Saturday, November 20, 2010

State Must Cancel 'Take Charge', End Bogus Birth Control Boondoggle for Planned Parenthood

Readers of this blog know that we were the first to call attention to a little known state Medicaid program called Take Charge, and have worked hard to get it terminated.

So we were thrilled to discover, originally from Planned Parenthood as it turns out, that the the 10-year-old program is on the chopping block. With record budget shortfalls, Olympia is being forced against their will to find programs to cut. And the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has indicated that all optional Medicaid programs are fair game.

Take Charge is a federally approved exception to standard Medicaid rules exclusive to Washington State. It means about 50,000 low-income women who normally are above the income cutoff for Medicaid can get free birth control for a year courtesy of taxpayers. (When liberals says 'get the government out of my sex life', they only mean when the government is encouraging the formation of new life, it turns out.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is responsible for the Murder of a Million Innocent Children in Washington?

This is a true story about the “powers that be” behind the scenes in the Washington State Republican Party.

What does it mean if a Republican is an “Establishment Candidate”?

All organizations reflect the guiding ideals of their top leaders. The Washington State Republican Party “Establishment” is the “top” of the Washington State Republican Party and the Party has been guided by, essentially, the same group of people since the 1960s. Despite its grassroots being profoundly influenced in the conservative direction by Presidential politics from the national level, the Washington State Republican establishment at the state level has been most influenced by the philosophy and adherents of a single organization (as they are more than happy to tell you) founded in 1964 to turn the Party away from Goldwater conservatism. This is about their top leadership, from the outset.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Seattle Area 'Megachurch' Reconsidering Ties to HopeLink Over 'Secret Abortion Taxis'

This blog's exposing of HopeLink's involvement in taking girls to and from abortion clinics -- at taxpayers' expense -- is having some fallout.

The King County organization is best known for food drives and arranging rides for the elderly. But they make the majority of their revenue -- tens of millions of dollars -- as Medicaid Transportation contractors for the state of Washington's Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS).

Part of that work involves taking women and girls getting abortions on the taxpayers' dime to abortion clinics. As reported by AIW earlier this year, nurses at the school health clinics and Hopelink dispatchers revealed that this can even include secret abortions for high school students during school hours, like the Ballard Teen Abortion Scandal earlier this year.