Thursday, May 26, 2011

State Politicians Continue to Interfere in Women's Bodies and Lives

The Washington state House and Senate voted to increase funding for Take Charge Program. The bill will make the state's "Take Charge" family-planning program available to families earning 250 percent or less of the federal poverty level. Currently, it is available only to families earning 200 percent or less of federal poverty levels.
From what we read in the Kitsap Sun article the debate was predictibly banal.

We've said many times on this blog: Get the government out of women's bodies and lives. Quit interfering in their reproductive choices and health.

But no. The busybodies in Olympia and the state's sex planners just can't seem to quit their puritanical chatter about "health" and "safe sex" while demanding more money for their bizarre social experiments. Puritanical because the people running and supporting Planned Parnethood have a fanatical obsession with other people's sex lives and a rigid adherence to making sure everybody has sex within the rules outlined by Planned Parenthood.

No other organization on the planet, not even the usually hoisted strawman of the Catholic Church, is so singularly obsessed with who's sleeping with who, how they are doing it, how many times, where and when. Quite frankly Planned Parenthood has probably ruined the sex lives of most Americans with the mechanization of sex and constant interference discussion by the government, media, and educators, etc.

In their email blasts before the votes PP rolled out a  blackmail threat -- "vote for family planning or the poor get it" -- I hadn't seen that tactic before but it was sure to appeal to dim-witted democrats, Malthusian republicans and cowards of all stripes. "For many families who are barely hanging on, family planning is a lifeline; an unintended pregnancy can result in hunger, homelessness, or worse."  Worse? Are you kidding? Do these people think the poor can eat condoms?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Secret Teen Abortions a Worldwide Problem

This was posted on the Drudge Report today.

"New Zealand parents are outraged after learning some schools are helping to keep teenage girls’ abortions a secret, the Sunday Star-Times reports.

One mom is angry that her 16-year-old daughter had a secret abortion allegedly arranged by a school counselor."

Parents must not believe that what happened at Ballard High School a year ago was an aberration or rare occurance that won't happen to their kid.

The counselors are arranging the abortions and calling the taxis. There is nothing these people won't do to sell an abortion.

Our advice: Parents may want to consider restraining orders or Do Not Contact orders against school nurses, counselors and other "health care" personnel prior enrolling a child in a junior high or senior high school.