abortion industry. In Massachusetts in means $50 abortions. Is there any doubt that this wouldn't be the case here in our own state?

Socialized Medicine would be a great boon to Planned Parentood and the rest of the institutionalized abortion apparatus. As the cost of an abortion has remained steady over 35 years and the numbers of clinics have decreased the abortion industry faces a financial crisis. With socialized medicine these problems would be solved and Planned Parenthood would become as fixed a part of our governement and society as the Post Office.

Mark Crutcher has an excellent anaysis of the situation the abortion industry faces and why socialized medicine is the cure for what that ailes them.

As he says,

They [abortion industry] are relying on socialized medicine to solve their current financial problems by converting every $350 private-pay abortion into a $3000 government-pay abortion. The icing on the cake is that, since the customers will be offered these abortions for “free,” the abortion rate is guaranteed to skyrocket.

Even if they don't get it at the national level, the pressure is on at the state level to pass some form of socalized medicine. Here in Washington they've taken a piecemeal approach with a plea for "children's health" insurance coming as the first piece. Of course, "children" includes pregnant teenagers.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Moms and Babies Need Your Help this Christmas

[Please consider the following plea I received today in my in-box. These CPCs receive no help from the state as the bureaucrats, experts, and politicians have decided abortion is the best solution to an unexpected pregnancy. Please help if you can.]

Hi friends,
I'm passing along a request from someone I know who runs a pregnancy aid center in Marysville. Her name is Toyka Williams and she is the director of the pregnancy aid center, Embracing Life in Marysville WA.

The address of the center is 1523 10th St. Suite B in Marysville and their phone number is 360-659-3540. Their hours are Monday 9 am to 4:30,Tuesday 9 am to 2:30 and Thursday 9 am to 2:30. She is in desperate need of donations of diapers, they are completely out except for new born and size 1, but all sizes over 1 they are out of. They are also in need of clothes for boys 6 to 9 months and girls 3 and up.

Please pass this onto anybody that lives in or near Marysville that would want to help. I'm sure that cash donations would be greatly appreciated as well. If anybody has an in with somebody at St. Mary's in Marysville (or anylocal Marysville churches) maybe you could forward this e-mail to them to see if they could put it in their bulletin. What a nice opportunityfor people in Marysville to help out their local pregnancy center this Christmas season.

I'm also aware that Pregnancy Aid in Everett (425-252-6444) is in great need of volunteers so if you know of anyone who is looking for an opportunity to volunteer a few hours a month please give Nadine a call at Pregnancy Aid in Everett. Their hours are T, W, and Th. 9:30 to1:30.) Both centers are doing wonderful work helping moms and their babies, please keep them in your prayers.

Thanks and God bless!!

Hope for State Abstinence Education

This news article from the Columbian highlights some of the great work being done by the Aware (abstinence education) peer mentors. I hope they give the stupid Planned Parenthood Teen Councils a run for their money. You can read how several SWAT (Southwest Washington's Advising Teens) team members were interviewed concerning the impact the program is having at their schools. Hooray for these young people are trying to help other kids in the face of ridicule and scorn from the sex establishment.

The Columbian reports --
The pregnancy rate among Clark County teens ages 15 to 17 was 21 per 1,000 in 2005, the year of the most recent survey. Clark County's teen pregnancy rate was lower than the statewide rate of 27 per 1,000. And, the pregnancy rate among Clark County's teens in 2005 represents a decline. The rate was 32 per 1,000 teens in 2000.

Or course that is bad news for Planned Parenthood's bottom line and why they have foisted their sexed up version of comprehensive sex education on our state schools. We'll watch the numbers given above and see what happens as Planned Parenthood and the OSPI roll out their curriculum in the coming year.

For more information on abstinence groups visit: or

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Washington Abortionist Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Porn

This is so sad I hate to even blog about it.

Former Olympia abortionist pleads guilty in child pornography case.

In the plea agreement Kabacy admitted that he possessed more than 8,000 digital still images and additional video footage, which court documents say were stored on a laptop computer and 36 compact discs. "Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted sadomasochistic conduct, including bondage or bestiality involving minors. "Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted pre- pubescent minors and/or minors under the age of 12 years," according to court papers.

Christina at RealChoice has details on the full scope of this abortionist's crimes, including the deaths of two women.

Those poor children abused at the hands of some pervert. Why was there no one to protect them? Why did no one step in to stop the abuse and the theft of their innocence? It just makes me sick to my stomach.

Abortionists caught up in pornography, bestiality, pedophilia, and God knows what else seems par for the course with this group. When people get caught up in the abortion industry trouble is not far behind. It is a satanic industry of nudity, chaos and violence. Instead of Ted Bundy with a law degree, we have Ted Bundy with a medical license.

This 68 year old former Planned Parenthood abortionist moved to Lacey, Washington from Oregon and began practicing his grizzly trade at Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia about 10 years ago.

Question -- why did he leave Oregon for Washington? Oregon is pretty far out but I wonder if he felt Washington's laws were much more tolerant of people like him. Also, why didn't he get a job with Planned Parenthood when he moved up here? Did they know about his secret life and see an accident waiting to happen?

In line with Planned Parenthood's recent woes over their protection of pedophiles and perverts, see their latest holiday card at RealChoice.

Friday, November 16, 2007

To do this weekend: See Bella

The movie Bella opens today Friday, November 16. Redmond and Renton will be showing the movie, too.

Bellevue at Galleria 11
Federal Way at CINEMARK: Century 16 Commons Mall
Kennewick at Carmike 12
Lynnwood at AMC: Alderwood 16
Puyallup at REGAL: Longston Place 14
Redmond at REGAL: Bella Botega Cinema
Renton at AMC: Village 16
Seattle at REGAL: Meridian 16
Tickets are available online.

For more information, visit Bella Movie Theater Listings. Additional theaters may be added.

Dino Comes out Swinging

I liked Dino Rossi's response to the Seattle Times' David Postman about Federal Judge Leighton's support of the First Amendment and a pharmacist's right to refuse to participate in acts which violate their conscience.

He got the basic facts of the debate correct and took an accurate and well deserved, rather than gratuituous, swipe at Gregoire for her "strong-armed approach." I'd actually describe it the way Seattle Archbishop Alex Brunett did earlier this year -- A society that denies individuals the right to act in accord with their conscience is a dictatorship of the most oppressive sort.

There are important details that got left out -- like the fact that she stacked the pharmacy board with abortion industry insiders, that some of the people advising and working for the pharmacy board and the WSPA are on the payroll of Plan B's manufacturer Barr Laboratories, and that pretty much everyone on the anti-conscience bandwagon was sympathetic to the abortion industry or its manufacturer.

He could have also pointed out that our Republican state attorney general Rob McKenna was AWOL on upholding the Constitution, and I believe to some degree had a hand in the rule that finally came down, but that's my job not Dino's.

It's also interesting to note that the plan the judge approved -- refuse and refer -- is the one that Planned Parenthood initially proposed as a compromise to the board of pharmacy.

All that got left out but short and sweet was probably smart.

Dino says he's not running on this issue. Fine. However, I would caution Dino and his advisors that the media, the Democrats and the abortion industry think that this issue and other "choice" issues are fair game and most likely believe they can use them to defeat Rossi in supposedly "pro-choice" Washington. He might not want to run on them but they will make him run on them, so he'd better be prepared to respond.

My advice -- When the topic comes up make her abortion industry connections and psychopathic support for the people performing the abortions, not the women in crisis pregnancies, an albatross around her neck. Most of her "accomplishments" have been in the area of encouraging more abortion to the detriment of women and their health.

People call themselves pro-choice because they don't like to think they are supporting abortion. You don't want to burst their bubble and make them feel bad about themselves. Remind them that a vote for Gregoire is a vote for abortion not choice.

Update on Planned Parenthood Libel

As reported on Life of the Party Planned Parenthood of Western Washington makes some pretty serious accusation against the 40 Days for Life Camapaign.

Michelle was able to get more information from the police on what acutally happened.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Planned Parenthood of Western Washington Accuses 40 Days Campaign of Threatening Violence

On September 27, 2007, the Everett Police Department seized a home-made incendiary device from the home of an anti-choice activist. Acting on an anonymous tip that an attack was planned on a local clinic, police obtained a search warrant for the activist's home. Along with the device, officers found radical anti-choice literature and information about an upcoming protest at our Everett clinic!

That's according to a fundraising letter Planned Parenthood WW sent out this week to their direct mail list. Michelle at Life of the Party and coordinator of the Everett 40 Days for Life Campaign wasn't contacted or questioned by the police. Why not?

It's possible that this was potential pro-choice violence to be directed against the peaceful pro-lifers participating in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. Planned Parenthood seems to know all about this event but the media and the 40 Days for Life Campaign doesn't. Is it possible the anonymous tipster tipped off PP at the same time they tipped off the police? Then PP twisted it around to make it sound like it was connected to 40 Days for Life in order to raise money.

We know the "pro-choice" movement has a long history of violence so I wouldn't put it past them.

We also know the incredible stress and pressure that many, if not most, of those working in the abortion industry are under. Is it possible one of them finally went over the edge? If that is the case I pray that this unfortunate event has enabled this person to get out from under the abortion industry's hold on them. I would also hope that Planned Parenthood hasn't used this person's sad story to enrich their own pocketbook.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Death and Taxes

Friday was day 38 of the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I looked tragedy in the face.

If you haven’t been out to pray at one of the four local locations please come out Sunday. If you aren’t the praying type you can just come see how your tax dollars are being used. You’ll meet lots of women with medical coupons from the state to pay for their abortions. You’ll meet lots of people who aren’t old enough to vote and could care less about politics. If you are so blessed you may look in to the eyes of a woman who decides choose life because you cared enough to be there while the State government and Planned Parenthood thought she should just be vacuumed out and sent back out on to the street.

Maybe you can talk to some of the women. Many of them are very open about their stories and why there are there. They tell you they have no choice.

Maybe you’ll gain some new insights into what’s happening in the state instead of mouthing propaganda about “keeping the government out of our personal lives.” I tried to talk one woman out of an abortion Friday but she said if you are white it is next to impossible to get any money and help from the state. She already has two kids and her little one needs all her attention and she’s stretched to the limit. So the state packs her off to the abortion clinic with a smile but promises in-state tution to children of illegal immigrants.

Maybe there, on the streets of the real world, you’ll start to realize how far the State of Washington is involved in the abortion industry and just how totally clueless are the sycophants of “choice.”

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Will try to get back to blogging

I haven't been able to post much because of my involvement with the 40 Days for Life Campaign and other personal committments. I'm going to try and change that and start posting more. I've written a few things in the past month that I haven't had time to post but will try to get on the site today.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dino Rossi to Run for Governor

I just learned that Dino Rossi will run for governor against incumbent Christine Gregoire. I look forward to covering the ‘08 Washington state governor’s race and Dino’s stand on Life, Liberty and Property

402 Legion Way

I’ve heard it said that the three signs of the demonic are: nudity, violence and chaos. I think just a cursory review of the news and events of the day proves its validity. The obvious example is the abortion industry but serial killers, tyrannical political regimes, and cultic and heretical religious sects – think Jim Jones and David Koresh — all exhibit these three marks of the demonic.

And if you really take the time to meditate on this fact it’s quite shocking to realize that many social-political movements, legislative initiatives and so-called religions fall into this category. It’s actually a pretty good acid test for analyzing bills coming out of the state legislature. Just wait until the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the lesbians at DSHS get their “comprehensive sex education” program cranked up.

Interestingly enough this insightful fact comes from the Bible and the story of the healing of a demon-possessed man (Mark 5 and Luke 8) .

They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes. When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an evil spirit came from the tombs to meet him. This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him any more, not even with a chain. For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.

When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. He shouted at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? Swear to God that you won’t torture me!” For Jesus had said to him, “Come out of this man, you evil spirit!”

Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.

That’s why I found it fascinating that the address for the Olympia Planned Parenthood is – 402 Legion Way. When I went there to pray Sunday night with about 20 other people we prayed the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel and the exorcism prayer. If you’d like to pray it on your next trip to the state capitol in Olympia, Planned Parenthood or other meeting with the demonic here it is.

As a side note — Pope Leo XII, the author of this prayer, had profound respect for private property and spoke out forcefully against socialism and communism. He saw clearly in the late 1800’s how socialists and today’s liberals are “working on the poor man’s envy of the rich, are striving to do away with private property” and “who hold that ‘class is naturally hostile to class, and that the wealthy and the working men are intended by nature to live in mutual conflict.’” Property rights activists would do well to read more about him and begin to understand the demonic forces which also threaten private property and how to combat them.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Tri-City Herald “Choice” & Censorship Policy Clarified

Submitted Letter to the Editor:

On the morning of September 4th a small group of concerned Tri City citizens met to pray in front of the Kennewick Planned Parenthood (where abortions are performed). Groups have shown their concern here for years. Today would be different. As a young pregnant distraut woman walked over to the praying people, she voiced her distress at going in for an abortion. She said she didn’t want to have the abortion, but didn’t know what else to do. She was looking for guidance and help in this pregancy. As we were speaking, an employee of Planned Parenthood, stepped outside, exchanged negative remarks about our presence there and firmly pulled this young woman by her arm, across the parking lot and into the building. There was noticable resistance by the young woman.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the building shaken and crying and stated she was not allowed to talk to us before her abortion.How do we feel about an agency that coerces young women to not act responsibly about their pregancy? Please show your concern. Be aware of the number of deaths of our very young, who have no voice. Don’t turn and look the other way.

Media Response:
From: Tri-City Herald letters <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 01:50:34 -0400
To: <>
Conversation: Letter to the editor

Dot Redmann
Thanks for your letter but I’m sorry it is our policy not to publishletters that we feel expose only one side of personal, legal, or businessmatters. We cannot undertake the kind of investigation such letters woulddemand before being published.
The letters to the editor portion of our editorial page is for discussion of public issues, not private grievances.
Katie Shorb
Tri-City Herald
Letters to Editor

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Be it Resolved That...

RESOLVED, the Washington State Medical Association is completely corrupt and without merit.

RESOLVED, that the WSMA has been and remains in the thrall of the culture of death, population controllers, eugenicists, and abortion industry for some time now.

RESOLVED, that the public is urged to call a spade a spade and let the state's witch doctors know what they think about their insane and stupid "resolutions," namely:

  • Stop trying to make a buck at the expense of our children's health. Eleven and twelve year old girls should not be receiving the Merck HPV vaccine, especially in light of the 11 deaths and approximately 4,000 adverse reports.
  • We will not let you get your jollies by "talking sex" with our kids. Keep the state's perverted doctors away from "counseling" our young girls on sex, contraceptives and abortion.
  • Quit trying to find new ways to kill us, specifically by, empowering First Responders to withhold resuscitation under appropriate circumstances.
  • You aren't fooling us with your falsely named "End of Life Concensus Coalition," which is just a front group for the WSMA's demons of death.
Finally Let it Be Resolved that the Washington State Medical Association has very little to do with medicine and is nothing but a bunch of quacks.

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Liberty Line

What a day. I spent 3 hours outside one of our state’s illustrious Planned Parenthood abortion centers the other morning. This was my second Wednesday, a killing day, outside this particular center. The personal devastation, fear, turmoil and confusion were written all over the faces of the “clients.” It’s hard to describe what takes place. It’s all very quiet. Normal, in fact. The mail trucks and delivery trucks continue making their deliveries. No one runs the stop sign. The men working on a nearby building never look over and continue their work to meet their deadline.

There are a few of us there in a Liberty Line offering help to the women who are going in for abortion, contraception and pregnancy tests. A brochure is given to one young woman. We think she’s blown us off but she comes back down the sidewalk with a purpose asking what kind of help we have. We tell her about Pregnancy Aid around the corner. She’s had one abortion and won’t have another. She regrets it but explains that she was young and didn’t know what to do. She takes the card with the phone number for Project Rachel. I mention that she can name her baby and her eyes soften and water just barely. She’s young, beautiful and scared with her whole life ahead of her. As she walks quickly down the sidewalk away from the epicenter of evil I see her step into the light. The sidewalk becomes an underground, unseen railroad. I want to yell, “Run, run. Keep going!”

You will forever abandon any belief in evolution after watching the people going in and out of an abortion mill. The idea that humans are just clever talking beasts that got a lucky head start on chimpanzees and gorillas will be forever swept from your mind. Chimpanzees don’t rip their hearts out over how and when they will kill their offspring. The elephant doesn’t lie to herself about the loss of an offspring. Animals do what works in order to eat, breed and survive. Only the free will given to man could create such a horrific scene. This is not progress or evolution where the “best” survive. You are witness to a story that is as old as man and repeats itself again and again. If you want to see the past, go to an abortion mill.

The official looking Asian woman in the pant suit holding a clip board sits with a thin, bearded man wearing earrings in both ears. She’s in charge and must be very important. They park in the parking lot and enter the mill from a side door. A while later they are parked out on the street. Maybe they are going to build a wall. They seem to have plans for something.
The second wave of abortions scheduled for the day starts between noon and 1:00. You pass out a lot of brochures and try to talk to others.

Another young girl comes out. She approaches you and wants to know where she can get something to eat. You ask her if she wants to talk. She looks down at the path to freedom beneath her feet. She says she hasn’t “done it yet.” You ask her if she’s scared. You want to ask her where her mom is. She tells you she’s read the whole brochure. She’s had an ultrasound and she’s 12 weeks along. Come Holy Spirit…you tell her about your son. You tell her God has a plan for her and her baby. You tell her help is available. Lack of money is the last reason to have an abortion. She goes on her way, off the safety of the railroad back into the stockyard. You pray. Five minutes go by. She should be back out her by now! Ten minutes go by. You pray and the family with you prays harder. The cold and empty flag pole shakes and rattles violently. “Ah, the demons are back. I’ll need to tell Debora.” Twenty minutes go by. Where is she!!? She should have been back here by now. You’ll never forget her face.

A couple of teenage girls pull into the parking lot. The passenger gets out and walks to the back of the parking lot. She gets back in the car a few minutes later. As they are leaving the parking lot you walk up to the car and extend the brochure. (The driver is yelling at you but she rolls down the window and takes the brochure anyway.) “I’m a Christian and I go to church but I believe in letting people exercise their rights!” You look at the passenger — scared, tears just below the surface, crouched down in the seat. You don’t care. Spit on me, hit me, kick me, hate me. Just take your friend and run!

If you go to the Planned Parenthood web site you’ll see lots of happy, smiling, middleclass or up-and-coming type folks. It’s white and light. They look like Republicans. They are your neighbors, your kids and their friends. You will not meet these people at a real life Planned Parenthood clinic. At a real life Planned Parenthood clinic you will meet people who spent the whole night crying. You meet people who are about to change their lives forever. There are lots of minorities — Asian, Latin/Hispanic, Somali and today perhaps one American Indian. One Martina Natrilova-looking woman explained that she couldn’t take a brochure for her post-op daugher because “we are Buddhist.”

The men who were milling around, smoking cigarettes, going in an out were absolutely tormented. Tormented. It’s the only word to describe it. They did their best to hide it. To look and act tough. The toughest ones seemed to be having the hardest time. They constantly looked down as if searching for something, not seeing that freedom lay at their feet.

You look in the parking lot at the cars! You simply can’t believe the cars. The new SUVs, vans, Mercedes, Jettas, Volvos, PT Cruisers. Not a one older than 5 years. Some of them arrive on foot and the surreal nature of what you are witnessing just can’t be put into words. By the end of the day you are craving art; for some symbol or sign to make sense of it: An image. A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

You think you can see blazing ovens with billowing black smoke and a rain of ashes; men in black boots, barbed-wire and batons. If only then they’d see! Yes, all those who cried “never again” would be out here with us filling the streets and the sidewalks. You hear a story that last week someone saw them loading small refrigerators onto a truck for transport to the University of Washington. And you wonder…

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion

Mike "Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right" Bloomberg is being sued.
Tanys Lancaster, 38, Jill Patricot, 35, and Janet Loures, 41, filed a motion to join the case brought last week on their behalf by the federal government against the company, alleging discrimination against women who were pregnant or on maternity leave.

I'm not surprised and the claims being make are probably true. Pregnant women, moms and kids get in the way of the bottom line. Despite the rhetoric about "choice", abortion is usually for the benefit of someone else other than the woman. Wake up ladies!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What the PI (or Seattle Times) Won't Tell You

To the Editor --

Re: Misunderstanding of medical science basis of contraceptive denial

I was quite surprised to read Don Downing's guest editorial in the August 22 PI accusing pharmacist C.J. Kahler of being "extremely emotional. " Don Downing is the last person who should be held up as a dispassionate spokesman on Plan B and conscience rights. A more correct view of his role in this dispute would show him as a very zealous and financially motivated advocate for increased Plan B sales.

Rather than being a "long-traveled women's health advocate" Mr. Downing is actually a well travelled quasi-lobbyist and marketer for Plan B who has travelled the country attempting to, as one Barr Laboratory document put it, "leverage state boards of pharmacy." In an article published by U.S. Pharmacist magazine in December 2006 Mr. Downing reported receiving financial/material support from Barr Laboratories – the manufacturer of Plan B. The public who pay his salary at the University of Washington would like to know if Barr Labs paid for those "women's health" trips at the same time he was being paid by the University.

As for the dispute over how Plan B works and when pregnancy starts all we need to know is what science tells us -- life begins at conception. Mr. Downing's own articles and training documents, the informed consent form drafted by the Washington State Pharmacy Association, and many other pro-Plan B documents all state that Plan B may prevent the implantation of a blastocyct (embryo) in the uterus; thus ending the life of human being (though they always leave that last part off). What an individual does with that knowledge then becomes a moral issue. For reasons unknown Mr. Downing has decided not only is it ethical to end a human life in this way but that others must also be forced to so.

Lastly Mr. Downing tries to play on the public's emotions by saying that "Denying women access to Plan B when requested will lead to abortions." He claims that Plan B has been responsible for a 30% decrease in abortions in the state. Mr. Downing is trying to take credit for something that started in the early 90s. The fact is after Plan B's introduction in our state in 1997 the abortion rate actually stabilized. I wonder if the gains we made starting in the early 90s in reducing the abortion rate will soon evaporate.

When someone obfuscates their financial role in an issue, looks the other way when confronted with scientific truth, and fabricates outcomes based on promises and heartfelt desires I begin to wonder if their emotions haven't gotten the best of them.

(Needless to say this wasn't published by the PI.)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hope for Seattle

I was instantly cheered when I read some of the readers' comments on the Seattle PI's latest Plan B editorial.

My favorite response:
Posted by cps at 8/24/07 9:39 p.m.

So, I'm confused now after reading this. I'm assuming that implantation means implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus?

If that is the definition of when life starts at implantation, as stated by Ms. Page from, then any termination of life after that would be murder. I thought that most pro-abortion advocates defined the beginning of life to be at birth, thus removing the murder arguement.

WTF??? Are we murdering live individuals who just happen to be living in cramped quarters?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Romney is no Reagan When it Comes to Abortion

First we had Giuliani and his Washington state supporters aping Reagan with this line — “My 80% friend is not my 20% enemy“ – a line falsely attributed to Reagan. Now we have Romney claiming that his change of heart on abortion is similar to Reagan’s. Romney says his position is, ”exactly what Ronald Reagan did. As governor, he was adamantly pro-choice. He became pro-life as he experienced life.” Washington state republicans took up the same line in favor of Romney at the Evergreen Leadership Conference earlier this year and continue to try and sell it to us to this day as Garry Pagon says in this post – ”Ronald Reagan signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation when he was governor of California, and only later changed his mind to become a champion for the right to life as President. If we cannot rally and welcome new converts to the cause, we will never have the political strength we need to change the law.”
Like the Giuliani 80/20 line, this revisionist history defies reality and takes advantage of the electorate’s short memory or ignorance of the public abortion debate pre Roe v. Wade.

When Reagan signed California’s abortion law there was no “pro-choice” movement, just a pro-abortion movement. With the sexual revolution of the 60’s the demand for abortion increased, especially on the part of men. There were many doctors doing abortions illegally who saw the huge money making potential in legalized abortion. This was the situation here in our own state of Washington. Planned Parenthood of King County (Lee Minto who filed I-20) partnered with politicians (Dan Evans, Joel Pritchard, Slade Gorton) and local doctors performing illegal abortions (Dr. A. Frans Koome) and came up with a legislative strategy to legalize abortion. The marketing slogans of “choice”, “women’s health”, “women’s liberation”, “every child a wanted child”, etc. were conjured up to put words in the mouths of politicians and the public so they could mindlessly pin a smiley face on abortion. The slogan “Saving Children is Statist” wasn’t invented until 2007.

Reagan was not part of this movement.

Conversely there was no pro-life movement. The right to life was something that most American’s had taken for granted up to this point. Recognizing the abortion movement for what it was — a radical attack on the human person emanating from the nation that had liberated Hitler’s death camps – was a new concept that the public still can’t seem to get their minds around. Hence, the desperate and emotional attachment to the word “choice”. To this day it’s as if the entire nation has come to suffer from a communal case of Stockholm syndrome.
It is understandable that in this environment — a nation proud of its human rights achievements, freedoms, and superiority; with a well financed, organized, motivated, politically savvy pro-abortion movement; combined with a pro-abortion drum-beat from a media, political, legal, and medical elite hell-bent on legalization, no pro-life movement, no knowledge of where abortion would lead the country – Reagan signed the law he did. He was anything but “adamantly pro-choice” and from the sound of it confused and conflicted. He had neither full knowledge of the intent of the bill or the carnage that was to come. Furthermore, he was under incredible pressure to act so that it appears he could not have given full consent of the will.
We also need to remember all the promises made by the abortion industry: less abortion, wanted children would mean less child abuse, healthier women, healthier children, better relations between men and women, more freedom, better sex, more better sex, oh and don’t forget really great sex. Promise Americans better sex and they’ll practically kill their first-born to get it.

Romney can claim none of these mitigating circumstances.

Thirty-five years after Roe and none of the abortion movement’s promises have come true. Thirty-five years after Roe the number of abortions is approaching 50 million in the US alone. Thirty-five years after Roe we know that abortion is not safe. Thirty-five years after Roe we can see a human child developing in the womb. Thirty-five years after Roe and AG Christine Gregoire gives nurses free reign to hand out RU-486 so a women can lie alone in a back-bedroom abortion while her dead child bleeds from her body. Thirty-five years after Roe a band of nobodies called the WA state board of pharmacy decides to take the Constitutional right not to participate in the killing of another person from the pharmacy profession. Thirty-five years after Roe the former Governor of Washington, Booth Gardner, begins an attack on the old and infirm and defenseless through legalized euthanasia. Thirty-five years after Roe and the Washington State Superintendant of Education is about to unleash on school children the idea that killing a child is equal to the act of giving life to a child. Thirty-five years after Roe and the University of Washington begins breeding humans for the express purpose of harvesting their body parts. Thirty-five years after Roe and the nation’s scientists begin cross-breeding humans with animals for….what?..better sex?

That’s the environment in which Mitt Romney now wants to play footsie with the pro-life movement. That’s the environment in which Mitt Romney wants to “send it back to the states.” That’s the environment in which he wants to claim he’s just like Reagan. Real converts to the pro-life cause know and understand what is at stake. We welcome converts to the cause but they need to have the will to act if they are going to be given the power to act.
Mr. Romney you sound like a well-meaning man who wants to do the right thing but 35 years after Roe it’s later that you think.

Monday, August 20, 2007

WSGOP: The Mascara Begins to Fade

Actually, it's been fading for some time now and the person handing (actaully throwing buckets at) the WSGOP the Take it Away Total Make up Remover is Michelle at Life of the Party. If you are pro-life and want to know what is going on within the Washington state GOP on pro-life issues Michelle is the person you want to know and her blog is the one you want to read.

She's the one who first tipped me off to the done-up look of the state party on pro-life issues. I always sensed something wasn't quite right with the the state GOP but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'd read their fund raising letters and the life issues were never mentioned. I chalked it up not not wanting to be controversial. Besides, the GOP is pro-life. Right? Phrases like 'individual rights' and 'individual liberty' were over emphasized. They read like love letters to a member of your local Objectivist Society. Two and two just didn't add up to four when I heard them speak.

Her term for the republicans who claimed to be pro-life or who used code words like 'individual rights' was, 'cosmetically pro-life.' Basically, these politicians tart themselves up as pro-life, take the pro-life votes and then vote pro-abortion or do nothing to help the pro-life cause. Michelle's analysis brought it all in to focus and things became a lot clearer. A lot clearer.

Take for example a group I'd never heard of before talking to Michelle -- Mainstream Republicans of Washington. Here's their asinine statement on Life: We value life and seek to protect it - We should not attempt to legislate a definition of life.

Is anyone at MRW embarrassed by that statement? Do they even understand the implications of that statement?

Their executive director Alex Hayes has come out, somewhat out of public view as pro-abortion choice, as have many of their board members and sponsors. Some of them have aided and abetted the state's abortion industry for years but most pro-lifers are unaware of it. Yes, MRW may have individual members who claim to be pro-life but no American in their right mind would want to be associated with such a radical statement.

Rather than having the common decency of, oh say providing a list, or publishing a manifesto or other notice in their state owned newspaper classifying which lives are worthy or underworthy, this so-called 'statement of principle' actually takes it one step futher by saying no life is worthy by simply refusing to define what or who is a life. This one simple sentence excludes every human life from the expectation of basic and legitimate protection the state owes its citizens. At least the communists gave us a heads up on who was a target. A running start you could say. And the MRW have the nerve to call themselves 'mainstream'!

It should be apparent to all that the cosmetics of MRW and other GOP politicians resemble those of a two dollar hooker, not a super model.

But I digress.

Michelle has now informed us that Jennifer Dunn the former pro-abortion congresswoman has signed onto Mitt Romeny's campaign. This comes on the heels of cosmetically pro-life Dave Reichert signing onto the Giuliani campaign.

AIW wants to know -- Who will cometically pro-life republican Rob McKenna endorse after McCain tanks, and how will pro-lifers respond to his campaign for the next ring in his political career?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Barr Labs Says "Thank You" to Washington state and Don Downing

Barr Laboratories' Plan B Sales Double After FDA Authorization for Nonprescription Sales.

Don Downing, professor of pharmacy at the University of Washington, "grandfather of Plan B", and director of the wellness and disease management company known as PEAK Solutions, LLC, reports of receiving financial/material support from Barr Laboratories, Inc.

Come to Washington, experiment on women, and reap the profits. No questions asked.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What is PAS?

The original version of this article was corrected 7/11/07.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has decided to pile-on post-abortive women with this guest editorial from a local abortionist Sarah Prager.

Thanks to Christina at RealChoice -- PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome) is also "post-abortal syndrome," which is when the uterus fills up with clots. The treatment is to suction the clots out. It's usually detected in the recovery room and treated before the patient is discharged.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Valerie Call Jacobs, MA -- coordinator for Project Rachel of Western Washington sent the following letter to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer after their mean-spirited attack on Project Rachel and women who suffer after abortion. We'll see if they print it.

Dear Editor
To those of us who work in the field of post-abortion healing, questioning whether post-abortion syndrome (PAS) exists is absurd, but expected. In the same way, other significant conditions have suffered through periods of social denial. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was not recognized for decades; veterans who suffered from the condition were described as weak men. Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) was also dismissed. After all, we know that women are emotional and a bit crazy. Only recently have we begun treating the grief of miscarriage with greater empathy, allowing space for a process of resolution. In each case, society has moved from dismissal, and even ridicule, to acknowledgement and empathy.

Fortunately, the tide is turning with regard to PAS, as evidenced by a recent scientific study by Dr. David Fergusson, of New Zealand, published in the Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology (January 2006). It is one of many current scientific studies of PAS. Philosophically pro-choice, Dr. Fergusson found that women who had an abortion had elevated rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance abuse, unrelated to prior mental health history.

This study scientifically validates what we have witnessed over the last 30 years, as we have listened to the stories of women of all faiths, and no faith. It is ironic and unfortunate that women who have experienced crisis, trauma and grief in relation to their abortions continue to be dismissed by others – especially by other women. This tyranny of ridicule suppresses the resolution of grief and prevents healing.

Women and men, of any faith or no faith, who come through the Rachel’s Vineyard ™ Retreats offered through Project Rachel in Western Washington receive unconditional compassion and love.

Valerie L. Call Jacobs, MA
Coordinator, Project Rachel
PO Box 398
Kent, WA 98035

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Help Cure the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Seattle PI this week posted an article and an editorial discussing post-abortion syndrome (PAS). As one would expect, the editorial was the more offensive of the two simply because it washed away any pretense of objectivity or fairness that the "news" article attempted to convey. The PI's editorial Abortion: A disease it's not was snide, filled with bigotry, and lacking in any compassion for women who do suffer after abortion. One is left with the glaring truth that many in the city have long recognized about the PI's editorial board: They care more about abortion than they do about women.

They attack Christians and the Catholic Church for making-up the term, "post-abortion syndrome" but seem ignorant of the fact that Christians did not make up that term. It is a fact, however, that Christians are the ones helping women over come the pain and grief of abortion; sometimes pulling them back from the brink of suicide.

I imagine it must be hard for a newspaper that has actively and aggressively sold abortion to the women of Washington for over 35 years to come to grips with the role they've played in this injustice.

Other great ideas that Christians have come up with: do unto others, do not kill, blessed are the peacemakers, speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Did you ever think that maybe those Christians are on to something?

We don't claim to know what ails the writers at the Seattle PI that would cause them to suspend all critical thinking abilities, deny compassion and support to women, and attack those who have not been lucky enough to escape the pain of abortion, but we wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with abortion. Maybe even something called chronic pro-abortion blindness.

Seattle PI: A Blight on our City

Women who are suffering after an abortion will recieve no support from Seattle's media, especially the rabidly pro-abortion Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The editorial board is composed of nothing but snide, ignorant ostriches who refuse to pull their heads out of the sand.

Here's the best response we've heard to their desperate attempt to continute their banal defence of abortion.

Oh man!!! I am a post abortive woman. I also work with women who have had
abortions and men who have been fathers to the children. For the PI to write such an biased article is amazing.

I had a choice...and what was the choice? The choice was to kill my child. That was the choice. I had no regrets for years and years and years.

THEN, one day I saw a fetal model of what my child looked liked when I had him aborted. Talk about shock! Talk about regret!

Did I come to that with Project Rachel's information? No, I came to that regret all by myself and I understood for the first time in 20 years that I had been a party to the taking of a human life. A life that had been created within me.

People, you can write all the rhetoric you want - you can call life 'fetus' which is Latin for "little one" and you can deny all you want...that is your right.

However, there are many women who do regret having had an abortion and there are many women who do suffer emotionally from having had an abortion. There are also women who do not suffer, as I did not, for 20 years...

I do believe that those who castigate us who are working to help women and men are themselves trying desperately NOT to deal with having been part of the taking of human life. The involvement may be as simple as not saying anything when a friend comes and tells you that they will have an abortion all the way to having an abortion.

The good news is that when the anger is over and the denial is gone, Rachel's Vineyard (which are the retreats) and Project Rachel, (which is NOT Rachel's Vineyard but one on one counseling) will be here - be here without judgment and without condemnation.

Bless you all - Lee Anne

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Design 101

Above is the actual masthead from an email newsletter put out by PPWW.
A bit of advice to you graphic designers out there: When you are designing a masthead for the largest abortion provider in America it's probably not a good idea to employ a bulls eye, rifle scope or any images hinting at the more unsavory aspects of Planned Parenthood's business.
However, there is something particularly apt about this image...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Reichert Set to Lose Congressional Seat in '08

Item #1: Dave Reichert votes in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Item #2: Congressman Reichert's name is conspicuously absent from a list of representatives notifying President Bush that they would support his veto of any pro-abortion legislation.

Item #3: Congressman Dave Reichert, beneficiary of National Right to Life advertising, to head pro-abortion Republican, Giuliani's campaign in Washington State.

Item #4: Reichert appears set to vote against the Smith-Stupak amendment which will prevent funding of overseas organizations the perform abortions.

Who's advising this guy?

If you are in Reichert's district, please get on the horn and call him:
U.S. Representative Dave Reichert (R-WA-8) (202) 225-7761
(please call between 9am & 5pm EST)

Tell him to vote in support of the pro-life Smith-Stupak amendment to the State-Foreign Operations appropriations bill. Also, that you would like to receive a written response from him explaining how he voted on the Smith-Stupak amendment.

Items 1 and 2 and 3 show that Congressman Reichert isn't pro-life. Even if he votes correctly on the Smith-Stupak amendment, he's going to have a tough election in '08.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Second Washington Abortion Mill Closes

The Aradia abortion mill in downtown Seattle closed at the end of January. Now Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia has closed its doors. For years this mill advertised that they would abort an unborn child up to 22 weeks. They are now closed thanks to Show the Truth.

Show the Truth educates the public with graphic pictures of aborted babies, thus bypassing censorship of the reality of "pro-choice". Their primary outreach is to those who are directly affected by abortion.

If you'd like to help Show the Truth, you can participate in one of their peaceful prayerful tours or make a financial donation.

God bless you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Never Forget

That was the cry after WWII and the Holocaust.

Well, apparently some people have forgotten.

There's a story at Sound Politics. I can't find a link to the Spokesman Review article.

All the best to Congresswoman McMorris and her young son. That little guy is going to bring her a lot of joy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gregoire No Show at NARAL Fundraiser

Speculation abounds as to why Gov. Christine Gregoire was not in attendance at this morning's Power of Choice breakfast at the Seattle Sheraton to raise money for pro-abortion candidates.

She was the keynote speaker afterall.

About 35 pro-lifers were out in force to remind the folks who were in attendance what "choice" is all about. There were seveal "thank yous" and thumbs-up from drivers and passers-by. Employees of the Seattle Police Department and the Sheraton were supportive of the pro-lifers.

Many of the pro-abortion politicians in attendance exited from back doors so as to avoid the graphic signs and public shaming.

More later...

Update May 31: Senator Maria Cantwell stood in for Gregoire at the event, which raised over $52,000 for pro-abortion candidates. Will your representative receive some of this money?

The pro-lifers were lined in the front of the Sheraton and two blocks on either side. The grande dame of Seattle's pro-abortion political and media elite, Karen Cooper of NARAL, exited through a front side entrance and came face to face with the graphic signs. (The woman in black appeared to be with the event.)

Fr. Ed Bloom of Holy Family parish was interviewed by a reporter.

The most common comment made by pro-abortionists to the pro-lifers was, "You should be ashamed of yourself." I guess being pro-life is just too unfashionable for these folks. Two other pro-abortion women who were waiting for the street sign to change made the comment, "Some people are just really sick," hoping I would over hear them. I did.

Many pro-lifers got up at crack of dawn to attend this event and show their support for unborn babies and their moms. Silent No More Awareness was represented by Nancy Johnson and others who could only be there in prayer. (You know who you are!)

I'll try to get some pictures up in a little while.

Youth and Ambition: The Saga of Adam Smith

"Choice" as a euphemism for abortion is so passé that even the abortion lobby admits they need to come up with new words to describe the killing of infants and those who defend the practice. They constantly try on new shades of lipstick, like moderate, personal responsibility, independent, moderate on social issues, defies labels, mainstream, and the like.

So what to make of the Seattle Times calling Adam Smith (WA-D) a "Raging Moderate"?
From reading this article you'd think he was a "mainstream" Republican.

He's also a vice chairman of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of 44 moderate House members who champion economic growth and fiscal responsibility.
Egads! He's a fiscal conserative. Maybe the Mainstreamers can recruit him to switch parties. The rest of you republicans remember what Ronald Reagan said, "My 80-percent friend is not my 20-percent enemy". Whoops. I guess he didn't say that after all.

They don't mention his position on abortion, which is anything but moderate. He's never met an abortion he didn't like and has a 100% pro-abortion voting record. He supports partial birth abortion, doesn't believe in parental notification or informed consent. Yet, his web site doesn't even mention this unbridled support for abortion and he had the nerve to tell voters in his district he "doesn't like abortion."

Maybe his constituents don't have the same enthusiasm for abortion as he does.

He's writing a book called "Youth and Ambition."
It's about a young man who wants desperately to make a difference, to make his mark on the world, and is desperately afraid he won't be able to," said Smith, explaining the book and himself in one sharp bite.
I guess when you're young and ambitious you aren't going to let non-voters get in your way.

How sad that this man who was conceived when innocent human life was still protected under law, and given to his uncle and aunt for love and care after his birth can't see that he is in the midst of the greatest human rights struggle the world has ever know; a struggle that is begging for people -- of any age or station in life -- to make their mark and make a lasting contribution to the common humanity of us all. Most likely history will pass Adam Smith by. His only legacy will be page in a book of historical wannabes who tried to made their mark by taking blood money to further their own pragmatic and empty agendas.

(Photo: Adam Smith leaving NARAL abortion lobby fundraiser at Seattle Sheraton May, 30, 2007 to fund more politicians to fund more abortion.)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scientists and Elites Meet to Further Creation of Animal-Human Hybrids

Among other things...

1. Legality and funding of research using cell lines from excess IVF embryos
2. Legality and funding of research doing new derivations from IVF
3. Legality and funding of research using cell lines from made-for-research embyos created either by IVF or SCNT
4. Legality and funding of new derivations by making IVF or SCNT embryos
5. Legality and funding of creation of hybids
6. Leglity and fundig of creation of chimeras
7. Specific provisions for informed consent from (a) embryos donors and (b) gamete (especially oocyte) donors
8. Donor control of downstream research
10. Conflict of interest provisions regarding doctors and investigators involved in embryo or gamete donation
11. Compensation for injury of gamete donors
The two-day meeting of representatives from 10 state stem cell programs is intended to create the Interstate Alliance for Stem Cell Research. The meeting was an outgrowth of a similar session in Connecticut in March. Among the goals of the California meeting were creating opportunities for collaboration among different states' stem cell programs and harmonizing regulations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Which reminds me of an article I read not too long ago...

THE Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered the creation of Planet of the Apes-style warriors by crossing humans with apes, according to recently uncovered secret documents.

Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Russia's top animal breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, was ordered to turn his skills from horse and animal work to the quest for a super-warrior.
I can't find that this article or the information contained in it appeared anywhere in the U.S. mainstream press.

It's not Stalin or Hitler or men in military uniforms who are forcing this reality on us now. Instead it is smiling men and women in white lab coats, maybe a tie and jacket here and there, from the best schools (even your school) and best places with only the best intentions who are promising us eternal happiness if we just let them play God.

Monday, May 14, 2007

WA GOP to Voters: You gotta pay if you wanna play

Or in the words of Luke Esser, Washington State's GOP chairman,
I think it's incumbent upon Republicans and those who are not in favor of the gay marriage agenda to be ready to raise the money they need to win elections in the future.

Don't expect the GOP to do the right thing and put up candidates who are pro-life and pro-family unless you've got the funds to back them.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where's Reichert?

The National Right to Life Committee put some effort and dollars into Washington state to help re-elect Dave Reichert last year against a challenge from the rabid pro-abortion Darcy Bruner.

So where is Reichert now that we need him?

He's already voted in favor of H.B. 1592, the so-called "hate crimes" bill. Now his name is conspicuously absent from a list of representatives notifying President Bush that they would support his veto of any pro-abortion legislation.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) was the only Washington state legislator to sign the letter. Am I missing someone?

If the Washington state GOP thought 2006 was bad, it's only just begun.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

How Abortionists Celebrate Mother's Day

When this came across my desk by email I thought is was a clever parody of Washington's leading abortionist activist group, but alas it is a serious event. After their "Screw Abstinence" party (which they recently did to our state schools) and "Chocolates for Choice" (which included chocolate from Chocolate 2 Die 4) fundraisers, nothing should surprise us. They are completely satire proof.
Take Your Daughter to NARAL Day
In honor of Mother's Day, come find out how you can pass the pro-choice torch on to the next generation at "TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER TO NARAL DAY."

Bring the special young woman in your life to NARAL Pro-Choice Washington for a cheese and chocolate Mother's Day celebration. [More chocolate. Why play into the stereotypes about women and candy when they could host a cigar and golf outing.]

Learn about all the amazing opportunities that NARAL Pro-Choice Washington offers for young women to become involved in the movement for reproductive rights, health and justice. Who can attend? You and your daughter (or granddaughter, niece, mentee, etc.) [Your son's girlfriend perhaps? The neighbor girl?]

This event will be at the office of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington on Thursday, May 10 from 5:30-7:00pm. [Why not at the local abortion mill?]

Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, May 8.

For some reason they don't have this event posted on their web site.

It would appear from this email as though they are having a hard time getting young women to volunteer for their particular brand of activism. I suppose it's hard to get excited about working for a group whose product you'd never want to use.

What will they dream up for Halloween?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Washington Goes to Mr. Smith

Attempting to capitalize on the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding a federal ban on partial-birth abortion, the abortion gals at Washington NARAL have gone to their direct mail lists and sent out a spate of emails and direct mail pieces to rake in some dough for their continued lobbying in support of legalized killing.

As Michelle at Life of the Party points out, some of that lobbying is targeting what proponants of abortion call "mixed-choice" Republicans. Currently they have Gordon Smith (R-OR) in their sights. She also notes that Gordon Smith is a member of the Republican Mainstreet Parternship, a front group for pro-choice republicans; Because you know abortion clinics are as apple pie as the hardware store, the corner coffee shop and the friendly credit union on mainstreet. Their Washington state affiliate can be found here.

They need Gordon Smith to help them pass the Freedom of Choice Act. As they describe it in their email,

The Freedom of Choice Act is legislation that would codify Roe v. Wade into law, and guarantee the right to choose for generations to come. Washington State's fabulous senators and representatives in DC get it and they are on board.
It would also bring back partial birth abortion.

But to get it passed they are going to need help from the Republicans,

However, we are going to help our sisters in Oregon put pressure on their Senator, Gordon Smith, a moderate, mixed-choice Republican. We think that if he gets enough pressure, he may support the Freedom of Choice Act. Please sign-up to help today. Freedom of Choice Act phone banks will run during the following days and times:
Monday, May 14 from 5:00 to 8:00pm
Tuesday, May 15 from 5:00 to 8:00pm
Wednesday, May 16 from 5:00 to 8:00pm
Thursday, May 17 from 5:00 to 8:00pm

Washington abortion enthusiasts are making calles to an Oregon senator. Got that?

Senator Smith -- don't answer your phone.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Republicans for Choice Identifies Westcoast Field Director for Electing Pro-abortion Republicans

Michelle has the full story at Life of the Party.

Bottom line: If you are pro-life, voting for the person with the (R) beside their name will not result in a pro-life majority. Voters will need to know more about a candidate's position on the right to life before pro-lifers can be expected to vote for those holding themselves up for elected office.

Be informed. Check AIW and Life of the Party as we get closer to election time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Washington's Abortion Industry Scores Hat Trick

Not since the passage of Washington's I-120, the most radical abortion law in the United States, if not the world, has the state's abortion industry achieved so much, so quickly, and with so little effort.

In a one week sweep they managed to gain recognition of homosexual "domestic partnerships", mandatory "comprehensive" sex education, and forced participation of pharmacists into the abortion industry.

Adding insult to injury, the state's largest newspaper the Seattle Times depicted the dispute over pharmacists conscience rights as a "political fight disguised as morality" and painted the honest and caring pharmacists who don't want to be part of the state's abortion industry as a "cadre" who were "simply tools in the debate over abortion rights."

Well, right off the bat--most people in Seattle figured out a long time ago that the Seattle Times doesn't know the first think about morality.

Second, the idea that this was a "political fight" is just laughable. The state GOP and Democrat party both supported the governor's heavy-handed demands. Republican attorney general Rob McKenna's representative to the Board of Pharmacy cut off all efforts to help the pharmacists. Luke Esser, the chairman of the state GOP said he supported democrat Gregoire's demands. Calling this sad turn of events a "politcial fight" is a little like calling the rolling of tanks into Hungary in 1956 a border skirmish. The pharmacists were at the mercy of the political powers that be from the very beginning.

Third, in the course of their reporting since the issue erupted in March 2006 the Times did not publish one story to highlight the independent nature of the pharmacists involved. No organized, sustained institutional help ever came to the assistance of the pharmacists. The Washington State Pharmacy Association, the UW School of Pharmacy, the Department of Health, the Board of Pharmacy among others, all supported the abortion industry rather than their professional co-workers.

The Times did nothing to report and inform readers on the financial ties between Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the BOP, the Washington State Pharmacy Association and Barr Laboratories. They did nothing to report on the true nature of Plan B's abortifacient effect or clarify for citizens the Constitution's First Amendment right to conscience. Neither did they bother to expose the lies told by the pushers of Plan B. Now that the state's abortion rate has started to pick-up since the aggressive introduction of Plan B in 1997, the promise by Don Downing of the UW School of Pharmacy that it would reduce the abortion rate seems like a grim joke.

To be sure, the media and the Board of Pharmacy were the real tools in this fight. But the fight ain't over.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Pro-Abortion Senator Patty Murray Named in CWA Lawsuit

CWA Sues FDA Over Unlawful Approval of Morning-After Pill
Coalition of medical professionals and family groups ask court to reverse FDA’s decision

Washington, D.C. — A lawsuit was filed yesterday in Federal Court seeking to overturn the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) unprecedented approval of the morning-after pill, Plan B, as both non-prescription and prescription based on the age of the buyer.

The lawsuit was brought by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), Concerned Women for America (CWA), Family Research Council (FRC) and Safe Drugs for Women. The suit argues that the FDA committed numerous violations to approve the drug due to extreme political pressure exerted specifically by Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Patty Murray (D-WA).

CWA President Wendy Wright said, “The FDA buckled to pressure to do something it has never done before — make a high dose of a drug available without a prescription when a low dose of the same drug requires a prescription. The agency skirted laws and regulations put in place to ensure drugs are safe and effective, relenting under undue pressure from political operatives.”

The lawsuit makes the case that:
  • The data submitted by Plan B’s owner did not establish that it is safe or effective. The owner did not test the effects of taking a high dose of hormones during puberty. The FDA did not consider the safety effects on women of all ages, missing medical checkups and counseling that is necessary for the conditions in which Plan B is used. It misleads consumers regarding Plan B’s efficacy, leading to unintended pregnancies.
  • The trials to test how well consumers understood the label directions showed that consumers do not understand it well enough to self-medicate with Plan B. Fully one-third of women of all ages did not understand that Plan B cannot be used as a regular form of birth control. The label is misleading and does not provide the legally required disclaimers to delineate what it can and cannot do. This makes Plan B particularly unsafe for young women and girls because they do not understand that Plan B does not replace traditional and more effective birth control, and they may take it too often.
  • The FDA lacks authority to approve the same drug for both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription-only distribution.
  • The FDA lacks authority to approve distribution based on the buyer’s age.
  • The FDA lacks authority to approve “behind-the-counter”—a drug that is neither fully OTC nor prescription only.
  • The FDA approved Plan B for non-prescription use without conducting the necessary rulemaking required by the Administrative Procedure Act and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
  • The sudden reversal by FDA and Commissioner von Eschenbach had the distinct appearance of resulting from improper political pressure exerted by Senators Clinton and Murray who made clear that they put “holds” on von Eschenbach’s confirmation until he acted on Plan B.
  • The FDA’s approval ensures that girls will have unsupervised access to Plan B even though FDA has found that Plan B is unsafe for girls without medical supervision, as denoted by the fact it is prescription-only for those under 18.
  • The FDA failed to require Plan B’s owner to comply with the Pediatric Research Equity Act which protects children and adolescents.

This lawsuit seeks to reverse the FDA’s decision, placing Plan B back where it belongs: as prescription-only. Barring that, the suit seeks to require a rulemaking procedure to address the legal questions raised.

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Abortion Industry Advocates Dominate Board of Pharmacy

Today the Washington State Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously to deny pharmacists and by proxy other health care workers their right to conscience guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. This rule was pushed by the pro-abortion governor Christine Gregoire, the abortion lobby and the manufacturers of Plan B, Barr Laboratories.

It should be common knowledge by now that the people of Washington have no one to represent them when it comes to their health and safety. Nor do they have anyone protecting their First Amendment rights--especially when the state's abortion industry is involved. Here's just a sampling of the ties between the abortion industry and the Board of Pharmacy.

  • Professor Don Downing is nationally known for educating and training pharmacists and other healthcare providers on Plan B. In addition to teaching, he works to promote Plan B, nation-wide and is compensated for his work with Plan B. He is the director of PEAK Solutions, LLC.
  • Rod Schafer is CEO of the Washington State Pharmacy Association. The Association provides courses to pharmacists and other healthcare providers on Plan B. The Association charges a fee for the courses. In addition, the CEO has traveled and the Association continues to send staff to promote Plan B.
  • New Board of Pharmacy member, Rosemarie Duffy was a member of the Board of Directors for the Planned Parenthood of the Inland Empire from 1998-2000.
  • New Board of Pharmacy member, Vandana Slatter is currently a NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Board Member.
  • Timothy S. Fuller, consultant to the Washington Board of Pharmacy, also has his own company--Fuller and Associates--to work on issues related to Plan B. He works closely with Don Downing, Rod Schafer and population control organizations to push, Plan B, contraceptives and abortion.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Washington Teen Escapes Unwanted Forced Abortion

This sad story about a young woman in Colville, Washington whose boyfriend tried to force her to abort using an illegal a hit man reminds me of this sad story Planned Parenthood of Western Washington relates about their efforts to legalize hit men.

Relevant facts are as follows:
  • Woman is pregnant.
  • Man doesn't want the baby.
  • Man has emotionally rejected woman.
  • Man seeks help in procuring abortion to solve HIS problem.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

True Hell Beats Vanity Hell

This is a story of the abortion establishment at its worst. Of power brought down hard on the body of a woman who, because of illness, ethnicity, and suffocating pressure, could not fight back.

I had never met a woman who had, only a short time before, tried to hang herself.

Which makes me wonder -- to which circle of hell would I consign Big Abortion and Big Pharmacutical?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Code is Broken

In this post -- Resist, Resist, Resist -- we listed some of the phrases pro-abortion Republicans use to chart what they believe is a middle course on abortion and the right to life. The idea, as explained many times by Michelle at Life of the Party, is to be costmetically pro-life but in reality pro-choice. By speaking in code, the strategy is to convince enough pro-life voters that they are just pro-life enough and "better than the other guy".

One of those code phrases, "I'll appoint strict constructionist judges" we belittled as a pie-in-the-sky shifting of resposibility from the candidate to the Supreme Court. It effectively says, "I can't and won't do anything to combat the culture of death if I'm elected."

Thanks to Rudy Giuliani and an article in this week's Weekly Standard we've now got a better understanding of what that phrase means to him and possibly other cosmetically pro-life candidates. Here it is in nutshell:
...[W]ith Roe--a strict constructionist judge could come to either conclusion about Roe v. Wade. He could come to the conclusion that it was incorrectly decided, overturn it, or he could decide well, it's been precedent for so long now, it would be too disruptive to overturn it, so we leave it alone. I would leave that up to a judge.
So there you have it -- restoring the right to life is just one big crap shoot to Mr. Rudy. In the meantime a President Giuliani is increasing funding for abortion, promoting abortion around the world and basically keeping his head in the sand about what it's doing to our country.

Even more strange is his justification for being a totaly weenie about abortion but acting like a big tough guy when it comes to fighting crime:
I think it's a bad thing in government when we start to play judges of morality...

My concern in government was crime. Morality is a concern of families, of churches and religious leaders. My thing is, you break the law, you go to jail. But morality--I have mine, you have yours. I can talk to you about it, but I'm not going to enforce it. As for abortion, I think it's wrong. However, people ultimately have to make that choice. If a woman chooses that, that's her choice, not mine. That's her morality, not mine.
Huh? How does he think those laws became laws? Somewhere along the line someone made a moral decision about what was right and what was wrong. Aren't law breakers applying Rudy's logic of "I have my morality and you have yours" to their particular situation?

Rudy would be a terrible president if only because of his fuzzy thinking.