Monday, January 26, 2009

Speaker Pelosi’s “Birth Control Stimulus” Could Worsen Washington State’s Budget Crisis

Contact: Mary Emanuel
January 27, 2009

Seattle, Wa, JAN 26, 2009 --- The independent web site Abortion in Washington reacted to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s defense of “stimulating the economy with more birth control” by saying, “Speaker Pelosi simply hasn’t looked at the numbers, which clearly show that despite giant subsidies to the state’s single largest supplier of birth control, abortions are up, as are Medicaid funded births. Pumping more deficit spending into birth control would be a disaster for the state’s budget and women.”

Abortion in Washington released several reports in 2008 on the Washington’s Take Charge program and the finances of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (formerly Planned Parenthood of Western Washington). The site reports that the program has led to increased abortion and is costing the state millions in funds it promised it would save. One report shows the number of abortions performed by the program’s leading partner, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, has been increasing 11% per year and jumped a shocking 16% from 2006 to 2007, to a record 9,059. Additionally, the cost-savings effects intended by the designers of the program are not being realized.

Take Charge is a Medicaid section 1115 Waiver program initiated in 2001 to provide free contraceptives to low-income women not already covered under Medicaid. It was originally funded for 5 years in 2001, then extended for 3 more years, and comes up for renewal in 2009.

When the program began, the state was paying out $200 million a year for childbirth services under Medicaid. That figure has shot up 50%, to $300 million under the program. The state of Washington is now at a point where almost half of all births in the state are paid for by Medicaid.
“We need to put some sanity back in to our state finances as well as our public policy toward women and children,” said Mary Emanuel, assistant publisher of Abortion in Washington.

The state of Washington encourages the widespread use of contraceptives on the theory that with more women using contraceptives the number of unwanted pregnancies will decline, thus leading to a decline in the number of high cost Medicaid-paid births. Contrary to the justification for the program, this has not turned out to be the case. Additionally, further harm has been created because birth control does nothing to prevent the rampant spread of STD’s.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pelosi Supports More Transfer of Wealth to Planned Parenthood

Is this woman stupid or what?

As we've shown on this blog, (Remember we just do this in our "spare time". Imagine if we got paid to do this!) whether it's Plan B or old-fashioned birth control pills -- these transfers of wealth are nothing but cash cows for Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, they cost the state money in increased abortion and birth costs.

The only thing this will "stimulate" is more out of wedlock pregnancies, abortions, damage to women's health, expense to the state, STD's and neutered men.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Abortion is Legal in Washington

The myth goes something like this -- The enlightened people of Washington state, freed from the shackles of religion (especially all things Catholic), and in their infinite wisdom and goodness came together through the democratic process to support and embrace unlimited abortion for the good of all women. It was democracy's finest hour.

I think it should be fairly obvious to any unbiased observer that the "will of the people" has very little to do with the unbridled access to and promotion of abortion in this state. It should also be fairly obvious that most people do not want to support the killing of unborn children.

1) The abortion lobby has been able to buy the laws and politicians (the stupid or cowardly or power-hungry of both parties) unwilling to make any changes in our abortion laws.

2) Most people in the state are indifferent to, ignorant about or fearful to confront the problem of abortion.

3) Washington elites in business, government, media, law and education want abortion legal and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way.

4) The people who have the will to change the state's abortion regime are powerless to bring about change through legislative means at this time, and

5) The Catholic Church leadership and groups within the Archdiocese of Seattle have been negligent in their duty to educate the faithful about the crime of abortion and, at some point decided that in exchange for financial largess from the state for their charitable works they would not fight the state on abortion.

Now we have the pictures to prove it.

March for Life Olympia, WA -- 2009

This slideshow is from Tuesday January 20th, 2009. Look at all the people!

Roe v Wade Day Olympia, Washington (Caution: some graphic photos are visible.)

This slideshow is from January 22, 2009 the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The pro-choice crowd did not quite gather the four to seven thousand the pro-lifers did two days before.

If the media ever got around to reporting the truth about abortion instead of marketing it free of charge, and if the government's inordinate involvement in abortion, including the millions upon millions of dollars they shovel to the abortion industry each year, ever ceased abortion would be gone in a heartbeat.

More Proof we Don't Live in a Democracy

Thanks to Chimakuni for posting the compare and contrast photos.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Abortion Advodates to Rally in Favor of Roe v. Wade

From the "Radical Women" --

Rally at Olympia Capital Steps to celebrate the defense of abortion rights: Jan 22, 2009 at noon!

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion by joining with other defenders of choice on the steps of the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia, WA. Protest starts at noon!

In previous years, the right wing "March for Life" has gathered at the Capitol on the date of the historic Supreme Court ruling. This year, however, the Roe v. Wade Celebration committee took the offensive by reserving the spot for a rally to honor safe and legal abortion!

Radical Women is organizing a carpool from Seattle that will leave at 10am. For more information, please call 206-722-6057 or email *************************************************************

See also, Washington General Administration Events Calendar.

I'll be at the "right wing" March for Life tomorrow (the 20th) with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and also Life of the Party.

Hope to see you there!

Over 7,000 Gather in Portland to Stand Against Roe v. Wade

Wow. These pictures are from a friend who attended Oregon Right to Life's annual Roe vs. Wade Memorial Rally in downtown Portland, Oregon.

"Take a look at these photos from yesteray's rally, where 7,000 pro-lifer's gathered. I think that might be me speaking. It's too far to tell. God provided the perfect sunny day and all the details went perfectly. The event started out with a moment of silence to commemorate the 50 million unborn babies lost to abortion since 1973. A loud recording of a giant bell ringing 50 times. Meanwhile, the stark contrast of angry pro-choicers yelled from across the street.

Dr. Rosenbloom, President of Oregon Right to Life pointed out that pro-life is the true movement of peace and one that is the most misunderstood because we are the most truly pro-woman than any other movement. It was a day sent from God"

And this note from VOCAL (Voice of Catholics Advocating Life) who supplied the photos.

Dear Advocates for Life,
History was made at Pioneer Courthouse Square this Sunday, when over seven-thousand cold, but warm hearted pro-lifers gathered for Oregon Right to Life's Annual Roe vs. Wade Memorial Rally.

There might not be any media coverage, so enjoy these pictures sent to me by Cheri Crocker of Salem. Gayle Atteberry, executive director of Oregon Right to Life, spoke to Christan News Northwest before the event: "We see God's sovereignty in this.....Our board made the decision that we wanted to make it bigger and take it to the heart of downtown Portland. They need the message of life more than any other city in the state of Oregon.

We made this decision early in the year, but in retrospect, with the results from the election, I'm happier than ever that we made it."Coming into Portland did bring a little confrontation, but this too was expected and showed stark contrast to what the saving the pre-born children is all about. Maybe hearing the speakers made a small conversion in their conscience.
One sign said "God is invisible"...held by a young woman...let's pray that she "saw" him in those at the rally.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life Coming to Seattle, Olympia

Dinner Tickets - Fr. Frank Pavone
April 18-19, 2009
Fr. Frank will be at the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in Olympia on Saturday, April 18th 2009 at 3 PM. He will then preach at the 5 PM Mass at St. Michael Church in Olympia. If you would like to join Fr. Frank for dinner and hear him talk after Mass, you will need to purchase a ticket from the Knights of Columbus.

On Sunday, April 19, Fr. Pavone will preach during the morning Masses at Holy Family Church in White Center, (West Seattle) followed by a 5:30 dinner at the KOC Hall in Seattle.

Dinner tickets are very limited, and will go fast.

They will be sold for $25 each, beginning Tuesday, January 20. Contact Tom Hruska 360-561-5548 for tickets, or for more information.

Friday, January 09, 2009

America's 'Choice' for Maximum Leader

Guest Editorial by Ed Mohs, Coordinator for the Fall '08 40 Days For Life Campaign Everett

President-elect Obama, the abortion president, will soon take office on January 20, 2009. Indeed, this will be an excruciatingly painful day for America. During his campaign, Mr. Obama voiced his full support for the killing of our unborn sisters and brothers by abortion. In fact, he even went so far as to say that a child who survived an abortion should be left to die, not resuscitated. Ouch!

An article by Peter J. Smith,, June 10, 2008, reported that President-elect Obama’s first priority as president would be to “sign the Freedom of Choice Act,” a statement made in a speech to abortion supporters of Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund.

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is legislation Obama has co-sponsored that would end all state laws limiting or regulating abortion, including the federal ban on partial birth abortion. It would also terminate informed consent laws, waiting periods, and health safety regulations for abortion clinics.

According to the same article, the 2007 version of FOCA proposed: "It is the policy of the United States that every woman has the fundamental right to choose to bear a child, to terminate a pregnancy prior to fetal viability, or to terminate a pregnancy after fetal viability when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman."

America has made her ‘choice’ for maximum leader and it is not pretty", said Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president, Human Life International. In fact, it is one of the most devastating blows to American civilization that we have ever undergone, and I do not speak in hyperbole. He then quoted Mother Theresa: a nation that kills its children has no future.

I ask for God’s Mercy and love upon our undeserving nation. We proudly rejected God and have chosen abortion-president-elect Obama. Indeed, January 20, 2009 will be an incredibly sad day. Have mercy on us, Lord. We have sinned against you.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Planned Parenthood of Western Washington to Reorg, Join with PP Alaska, PP Idaho

American Life Leauge Reports --

Major merger of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the Northwest

As of January 1, 2009, three Planned Parenthood affiliates have merged their operations. Planned Parenthood of Alaska, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, and Planned Parenthood of Idaho will now operate as one new affiliate – Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. According to the latest financial data filed by each of these affiliates, their annual income is:

Planned Parenthood of Alaska.................$ 2,653,590 (2007)
Planned Parenthood of Western Washington.....$ 28,946,766 (2006)
Planned Parenthood of Idaho..................$ 2,190,789 (2007)

Clearly, this is a situation where PP of Western Washington is expanding its reach. We have told you previously that the Planned Parenthood Federation wants to do away with all of its smaller affiliates. That desire is what led Planned Parenthood of Amarillo to withdraw from the federation and that desire is clearly at work here.

According to our records, the combined organization will operate a total of 27 clinics in the three states (28 when the new Juneau, Alaska site opens). This includes 20 facilities that do medical or surgical abortions. The initial announcement was that no clinics would close and no employees would lose their jobs, but it is normal for both to happen during the first year of operation following a merger such as this.

Planned Parenthood continues to cut costs and streamline its operations. With the merger of these affiliates, the number of Planned Parenthood affiliates falls to 99 – the lowest number since 1960. At its peak, Planned Parenthood had 191 affiliates in 1978, but that number has steadily declined through the years. When a merger happens, duplicate positions (presidents, executive directors, medical directors, etc.) normally get eliminated and PP saves money – and makes more profits.

In addition, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington pointed out in its fall 2008 newsletter that “the merge means multiplying the political clout of Planned Parenthood in the region by three. Our Government Relations, Media Relations, Public Relations, and Public Policy teams can apply the influence of the entire three-state region.”

In other words, the new affiliate can be expected to try to obtain more and more government money and get favorable laws and regulations passed in all three states.

Washington State March for Life and Walk for Life West Coast 2009

Olympia March for Life 2009
Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 20, 2009 and plan on participating in the 31st annual Washington State March for Life in Olympia to witness that all life is sacred. The March will be followed by a Week for Life. Visit for more information.

If your group is planning on taking a bus to the Washington State March for Life, contact Aileen McEntee Carrell at 253-507-8812. If you have additional information or questions, contact Dick McEntee at 253-564-1497.

March for Life Buses
The Central Deanery Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women is sponsoring two buses to the March for Life in Olympia on January 20, 2009. The buses will arrive in time for riders to attend Mass at St. Michael's. Please see the flyer for more information. Space is limited. The deadline for bus reservations is January 13.

Please visit our Spotlight page for additional bus information and updates.

San Francisco pro-life events -- Walk for Life West Coast
Join tens of thousands of pro-life women, men, families, and friends as they take to the streets of beautiful San Francisco proclaiming that ‘Abortion Hurts Women’ and ‘Women Deserve Better than Abortion®’. Walk on January 24, 2009 and let the world know that there is an ever increasing voice for Life on the West Coast! Join Walk for Life West Coast in ever greater numbers as we challenge the belief that abortion is a good choice for women. Walk to proclaim that Life is a Choice —Life is the Best Choice!

If you would like to organize a group or would like further information, call 415/586-1576 or e-mail

Please help promote this event by downloading and distributing the .pdf flyers: English or Spanish