Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seattle Clinic Defense Snoozes through August Protest

The pro-abortion, anti-woman group Seattle Clinic Defense slept through their August protest today after the Helpers of God's Precious Infants got an early 7:00 am start.

Here's a report from the Helpers:
"Our vigil went really well. Peaceful and Prayerful. About 10 minutes
before we finished the protestors showed up and as they began to line up with all their signs etc. we began walking back. I think we really took
them by surprise but I am sure they will look at it as victory for them.
There was about 17 of us and 12 of our regulars weren't there so we were really pleased with the Helpers turn out. I can imagine what they will say on their web site but we loved having a very peaceful and prayerful vigil. Besides that is what we are all about. Fox TV showed up ready to film us as we were getting in our cars and was very surprised that we had just finished so he went down in front of PP and filmed them. That's what they want anyway. I am sure that they called them."

It's too bad the SCD couldn't find a better way to use their time and energy, rather than helping the abortion industry to prey on women and children. Hopefully some if them will wake up before they hurt too many people.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Abortion Advocates Organize to Confront Pro-Lifers at Monthly Planned Parenthood Vigils

A new group calling itself "Seattle Clinic Defense" is organizing monthly demonstrations to counter the pro-life vigils and encourage women to continue with their abortion plans.

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, which helped to shut down the Aradia clinic on Capitol Hill a few years ago, organizes vigils at the Madison St. Planned Parenthood. These vigils are not organized by the Knights of Columbus.

The Facebook page for SCD describes the group as,"...a grassroots group dedicated to comprehensive, medically-accur​ate, shame-free and affordable reproductive care for all."

Curiously, many of the contributors to this Facebook page seem unaware of the scientific fact that a live human being exists at conception. To abort such an organism is to kill a human being. No evidence has ever been provided by this group or any other to prove otherwise.

When Matt Ulrich, the Helpers local director, was asked to comment about the possibility of protesters confronting his group he responded by saying, "Whenever you do God's will for the right reason, and are vulnerable at the abortion site, you accept whatever the opposition has to alter your prayer efforts, and to disturb your peaceful presence. I welcome the challenge to defend life no matter what the costs, and to continue always to stand up for
the truth."

According to several Facebook postings the group seemed wildly enthusiast for abortion but indifferent to the damaging effects abortion and contraceptives have on women. SCD did not respond to a request posted on their Facebook page for an interview about their group.

In addition to closing down the Aradia abortion mill, The Seattle Helpers have been quite successful outside the Everett Planned Parenthood helping women not only to carry their babies to term but also warning women about the dangerous side effects of contraceptives. They have also provided information on post-abortion healing through Project Rachel. Statistics show that almost half of the women seeking abortion will be obtaining a second, third or fourth abortion.

The Helpers along with the 40 Days for Life Campaign have been responsible for saving countless lives and shutting down many abortion centers across the world. Several abortionists and former abortion workers have also been converted by their work and now help to save lives instead of ending them.

The next Helpers vigil will be Saturday August 13th.
For more about the Helpers see:

Contraceptive pushers and Big Pharma continue to lie about safety of contraceptives

I got this unusual piece of spam last night. It read:
Severe Side Effects of YAZ Yasmin and Ocella
Important Lawsuit Info
Birth Control Injury Alert!

I knew there were ongoing lawsuits against these pill makers but decided to do a search to see what was up.

Searching on these terms given in the email provides a plethora of legal websites offering help.

I discovered at one site that at least 50 women had died from using these pills. I was most interested to learn that Bayer was reprimanded by the FDA for false and misleading advertising; the same thing manufacturers of Plan B were reprimanded for.

Read more for yourself here:

Seems like all these people can do is lie to women to make a buck. I wonder if they figure in the cost of lawsuits when they price these drugs.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Planned Parenthood to have seat on "Super Committee"

It was just announced that Washington's senator and guardian of Planned Parenthood's privileged position, Patty Murray has been assigned to the Super Committee. Her job will no doubt be to make sure no cuts are made to PP's federal largesse in upcoming talks over budget cuts.

See story on Super Committee appointments:

Saturday, August 06, 2011

For the 123,361,635th Time: Contraceptives don't prevent abortion

Another post for the "We told you so file."

Plan B was a racket from the beginning.

Don Downing, UW professor of pharmacy and bed partner with NARAL Washington, couldn't stop blathering about "a second chance at preventing pregnancy" and lowering the abortion rate. It was always the come on we said it was. In the end he went home richer after betraying his fellow pharmacists to the state's abortion industry to say nothing of the women he's hurt thru his shameless promotion of Plan B and contraceptives.

Yes, Don Downing and Naral and Planned Parenthood are getting their way but they can't have it both ways. They will be told exactly what they are doing.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anti-Choice Project in August- new day and time

Hi everyone,

This month we are changing from the our normal 2nd-Saturday protest time because Nichole and I have an important event to attend that day. We will be coming out to the busy intersection of 1st Ave and Northgate Way, at the north west corner of the Northgate Mall parking lot on Sunday, August 14th from 1:00pm till 2:30pm.

Hopefully with this different day and time some more of you will be able to come out with us than have been able to in the past few months. Please consider the simple gift of just an hour and a half of your time this month for this critically important and enormously effective campaign.

These pictures of the true violence and inhumanity of abortion are our best against our shockingly ignorant and indifferent culture. These photographs instantaneously communicate everything a person needs to know to realize how wrong abortion is, and does so even when all other lines of communication have evaporated.

As always, having more people out there with us means that we can hold more signs, which means that more passersby will have the opportunity see the light of truth.

Because of the new day and time, it will be very helpful if you can shoot me back a quick email response if you think you can make it.

On a final note, Tom and Andrew have just sent out the latest ACP newsletter with exciting updates like the newest ACP chapter being launched over in Missoula, Montana! To receive a copy and be kept up on our latest developments you can sign up here:

God bless you and keep us in your prayers,

Marc Snyder

For pictures and updates, see our Facebook page too!

Monday, August 01, 2011

UW Continues its Attack on Women While Acknowledging Negative Effects of Contraceptives

This article was recently sent to us by a close friend of AIW:

As she put it, "Amazing that the Times reported on the pill essentially being responsible for HIV deaths."

However, we note the following statement of affirmation for contraception that seems to be de rigueur for all MSM articles dealing with contraception, "The researchers said the findings need to be confirmed in follow-up studies, and should not cause women to immediately change birth control practices."

What the?! Women are dying and putting themselves and others at risk because of OCs and Depo-Provera shots and researchers don't want anyone to do anything drastic like ditching the very thing that's killing them.

The study was conducted by the UW (a hotbed of pro-abortion and anti-woman experimentation) in seven African countries - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa.

It's a tragedy that Americans are invading these counties to experiment on their people and using them for their own ideological ends Have Americans become the new Nazis?

The researchers also showed their anti-child bias by blaming children for maternal mortality and poverty: "The increased risk of HIV infection also must be balanced against the consequences of unintended pregnancy, which in Africa can include maternal mortality and financial squalor, they explained."

So instead of sending food or health care overseas we send contraceptives that don't fill any real human need. There is clearly an agenda at work.

Another horrific statement came from UW researcher Dr. Jared Baeten, "Contraception is incredibly important to economic and social development of women and children worldwide".

Why does this doctor believe that women can't contribute to society or the economy of a nation unless they deny the very thing that makes them a woman? Researchers at the UW are advocating that a woman's body and the natural gift of fertility must be denied thru chemical or mechanical means so that each women becomes an object, an "it". I wonder if Dr. Baeten understands that this effectively puts women at war with their bodies and that his promotion of contraceptives puts him on the attack against women.

It was also reported this week that NIH sent more than $90 million in taxpayer-funded grants to China.

And you guessed it, some of it was for HIV research involving women working in prostitution. The US isn't trying to end prostitution just make it "safe".

No wonder people are hoping the country declares bankruptcy so that maybe the funding of these terrible crimes will end.

Spring Hiatus for AIW Coming to an end

Readers may have noticed we took a little break starting this spring. We are going to swing back into writing on a more regular basis. I'm going to try to do more blogging on the fly thru mobile blogging. (I can now blame typos and mistakes on the limitations of my iPhone.) We'll see how it goes. Jonathan and I have a packed editorial calendar we really want to get to and more investigative reporting and wonderful surprises in the battle against abortion.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Study Shows Negative Side Effects of Oral Contraceptives on Women's Health

A new study shows that OC use by teens can reduce a woman's bone density. It also notes that "[c]hanges in bone density in oral contraceptive users depends on age and hormone dose." This is especially important information for teen users of OCs.

As an article from Group Health Cooperative in Seattle noted, "A woman's risk of fractures later in life is influenced by the bone mass she gains in her teens through her 20s, and this age group has the highest use of oral contraceptives. "The teen years are when women most actively gain bone, so we thought it was important to look at that age group," says Scholes."

Seattle, WA—Birth control pills may reduce a woman's bone density, according to a study published online July 13 in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism by Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) scientists. Impacts on bone were small, depended on the woman's age and the pill's hormone dose, and did not appear until about two years of use. The study size and design allowed the researchers to focus on 14- to 18-year-old teenagers, and to look at how bone density might change when a woman stops using the pill.

For more on how bad the pill is for women, Google "negative side effects of birth control."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planned Parentood Shill KUOW in Hot Seat for False and Misleading Story on Vitae Caring Foundation

Is there anybody left in America who thinks the MSM and specifically Nation Public Radio are a neutral, unbiased group of hard working journalists and thinkers who are just searching their dog gone hardest for the truth? If you are one of those people, this story should put that notion to rest.

Many of you probably saw or heard about the billboards and bus signage the Vitae Caring Foundation put up this spring. Well, the local NPR station KUOW did a story on...well, we aren't quite sure what the story was on since they are denying that the story was even about Vitae.

That's strange.

Maybe the story was about web design! After all, the reporter Meghan Walker walker sat in Planned Parnethood's office with their director of public affairs Kristen Glundberg-Prossor and critiqued Vitae’s website for the first third of the interview. In that case they should have interviewed someone who knows something about web design, layout and copy. And maybe it should have been someone who didn't have a horse in the race.

So a PP public relations hack gets together with a reporter and they talk about Vitae's billboards and they never contact Vitae.

Silly us. Maybe the story was about Planned Parnethood! That seems the more likely subject since the story they aired is littered with falsehoods and lies about themselves and others that are all par for the course whenever PP or its friends open their mouths.

Vitae asked KUOW to appoint an ombudsman. KUOW has been non responsive. Why are we not surprised.

Vitae also e-mailed Mr. Nelson asking for the station’s Ethics Policy. To date, no reply has been received. Sadly, this is the same kind of action we get from local officials at Seattle Public Health and others when we ask for documents related to their policies on abortion.

Welcome to Seattle Vitae!

Vitae has since filed a complaint with the Washington News Council.

Vitae's full press release about the situation is here.

However, since their initial press release more problems with KUOW's story have come to light and were outlined in an email to us from Vitae president Carl Landwehr as follows:

  • The story inaccurately identified Jeff Smith as a doctor, when he in fact is an attorney with Lee & Hayes Law Firm in Spokane .
  • Jeff Smith JD is the Board Chairman of Life Services, not Life Choices as reported.
  • The quote from Jeff Smith used during the broadcast was taken out of context.  The quote came from an archive audio recording of Mr. Smith testifying before the Washington State Senate Health Care Committee earlier this year.  This archive piece was KUOW’s only attempt to offer information from the other side’s point of view.
  • Megan Walker, the reporter of this story, is not listed as a staff person on the KUOW website.  Does this mean she is (or was) an intern?  If so, we question KUOW’s ability to properly manage its intern reporting.
  • As KUOW received replies to this biased story and inaccuracies pointed out, the station continued to respond with their standard inaccurate reply (misidentifying Jeff Smith and continuing to say the story was not about Vitae).  This continued dissemination of misinformation points out a culture of misrepresentation that not only condones but affirms inaccurate reporting.
There we have it. The story is about bad reporting.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Join the Anti-Choice Project this Weekend to Show Seattle What "Choice" is all About

Hey Everyone,

We're going back out to the street corners once again this Saturday, June 11th between 2:30pm and 4pm to shed light on the intentionally vague mantra: "Freedom of Choice".  We meet in the north-west corner of the Northgate Mall parking lot by the Stanford's restaurant. 

When we let society dream about how nice it is to have "reproductive choices", injustice rules and babies die.

When we have the courage to stand up and SHOW our neighbors the bloody carnage they are actually choosing and supporting, babies live.  It's that simple.

We have to reach as many people as possible, while the greater society still has enough of a functioning conscience to realize the horror of abortion and be therefore sufficiently moved to reject it.

Terry, one of our committed regulars will not be able to attend because of a scheduling conflict and so we need some extra help. 

Please give the unborn an hour and a half of your time this month.  You will not regret it.  And bring your pro life friends.

Thank you for your support,

Marc Snyder
ACP Seattle

Pro-Abortion AG Rob McKenna to Announce Candidacy for Governor

It's been predicted for years now that AG Rob McKenna (R) was planning to run for governor. He's a Catholic and a Republican. He's also "pro-choice". His support for abortion is usually painted as support for women. After all, dead babies don't vote or contribute funds to political campaigns.

My in-box received several notices this week of an impending announcement that he would run for governor. And now the shoe has dropped.

Rob McKenna has abandoned his Catholic faith for political power. As reported to me by one of his old Eagle Scout friends, Rob used to sit around the campfire and plot out his rise to power. The ultimate goal: POTUS.

It's time for the women of Washington state to tell Rob McKenna abortion is bad for women and we won't vote for or contribute funds to anyone who thinks otherwise.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

If they think that way, they're going to act that way

Here at AIW we've been watching the Rep. Anthony Weiner scandal with detached interest.

We really can't understand what all the fuss is about. Rep. Weiner is a pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-Planned Parenthood, pro-homosexual, pro-divorce, pro-pornography, pro-prostitution, pro-fornication member of congress. He thinks that way so of course he's going to act that way like so many others before him -- Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to name a few.

Afterall, wasn't Rep. Weiner just living the lifestyle he strongly believes in and promotes through legislation in Congress?  The same lifestyle that millions of American affirm when they vote liberal candidates of either party into office. No wonder he's refusing to resign.

In many ways it reminds us of the shock over the abortion murders committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Dr. Gosnell's crime was that he, "induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord," Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has said.

Hello? Don't the American people get that abortion is legal in America through all nine months of pregnancy? Every year about 1.5 million are killed through abortion. Do they not know that zero, nada, zilch regulations exist governing how those babies are killed? "Inducing labor and cutting the back of the babies' necks with scissors and severing their spinal cords" is not illegal in America, even if the babies are "viable" as ABC's so kindly stated it for their naive readers who still think most abortions are pleasant affairs for women and babies.

As Christina Dunnigan at Realchoice points out, someone who does get the connection between getting out what you put in is the President of the United States -- "The President of the United States himself, when he was a State Senator in Illinois, went on record as believing that babies born alive during abortions are not to be afforded the same care and treatment as other babies, because to do so would unduly “burden” the woman and her doctor."

Apparently Dr. Gosnell was astonished that he was being so vigorously prosecuted.

We are more intrigued by the question of why is it that the American public is so shocked that after electing people who promote these horrific outcomes, the nation gets those exact outcomes.

All these things -- abortion, contraception, Planned Parenthood, homosexual acts, divorce, pornography, prostitution, fornication are either legal or promoted as critical to the American Way of Life and symbols of our great liberty and freedom. The American people shouldn't be surprised when that is what they get from their children, parents, elected officials and yes, even church leaders.

And that's exactly what we got with Rep. Weiner. He was simply living the Planned Parenthood lifestyle of "safe sex" that is promoted everyday in public schools, on television and legislative action around the country. According to Planned Parnethood, anything that feels good and is consentual is a-okay with PP and their supporters. Age, gender, marital status, location, etc. are irrelevant to those living the PP lifestyle. If it feels good do it!

We don't take joy in anyone's humiliation and failures but we do have to say that we aren't surprised.  Elected officials like Rep. Weiner who think that way about sex are going to act that way.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

State Politicians Continue to Interfere in Women's Bodies and Lives

The Washington state House and Senate voted to increase funding for Take Charge Program. The bill will make the state's "Take Charge" family-planning program available to families earning 250 percent or less of the federal poverty level. Currently, it is available only to families earning 200 percent or less of federal poverty levels.
From what we read in the Kitsap Sun article the debate was predictibly banal.

We've said many times on this blog: Get the government out of women's bodies and lives. Quit interfering in their reproductive choices and health.

But no. The busybodies in Olympia and the state's sex planners just can't seem to quit their puritanical chatter about "health" and "safe sex" while demanding more money for their bizarre social experiments. Puritanical because the people running and supporting Planned Parnethood have a fanatical obsession with other people's sex lives and a rigid adherence to making sure everybody has sex within the rules outlined by Planned Parenthood.

No other organization on the planet, not even the usually hoisted strawman of the Catholic Church, is so singularly obsessed with who's sleeping with who, how they are doing it, how many times, where and when. Quite frankly Planned Parenthood has probably ruined the sex lives of most Americans with the mechanization of sex and constant interference discussion by the government, media, and educators, etc.

In their email blasts before the votes PP rolled out a  blackmail threat -- "vote for family planning or the poor get it" -- I hadn't seen that tactic before but it was sure to appeal to dim-witted democrats, Malthusian republicans and cowards of all stripes. "For many families who are barely hanging on, family planning is a lifeline; an unintended pregnancy can result in hunger, homelessness, or worse."  Worse? Are you kidding? Do these people think the poor can eat condoms?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Secret Teen Abortions a Worldwide Problem

This was posted on the Drudge Report today.

"New Zealand parents are outraged after learning some schools are helping to keep teenage girls’ abortions a secret, the Sunday Star-Times reports.

One mom is angry that her 16-year-old daughter had a secret abortion allegedly arranged by a school counselor."

Parents must not believe that what happened at Ballard High School a year ago was an aberration or rare occurance that won't happen to their kid.

The counselors are arranging the abortions and calling the taxis. There is nothing these people won't do to sell an abortion.

Our advice: Parents may want to consider restraining orders or Do Not Contact orders against school nurses, counselors and other "health care" personnel prior enrolling a child in a junior high or senior high school.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pro-Abortion "Vigil" Total Flop

The 40 Days for Life Campaign wrapped up this past Sunday, April 17th. The Washington state campaigns were all very successful with several babies and moms saved. At least two were saved at the Everett site, at least one or two at Cedar River Clinic in Renton, probably several at Tacoma due to closures.

Pia de Solenni reports on the anti-life "vigil" at the Northgate site yesterday.

Pia also reports on the fact, in our opinion, that this was one of the aggressive by supporters of abortion and Planned Parenthood.
The organizer of the local 40 Days vigil has had feces spread on her car, objects thrown at her while she was praying, and her house egged.
This writer was personally attacked at the Northgate site by a woman who grabbed my sign and threw it into traffic and began yelling at me. At the Everett site I witnessed them sending a woman to the hospital after a botched abortion.

The Northgate site was especially hostile as Pia notes. Last Thursday a woman burst onto the sidewalk with an "I support Planned Parenthood". She promptly began yelling at me, asking me if I supported war and the death penalty. She told told me how responsible she was because her mom took her to Planned Parenthood at 16 to get on birth control (BC) pills.

This story was very sad because this woman was very angry and upset. Who knows how many broken and abusive relationships she was subjected to because of her mother. And since BC pills don't prevent sexually transmitted diseases, was she exposed to any of the many strains of VD that are now so prevalent? Did she lose her fertility because of her use of BC pills and perhaps a VD? I didn't get a chance to ask her.

We finally had to part company when she decided to attack me verbally for not supporting government-funded birth control. 

One has to ask, whatever happened to "keep the government out of my bedroom"? Maybe I'll get a chance to ask her next campaign.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"She's 16"

Many of you saw and listened to the 911 audio of the March 18 call from "Pamela" of the Planned Parenthood in Everett procuring an ambulance to rescue a patient who was bleeding uncontrollably and needed to be rushed to hospital.

While the call was already shocking and raised many questions on its own regarding the consequences of deregulation of the Washington State abortion industry, one portion of the audio had been redacted.

We posted the audio as we got it but looked into what was redacted and why. SNOPAC, the organization which handles 911 calls for Snohomish County, told us that they had redacted the patient's age, because they had decided it was "personally identifying."

We said no.

Many people are not aware that Washington has one of the strongest public records laws in the nation. "Public Records" laws may not sound exciting, but they are very important. And in this state, we have access to almost any record a government agency has.

The only exceptions are for things like privacy, but even there, the government agency has to provide you the record just with the personally identifying information redacted. And they have to back that up with citations of the privacy law. And if you think they have over-redacted, you can appeal.

We pointed out that there was nothing personally identifying about an age on its own, and we added that in an early communication from SNOPAC, we were explicitly told that there were no privacy issues in the call. We suspected that the patient had in fact been a minor. There's always a fear that Planned Parenthood might have tried to influence SNOPAC, but we don't have any evidence of that.

SNOPAC relented, without explaining the strange decision making changes, and we got just hold of the unedited audio. We were right. The patient was a minor. She was a 16-year-old girl.

This is extremely important because of a massive loophole in Washington state law which means that a minor of any age who is pregnant may get an abortion without any parental or adult protections or involvement. It could be your daughter.

There is no need for anyone to be there with a girl while an intimidating adult at Planned Parenthood bullies them, lies to them, and manipulates them into getting an abortion that will kill their baby and, as we see here, put them in hospital, possibly rendering them permanently infertile.

We don't know, in this particular case, whether the 16 year old girl was alone or not. Planned Parenthood refuses to answer questions about it. We asked SNOPAC if she was accompanied to the hospital, and if so by whom, but they have said they have no records that answer that question.

We have also contacted Providence Medical Center's admitting department. They have so far been extremely uncooperative also. It's not clear whether they are attempting to cover up moral outrages at Planned Parenthood. The fact is, given the shockingly casual tone of "Pamela's" voice, PP may be a good supply of recurring "business" for them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abortion Industry Imploding?

Our friends at Operation Rescue have made this comment on their web site and blog, "The abortion movement is failing and the industry is imploding." Other commentators have made similar pronouncements and many see the end of abortion as a very real possibility in the near future.

We certainly see signs of an implosion here in Washington but aren't willing to let our guard down.

Here's what we see from our perch:  Abortion numbers here are down.  From their highs in the 1990s of about 31,000 to about 21,000. This tracks with what we see across the country, for example, as was reported about Kansas abortion numbers this week.

40 Days for Life continues to irritate, upset and close abortion clinics. Just this week we got this notice about events at the Tacoma 40 Days for Life vigil site.
Just wanted to share good news from the front line - PP has been closed SEVERAL days, including at least one last week (may have been 2), then again yesterday (ABORTION DAY!) AND today.  Just a note on the door.  Customers showing up, several of whom we were able to re-direct to CareNet.  On one of the days, Richard, one of the death escorts, showed up.  He apparently saw the note and tried the door.  It was locked.  He got out his cell and made a call, after which he took off.  So it sounds very last minute with no notice even to the volunteers.  Praise be to God!
We've also observed unexpected closures at the Everett 40 Days for Life vigil site and customers who had appointments surprised that the abortuatry was not opened.

Other observations are that staff morale appears low. Deathscorts are few and far between. More babies and moms are being saved.

Internal Documents Show Planned Parenthood Abortion Numbers Skyrocket

As the national debate over ending government funding of Planned Parenthood assumes center stage, a move which we at AIW have been encouraging for several years, the abortion chain insists through its surrogates throughout the mainstream media that even though they're the country's largest perpetrator of premeditated murders in the form of abortion, their real interest and focus is on prevention.

But now we have obtained internal documents from Planned Parenthood of Central Washington (PPCW) that show the brutal truth.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Planned Parenthood to Receive Funding Boost from Bankrupt State of Washington

We've written about and led the charge against the Take Charge "Family Planning" program for years.

It is basically a decade old program which funnels millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood affiliates of Washington in a way that makes everybody say, "Look, we are helping to decrease the need for abortion."

NARAL was the first to celebrate the Olympia House Democrats' new "austerity" budget:
"While there are many steep cuts in critical programs and services, the House budget not only protects family planning funds, it expands eligibility in the Take Charge Medicaid family planning program. This means that more women will be able to access birth control, STD screening and treatment, and other basic medical care."
It's interesting that they were the first to know. Readers will also observe that NARAL exists for one and only one reason: abortions here, abortions there, abortions absolutely everywhere.

This is the actual text from the Washington House Democratic budget summary:
Eligibility for the Take Charge program, which provides family planning services for adults under 200 percent of the federal poverty level, will expand to cover adults under 250 percent of the federal poverty level. Savings are expected from reducing unplanned pregnancies. Approximately 45.6 percent of Washington births are reimbursed through the Medical Assistance program.
If you look at their budget, they are actually booking this as a budget cut of more than $7 million! Yes, we just have to repeat this one. The people who gave us a $5 billion budget deficit increased spending (by $2-3 million) and called it a $7 million cut. Even the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) which administers the program didn't do that when they proposed cutting the program last year to help balance the budget.

As Dan Kennedy from Human Life of Washington pointed out:
"So now we know the priorities of the Olympia Democrats budget. They are writing checks to Planned Parenthood with your money. Apparently subsidizing sexual activity is more important than feeding the poor, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, and caring for the sick. Are these the priorities they should have? You may want to let them know how you feel about it. LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE 1-800-562-6000"
At Governor Gregoire's 2010 Everett townhall, we personally delivered to her and the panel of experts she organized an information sheet on Take Charge with data clearly showing that Take Charge doesn't work. It simply doesn't deliver the promised decrease in costs.

Here's the truth we reported to them:
When the program began, the state was paying out $200 million a year for childbirth services under Medicaid. That figure has shot up 50%, to $300 million under the program.
The state’s primary subcontractor for Take Charge, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, has seen their annual revenues skyrocket from about $17 million to near $35 million since the program was started. According to Planned Parenthood of Western Washington’s latest Annual Report: “Over the previous 5-year period, approximately 70% of our clinic visits were covered by Take Charge." The state is then left to cover the cost of an abortion or a Medicaid birth.

We also know that PP's abortion numbers have sky-rocketed since Take Charge was initiated. The frightening thing to ponder now is: Will Planned Parenthood and the state start putting more pressure on Medicaid eligible women to abort to make the Take Charge numbers look better?

It's not too late to end this madness. We're calling on the state senate to strip this ideologically-driven, extremist provision in their budget and cut this failed program once and for all.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Beautiful Little Lamb Saved from Cedar River Abortion Mill

Of course, we love to get emails like the one reprinted below. It's a story we received this week about a beautiful child spared from the horror of abortion last year. Some people wanted her dismembered and set out as medical waste. Others braved the cold, the wind and rain, and public humiliation to see her live.

Dear Pro-life friends,

Some of us who were praying at the Cedar River Abortion Center at Renton on Friday, April 1st, had a wonderful, joyful experience of having a lady drive by and hand over a picture of a beautiful baby girl. She said that some months back when she had driven in to the center for an abortion, someone praying outside handed her a picture (not sure what exactly it was) of a baby's feet. That touched her and made her choose life for her unborn child and the picture she gave us was the picture of her little daughter, Teana, who now is her joy.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Audio of the 911 Call: Listen for Yourself

911 Audio Confirms: Planned Parenthood Ambulance was for Botched Abortion

We just got hold of the 911 call from the March 18 story which we broke. Our reporter and several 40 Days for Life witnesses saw a woman being evacuated by stretcher from the Planned Parenthood in Everett, Washington, and taken away by ambulance.

This Planned Parenthood is one of the region's most notorious abortion mills. The title of our piece was "Safe and Legal Abortion" claims another victim.

Some slavish abortion supporters challenged the notion that the emergency evacuation was of an abortion patient. Some even challenged the idea that it was a patient at all.

We quickly confirmed via Planned Parenthood CEO Christine Charbonneau that it was indeed a patient.

And now we can confirm that it was a botched abortion that sent the woman to hospital. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planned Parenthood Hiring Unlicensed, Illegal Nurses?

Just as Congress is trying to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood across the nation comes revelations that the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Central Washington has apparently been hiring unlicensed nurses.

This is the same Planned Parenthood which we exposed for having tried to force a teenager into an abortion, and then trying to stop a police officer from rescuing her by citing fictional laws.

In the course of reviewing other police reports involving this organization, we found one case where a large supply of fentanyl, a regulated pain narcotics used to reduce the physical pain during a first-trimester abortion, had gone missing from a locked cabinet. The police were called and an investigation conducted. During the course of the investigation most of the nursing staff at Planned Parenthood Kennewick were questioned, all of them being suspects originally.

We checked state medical licenses for each of the nurses listed and found two individuals in particular who did not have a nursing license at that time, yet were (at least according to what they told police) working as registered nurses for Planned Parenthood.

Anti-Choice Project Confronts Planned Parenthood Supporters with Reality of "Choice"

Our friends at the Anti-Choice Project (love that name), were out in force at Planned Parenthood's "I Stand with Planned Parenthood" Rally at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle March 19th.
As usual the pro-abortion crowd attempts to cover up the graphic signs illustrating "choice".

Women are holding signs with slogans like "Don't take away my breast exams" and "Don't take away my birth control".

I'm always curious about the men in the crowd. Why aren't they holding a "Don't take away my birth control" sign?  The FDA said men have a "right" to Plan B, a.k.a. the-morning-after-pill. King County Public Health reminds visitors to their Birth Control Gallery that, "No prescription needed for people over age 18 and men can get Plan B for their wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends!

We also know that "birth control" means abortion too. How many men in the audience paid for an abortion or pressured a girlfriend or wife into getting one?

Why is it so hard for men to claim it and own it?

Open Letter to State Senate on Surrogacy Bill 1267

Washington State Legislature
Senate Committee Hearing
March 15, 2011 
RE: HB 1267

Dear Senators,

My Name is Maria Lancaster, and I am the Executive Director of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We work indirectly and sometimes directly with families and doctors working in the field of assisted reproduction. Our particular service deals with human embryos that have been left remaining after fertility treatments. We are working to assist families that have embryos in the freezer to donate, with families that would like to “adopt” them. We work with families to insure the “best interest” of any born children as our first priority. Families receiving embryos have a home study done by a licensed social worker.  Families donating the embryos do so as a “gift” to the receiving family. We are there to help facilitate the family relationships and help them know each other if they desire, because this is in “the best interest of the children” and most of the families involved.

I am writing to you today to express the grave concerns I have regarding HB 1267,and how it would affect the children. So you know, I have read the entire bill and listened to the testimony via TVW in the hearing held in the House last January. I am familiar with the intent of HB 1267.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Parents Frustrated By Lack of Answers on Seattle Schools' Secret Abortion System

As the Seattle City Council considers doubling the Education Levy used to fund in-school "health clinics", they are coming under fire from parents and activists for continuing to undermine parental authority because of their role in secretly putting girls on birth control and even helping setup abortions behind the parents' backs.

Some critics have even called the clinics the first station in an "underground railroad from hell" where the last stop is one of Seattle's unregulated abortion mills.

Defiant in Face of National Scandal
Last year there was a national scandal after it was revealed that a Ballard High School teenager was taken for an abortion during school hours without her parents' knowledge, all arranged by the Ballard "Teen Health Clinic".

The clinic is run under an extremely complicated arrangement that seems almost designed to diffuse blame and obfuscate responsibility. The clinic is at the school, but the school says it has nothing to do with them. The nursing staff are employees of Swedish Hospital, but Swedish refused to answer any questions, saying policy is set by Seattle and King County Public Health (SKCPH).

Parents are left wondering who exactly to go to in order to protest this devious scheme.

We recently spoke with Gary Reynolds, one local parent who, while not a pro-life activist, was outraged by the Public Health's deliberate setup within the schools designed to facilitate secret abortions. He eventually got in touch with James Apa, a senior spokesman for King County Public Health.

One of the main things he wanted to know was whether or not the consent forms parents sign had been fixed. In the Ballard High School scandal, the mother indicated that she had no idea she was consenting to her child being shuttled off to an abortion clinic. Nowhere was that explicitly stated.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Saved at Everett Planned Parenthood

We received word that another baby and mom were saved from abortion outside the Everett Planned Parenthood this week.

We won't publish any details on line so as to protect the family's privacy.

Thanks to everybody who helped and is helping this woman.

This is the second known save at this particular Planned Parenthood during this 40 Days for Life Campaign.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, We Finally Did It

We found somewhere in Washington State law which recognizes the unborn child as a separate and unique person under the law.

As most people know, in America if you are poor and need medical attention, you can apply for the Medicaid program. It turns out that the government not only uses your income to determine if you qualify for the benefits, but also your family size. That makes sense: the same amount of income spread over more children means less money per child.

For example, Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has an online questionnaire here where you can fill out your info and it will tell you if you qualify. Question 2 is about family size, specifically "how many children live with you?". The comments add: "If you are pregnant, please include that unborn child." (emphasis ours)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everett Planned Parenthood Lists Unlicensed, Disciplined Doctor

Just as people are processing the news of an ambulance evacuating a female patient from the Everett Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, there is new controversy surrounding questions as to the identity of the Planned Parenthood doctor involved, and the organization's refusal to completely answer questions about whether or not they are using licensed staff.

A quick Google (Maps) search of the PP Everett abortion clinic address, 1509 32nd Street, Everett, WA, shows several staff associated with this clinic, but only one doctor: Dr. C. D. Steele.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Answering the Critics of Our March 18 Article

On March 18th we posted this article, Safe and Legal Abortion Claims Another Vicitm at Everett Planned Parenthood.

It generated some comments in the combox that were critical of our reporting and defended Planned Parenthood's track record in particular and abortion in general.

Here at AIW we know and believe that every abortion kills an unborn human person and wounds the mother, father and society at large. Some of the people who work at Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers also know this, but for reasons particular to each person they keep trudging along in an industry that has no winners.

Here's a summary of the criticisms and our response:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood Regional CEO Denies Patient Death

We wanted to give you an update on our story yesterday in which a woman was evacuated from the Everett Planned Parenthood abortion clinic by ambulance. Christine Charbonneau, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (formerly Western Washington), responded yesterday afternoon by email.

In the email she admitted that the plaintiff victim was a patient (and not an employee as some have speculated), but denied that the client was deceased as some eye-witnesses had feared. She claimed "patient is very much alive, stable and getting care appropriate to the situation."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Safe and Legal Abortion Claims Another Victim at Everett Planned Parenthood

Woman getting evacuated in ambulance from Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Everett, Washington, condition unknown. Planned Parenthood staff form line with umbrellas and poster board to obstruct public from viewing.
It was another eventful day at the Safe and Legal Abortion Center otherwise known as the Everett Planned Parenthood. Sadly, I was there to witness the transport of what appeared to be a severely injured woman to a North Everett Hospital. We are still investigating as to the severity of the botched abortion and only pray that it was not fatal or caused serious injuries.

Events started to unfold a little before 1:00 pm when I heard sirens approaching the corner of Hoyt and 32nd in Everett, Washington. As the red engine rounded the corned from the south I walked hastily to see if it would move beyond Planned Parenthood on Hoyt. Unfortunately it stopped and 3 paramedics unloaded their gear and went in the side entrance.

I had arrived at Planned Parenthood about 10:00 am today and noticed things were different. The sidewalk and the traffic in and out of the clinic weren't the usual hub of activity and conversation. Usually by about 11:00 to 11:30 women are exiting Planned Parenthood after their abortions and more women are arriving. And they come out the front door. Today this didn't happen. Every customer except one came out the side door on to the parking lot.

The arrivals were unusual too. Maybe two women came and left with little brown bags, probably condoms. One PP supporter came to make a donation. She proudly let me know she was "pro-choice".  I told her, "I can tell!" I wonder if she would have left her money if she had known they were in the middle of a botched abortion.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 Days for Life Wraps up First Week

40 Days for Life started on March 9th this Spring and already it's been quite a campaign.

I've been praying at three locations: Everett, Northgate (North Seattle), and Kenmore (not an official 40 Days for Life site).

My first day out was last Thursday the 10th at the Northgate site. I hadn't been there long when a young woman assaulted us. She kicked our signs out into the street, tried to grab a sign out of my hand, and yelled that we weren't helping anybody. She claimed that she was poor and needed the birth control that Planned Parenthood provided.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Centralia Baby Decapitation Poses Grisly Lesson for Abortion Crowd

This week brought us a stomach-churning story from Centralia, Washington. According to reports, a troubled mother gave birth prematurely at home to a 21-week-old baby and then cut the baby's head off with a serrated kitchen knife.

The state is charging the mother with murder.

The disturbing irony of this case, that media reports have somehow failed to observe, is that in Washington State abortion is legal and subsidized by the state way past the point at which this baby was born and murdered.

What that means is that had this mother gone to an abortion clinic and had the baby executed in a functionally identical manner, there would have been no murder charges. The only charges would have been for about $1,000 from the licensed doctor to the mother. Perhaps the charges would have been to Medicaid, which would have paid in full.

We contacted the Washington State chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to see if they supported the murder charges in this case, or if they saw them as an encroachment on their precious "abortion rights".

We spoke with Alison Mondi. Unfortunately, Ms. Mondi was not familiar with the story, but after our description her initial response was: "That doesn't seem like the right thing to have done."

We emailed her a link to the news account of the incident on the understanding that they would respond via email. Alas, after a couple of attempts, its seems that NARAL Washington does not want to discuss the absurdity of their public positions when its flagrant immorality is laid plain for all to see in a case like this.

Either Ms. Mondi defends the criminal charges, in which case she exposes her organization's own position in support of abortion on demand at any moment of pregnancy as patently repulsive. Or else she is morally consistent but risks marginalizing the abortion lobby even in abortion loving Washington.

If the Centralia mother's lawyer has any sense, he will mount a defense of his client on the grounds that she was actually just performing an abortion without a license (which is a class C felony, and so carries a maximum 5 year penalty and $10,000 fine.) The fact is that in Washington State abortion is completely unregulated up to the point of "viability". Viability is generally regarded to be about 24 weeks, but is constantly changing depending onthe vagaries of medical science.

And even after that, a licensed physician can perform an abortion if he or she alone attests that the baby was not viable, or if he or she alone declares that the pregnancy was a threat to the mother's health.

There are no regulations as to where an abortion must be performed for it to be a legal abortion. No regulations as to the preceding events (e.g., ultrasound, notifications). It's possible that she could be found in violation of the relatively new federal "Born Alive" statute if she goes with the unlicensed abortion defense, but if the umbilical cord was still attached, she might still be able to get away with it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Virginia Law Regulating Abortion Clinics Highlights Washington's Abortion 'Wild West'

The commonwealth of Virginia just passed historic legislation that many abortion clinics have said might force them to close. What sort of radical new law is this? Some kind of abortion ban?

Actually, no. The new law simply requires “facilities in which five or more first-trimester abortions per month are performed” to now abide by some of the same regulations as “hospital facilities.” Previously clinics were only required to comply with the standards for doctors’ officers where surgeries are not performed.

Numerous abortion clinics have said that they might have to close in response. Apparently the conditions in these clinics are non-compliant with the regulations and they don't want to go to the "trouble" of complying with the abortion clinic reforms.

(Virgina already requires second trimester abortions to be performed in a hospital, which, incidentally, so does the City of Richland, Washington.)

There are three important points that Washingtonians can take away from this development:

1) It only serves to highlight how far out of the mainstream Washington State is with its "zero regulation" policy towards the abortion industry. After the Kermitt Gosnell scandal started making national headlines, which resulted in the firing of at least 6 Pennsylvania Health Department employees due to their ideologically-driven policy of "legal abortion = safe abortion" and viewing every abortionist as another Marcus Welby, we checked with the Washington State Department of Health to see if they were reviewing their abortion clinic inspection regime to avoid a similarly disastrous situation for women and children on the West Coast.

Their response stunned us. Washington has no policy of inspections of abortion clinics. And Washington has no regulations of abortion clinics. And there were no plans to review any of that! The trend everywhere else in the United States, even among pro-abortion liberals, is towards revisiting abortion clinic "deregulation" loopholes and replacing it with with common-sense reforms. Washington continues to earn its reputation as the Abortion State.

2) The bill to regulate pregnancy centers out of existence has been sold by some Democrat legislators under the false claim that it would just be regulating them "the same way abortion clinics are". The fact is that abortion clinics are NOT regulated as facilities, as the Department of Health has admitted.

A regulation like the Virginia one would be a great way for Planned Parenthood and the Washington abortion industry to demonstrate some good faith, and to make it so that the talking points they're feeding their servants in Olympia stop getting thrown back at them by educated citizens to humiliating effect.

3) Good laws regulating abortion can be passed without a majority by effective legislators. Despite the fact that Virginia is less of a pro-abortion, godless wasteland than Washington, the state senate is, like ours, controlled by a Democrat majority. Hence most pro-life bills, like this one, are killed in committee by the party of death.

But a clever state senator, Republican Kathy Byron, managed to get it attached as an amendment in committee to a separate bill. On the senate floor, the vote tied 20-20. The bill passed with the deciding vote from Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battle to Defeat Pregnancy Center Bill Contains Valuable Lessons

As most readers are now aware, Monday evening was the deadline for this session to pass bills out of the "House of origin", and HB1366, the bill created and pushed by the Washington State abortion industry to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers, was abandoned by the Democratic leadership.

So the bill is dead. Pro-lifers are celebrating. What seemed almost impossible 24 hours earlier was achieved.

The abortion industry -- NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and their lackies in the Democratic Party -- are seething. This is the second year in a row of setbacks, and this is the friendliest state in the union to their agenda of death. They passed a similar bill a couple of weeks ago in New York City.

Perhaps they believe Frank Sinatra, if they could make it there, they could make it anywhere. They are peddling this bill across the country. They passed one similar in Baltimore, but this was to be the first state they have tried. The thought was actually Sinatra in reverse: if you can't make it in Washington, you can't make it anywhere.

But while the merchants of death are doing their own post-mortem, pro-lifers need to clean up the ticker-tape and take careful stock of lessons learned. Because the abortion industry has vowed to bring this bill back next year, and they are usually relentless. The pro-life community was taken by surprise the first time. Frankly, they should have been ready this time, but they were somehow caught flatfooted again, and succeeded despite something of a last minute scramble.

If the Democrats do decide to pursue this bill again in eleven months, despite the fact that it will be closer to an election, we need to make sure they walk right into an ambush.

The most important thing that needs to happen is that the pregnancy center community needs to finally, once and for all, abandon the notion of "detente" with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. These pro-lifers, doing wonderful work on the front lines, have in too many cases adopted a "live and let live" approach with those who kill unborn babies. They have become seduced by a lie that if they just operated in the margins, Planned Parenthood would leave them alone.

We know of numerous cases where pro-life pregnancy clinics have become paralyzed because a nearby Planned Parenthood occasionally refers clients to them. In exchange, the CPC has given PP a pass, and deliberately avoided fighting them publicly. In one case, a CPC discouraged its staff from attending a city council meeting that was deciding whether or not to allow Planned Parenthood to open up a new clinic in town.

It doesn't seem to occur to these center directors that perhaps Planned Parenthood is "buying off" their silence with what is to them a tiny percentage of their client base.

The fact is, we firmly believe that everything that is needed to crush the abortion industry forever is in the filing cabinets of the state's pregnancy centers. It's in the stories of your clients.

The ones who went to Planned Parenthood and were denied an ultrasound until they agreed to an abortion. The ones who were scheduled for an abortion within minutes of finding out they were pregnant. The ones who had an abortion that the abortionist and staff knew she didn't want.

The ones who had multiple abortions without ever being shown a fetal development model or photo, let alone hearing their baby's heartbeat on a fetal heart monitor. The ones who now have nightmares about their abortion. The ones who tried to commit suicide after their abortion.

It's in the unfiled police reports, the unfiled lawsuits, the unfiled complaints with the Department of Health, the unmade tipoff phone calls to malpractice insurance carriers.

Hopefully now that Planned Parenthood and the rest of the Washington State abortion industry has made their intention to destroy you painfully clear, it's time to end the denial and show the myth of "peaceful co-existence" the door.

Even after 9/11, there were -- and remain -- those who thought Islamofascists could be understood or negotiated with. But just as in that case, the fact is there are those who know nothing but death. They kill and destroy because they must. There may be fascinating psychological, sociological, and spiritual explanations for their genocidal behavior, but while you're busy trying to figure all that out, they're busying plotting their next move to destroy you.

They may individually even have nice smiles, wear nice clothes, have one or two cute (living) children that seduce you into detente. But we know that the devil comes as an angel of light.

It's wonderful to pursue their individual salvation, but it's critical to understand that that will almost certainly never stop their movement. Biblical Christians must be able seek the souls of the lost with abandon, while seeking the destruction of their genocidal movements without compromise.

So let's put "detente" on the bus. What you know, and can prove, about Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics has to start becoming public. The stories from your clients must be told. They are devastating. Send them to us. Or find a way to publish them yourself, on your Facebook page, or start your own blog.

Pro-life hero Phil Kline, who pursued legal action against Planned Parenthood in Kansas as Attorney General, and has been targeted for destruction by them ever since, just said in an email:
"The pro-life community has never focused on enforcing the law."
That's something we have been saying. Just because it's legal for them to murder babies, doesn't mean everything else they do is legal. They'll break every law they can get away with. Let's not let them.

File police reports where it looks like a crime, any crime, may have been committed. Get to know your local police chief and your local prosecutor. File complaints with the Department of Health. Get to know every regulation that applies to them, financial or medical, and look for violations when your clients tell their stories.

There are many Christians who feel that pursing legal action against the wicked is somehow secular and dirty or perhaps vengeful when we should be extending grace and showing love. That's not what the Apostle Paul said:
What shall we say then? Is the Law sin? May it never be! On the contrary, I would not have come to know sin except through the Law; (Romans 7:7)
While strictly speaking Paul was referring to the Mosaic law, the point stands. Even more on point, Paul said:
[F]or [the state] is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. (Romans 13:4)
 It's time to go on offense. We have everything we need to bring the abortion industry to justice in both the court of public opinion and human courts of justice.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Democrat Staffer Blatantly Misrepresents Abortion Bill, Current Law

With a vote on HB1366 imminent in the Olympia House of Representatives, some Democrat politicians supporting the bill still seem to be trying to get away with outright deceptions with their constituents.

Take Larry Springer for example. Springer represents the 45th district, which covers some parts of Kirkland and Redmond, plus a range of rural King County including Duvall and Carnation. His staffer, Kelly, attempted to defend his support for the legislation on the grounds that "we're just trying to apply the same regulations to pro-life pregnancy centers that already exist for abortion clinics."

Yes, she really said that.

One hardly knows where to begin after someone tries to get away with The Big Lie like that one.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Speaker Frank Chopp Lets "More Dead Babies Act" Proceed to Floor Vote

Pro-lifers across the state were alarmed today to find out that Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp decided to go ahead and let the massively controversial legislation to shut down the state's pregnancy centers out of the Rules Committee. HB1366 is now headed for a floor vote in the House. If it passes, it will then go to the Senate.

There had been hope that Mr. Chopp would keep the bill bottled up in the Rules Committee after pregnancy center advocates had met with him and educated him on what the state's 50-60 Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) and Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) do to help women at no cost facing one of their life's most difficult circumstances, an unplanned pregnancy. Mr. Chopp was reported to have been greatly impressed at the time.

There had been hope that the Democrats who were pushing the bill might reconsider after the massive show of opposition at the Health Committee Hearing. But the ideological extremists in that Party, which has been damned as a wholly owned subsidiary of the abortion lobby, were unfazed.

There was further hope after a similar bill was struck down in Maryland as patently unconstitutional that the Democrats would dig deep and find some shame. But no luck with that either.

There was still hope after numerous Democrats were publicly humiliated during meetings with constituents in which it was discovered that they hadn't even read the bill they had co-sponsored. Their reaction to the penalty portion of the bill was so strong, apparently, that the bill sponsor, Judy "The Abortionator" Clibborn was forced to revamp it completely. The new text, which calls for "injunctive relief", has been condemned as just as bad as the first version, but less easy to attack.

The bill could come to a floor vote as early as Saturday morning. For details on the legislation, click here and you will find our many other stories.

Government Using Low-Interest Health Care Bonds to Refurbish ... Abortion Clinics!

We have recently uncovered yet another reason why we call this "The Abortion State".

As if it wasn't enough to have unlimited and unregulated abortion on demand at taxpayers' expense; as if it wasn't enough to have high school girls being whisked away from school to abortion clinics with government-paid taxi rides, without their parents ever learning about it, all with state approval. As if it wasn't enough for the state's abortion industry to have friends in Olympia trying to shut down non-profit, volunteer-staff pregnancy clinics.

No, we now find out that a government agency designed to offer low-interest loans to non-profit health care agencies to help them build and renovate their facilities, has been issuing cut-rate loans to the state's abortion clinics to build out and renovate their baby-killing operations!

There have been at least four of these, with one in the works.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Washington State Senators Keep up Fight for Abortion Industry, vs Scientific Accuracy

Senator Patty Murray (looking a little surprised
and confused ... not surprisingly
Washington State's two leftist 'lady' Senators never seem to miss an opportunity to be on the most extreme position of any issue.

Despite a $14 trillion debt and $1.6 trillion deficit, Senators Murray and Cantwell today voiced their opposition to Republican attempts to try to find even a few hundred million dollars in savings, and to get the government out of women's private, reproductive lives.

Murray, recently determined to be the most liberal Senator, and routinely voted the dumbest, repeated the left's bedrock belief that contraception reduces abortion rates.

This belief may vie with Darwin's Origin of Species as virtual Canon Law for the Sexual Left, so it must be restated: it's absolute baloney.

Miss Cantwell, who has never married and has no children, joined her much ridiculed colleague Mrs. Murray in failing to acknowledge the recent study out of Spain which showed that while contraception use rose from 50% to 80% over a 10 year period, the abortion rate doubled!

This finding came as no surprise to those of us who believe in scientifically and medically accurate sex education. In fact it is 100% consistent with the abortion industry's own research, which says that 54% of women getting abortions were using birth control the month they got pregnant.

We contacted both Senators for comment and to ask them if they would at least support the GOP cut to funding of Planned Parenthood, the state and country's largest provider of abortions, and active participant in countless crimes and scandals.

We're still waiting.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sophisticated Ad Campaign to Save Women from Abortion Comes to Seattle

"I was ill to the bone, hot, cold, shaking and like I wanted to turn into dirt and die.  I threw up and bled.  I passed the child and kept feeling very ill.  The pills they gave me were like poison to both the baby and me making it impossible for the baby to survive.... It’s been over 3 years and I still wonder what she would look like and if she would ever know that she is loved by me.  I’m not the kind of person to kill a bug or hurt a fly but here I am a person so selfish I chose abortion.  It was the easy way out, but the hardest choice in the long run.  When I buckle my two children in the car I often feel like there is someone missing.  It hurts to think she feels unloved or unwanted.  I wish I could go back and make a different decision.  I feel if I would have been more counseled and had more support I would not be stuck with this guilty feeling the rest of my life."
This is Beth's story. We don't know what city Beth lived in when she was sold this abortion that killed a baby and scarred her emotionally, but it could easily have been Seattle.

And a new, sophisticated, privately-funded ad campaign just launched yesterday to help women like Beth stand up to the deception and pressure from the abortion-government complex and choose life for their unborn children. The organization behind the campaign relies on professional psychological studies to frame their message, and has set up partnerships with local pregnancy clinics.

The ads are on the billboards, light rail interior car ads, rail posters, bus tails, and bus interior car cards. But the largest one is downtown on a large wallscape at the corner of Howell Street and Boren Avenue. The campaign is deliberately targeted to lower-income women.

The purpose of the ad campaign is to get the women to call a hotline, or to go to the website The site is carefully designed to connect with women facing an unplanned pregnancy and to help them see for themselves the long-term devastating consequences of choosing abortion as an "undo" button from first-hand testimonies of women who have been there. It also introduces readers to women, like them, who accepted parenting even though it seemed like an overwhelming prospect to them at the time.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pro-Abortion Terrorist Who Threatened AIW Nabbed by FBI

Our friend Michelle McIntyre at Life of the Party alerted us to a post at Jill Stanek late on Friday.

The post was about the arrest of pro-abortion activist Theodore Shulman, who has been threatening pro-lifers across the country for several years now.

Mr. Shulman made 3 comments on posts here at AIW as "OperationCounterstrike"; here he posted twice and here once.

Here's a sample:
Right to lifers owe blood for eight terrorist murders.
Someone should kill eight right-to-lifers.
It won't be murder; it'll be justifiable homicide.
Jill Stanek has forwarded the information to the FBI.

Of course, violence and threatened violence is not new behavior for pro-abortion activists, or "pro-choicers" as they like to be called. They kill unborn babies, born babies, pregnant women, abortionists, pro-lifers, or anyone who gets in their way. They steal, kidnap, commit arson, drug crimes, sex crimes, and vandalism.

Doubt what we're saying? There's an out-of-date but informative list of "pro-choice" violence by state and province here which makes a very educational read for people who get their news from places like The Seattle Times, NPR, or CNN.  Washington's list is here.

We are glad the FBI has detained this man before he hurt anyone. But this story is horribly ironic in light of the situation we told you about where we were bullied and harassed by abortionist Julie Komarow simply for trying to interview her for a story we were doing on her stemming from her affiliation with the infamous Cedar River Clinics late-term abortion chain which we've been telling you about lately.

In that case she was able to get help from Eric Holder's Justice Department. Attorney General Holder provided two United States Marshals to "investigate" us and to bully the judge at the first hearing where Ms. Komarow sought a restraining order on our First Amendment rights.

Mr. Holder, consider this an educational moment in terms of where the actual threats of violence are coming from. It's from your side.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And The Award for the Most Incompetent Piece of Journalism Goes To ....

Yes, the Abortionssociated Press, in conjunction with the Seattle Times!

Finally the western Washington media cottoned on to the fact that there was a major political battle going on in Olympia and wrote a story about HB1366, the bill to destroy Washington State pregnancy centers on behalf of the abortion industry.

Yet reading the article, you'd be hard pressed to figure any of this out.

First, the article starts off by using the term "limited service pregnancy center" -- without quotation marks. The stigmatizing and biased term was coined by the abortion lobby to serve their political agenda. For the AP, the pejorative language of the extreme left is considered neutral and objective.

Second, it makes absolutely no mention of the fact that the measures in the bill have been found unconstitutional by a federal court, and the Attorney General of Washington has indicated that this bill is even worse.

Third, Robin Hindery, the AP writer -- it would be wrong to use the term 'journalist' -- says nothing about the shocking punitive measures in the original bill that were without precedent and were determined by almost everyone who read them as having been designed for one purpose: to put pregnancy centers out of business by making it impossible for them to afford the flurry of frivolous lawsuits. The language was so bad that the Democrats replaced it with an "injunctive relief" provision. Miss Hindery makes no attempt to explain what the consequences of this would be, or that it would have the same effect.

Fourth, Miss Hindery does not state anywhere that 15 years ago the abortion lobby was arguing the exact opposite of this, when consumers and citizens were trying to get some minimal regulation on the abortion business to force them to tell the truth about abortion to abortion-seeking customers. They fought tooth and nail to avoid such mandates, but now are arguing the opposite.

Similarly, the fact that the ACLU just one year ago was on the opposite side of this issue was somehow omitted by the report.

Even the very title of the article, "Bill seeks to clarify Washington pregnancy-center services" takes the Democrat-Abortion spin at face value. The death of the bill in the Senate is reported as "a relatively common practice" without challenge, when it was actually a significant lobbying victory.

It's additionally pathetic that the massive turnouts from pregnancy care center supporters at committee hearings in opposition to the bill even made it into a piece by the self-proclaimed left-wing "The Stranger", but not into the AP/Seattle Times account.

Some have speculated that with the bill possibly dead in the House Rules Committee, NARAL & Planned Parenthood put in a call to their buddies at the Associated Press and ordered up a press release disguised as a news report to try to breathe new life into the legislation.

Either way, it's high time that the Seattle Times and Associated Press put large disclaimers in "30 point font or larger", "prominently, clearly, and conspicuously" on all their communications that they are a "limited truth news service".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cedar River Abortion Chain Evicted from Main Office, Months Behind on Rent

Washington State's most notorious late-term abortion mill, Cedar River Clinics, was recently evicted by its landlord from their corporate head office suite on Interurban Avenue in Tukwila, south of Seattle.
26-week baby in utero. Or as Cedar
River Clinics calls him, a $10k target

According to court records we obtained, the abortion clinic chain, which advertises abortions up to a horrifying 26 weeks of pregnancy -- a crime in most western countries -- was over 5 months behind on rent payments. They had leased the office space since 2003.

"On or about August 7, 2010, a three-day notice to pay $16,633.21 or vacate was served upon defendant," reads the lawsuit. "As of this date, defendant has failed to cure said default or vacate the Premises."

The suit went on to demand double the amount of missed rental payments, and attorneys' fees. Cedar River did lawyer up, but never entered any kind of defense. The only other court records from them were a change of attorney, though they declined to answer when contacted whether this was done at the initiative of the attorneys (Ryan Law), or their own. It seems strange to switch counsel if you're not planning to mount a defense.

Lawyers for the landlord told us that the matter was resolved by Cedar River finally vacating the premises in September 2010, a month after the suit was filed.

After Cedar River vacated the property, the landlord, Fairway Center, dropped the suit.

What's not clear in all this is whether Cedar River could not afford to keep the lights on at this facility, or if they were simply stealing a few months of free rent before a planned departure.

They've had a bunch of well-deserved trouble lately. First they were forced to close their flagship abortion mill Yakima after 30 years of killing babies. Then, in the story we broke, they're defending against a medical malpractice lawsuit against their chief abortionist, Robert Kothenbeutel, who pulls in over $300,000 a year.

Kothenbeutel rendered a woman permanently infertile from a botched late-term abortion ("25+ weeks"), after she was taken by ambulance to a local emergency room, where she had to have a hysterectomy.

Nevertheless, according to the most recently available financial records, they had $1.2 million in net assets at the end of 2008, on revenue of $4.6 million, including about $700,000 in real estate holdings. That is their Yakima building, which they bought with the help of money from pro-lifers extorted by a court which abjectly abused the RICO statute, back in the Clinton Administration.

Their revenue has remained stable near $4.5 million for at least the last 5 years. As we have previously reported, making that much money off 6,000 abortion clients a year (which they have claimed publicly), is an average revenue of about $750. That is about triple what most of their competitors are able to generate, so it would be surprising if they suddenly hit on hard times.

We contacted Cedar River's acting attorney in the case for comment, but she deferred to Beverly Whipple, the founder and Executive Director. We caught up with Ms. Whipple today by phone, but she said and then repeated that she did not want to answer any questions about the eviction.

Gregg Cunningham, Director of CBR Coming to Bremerton & Seattle

Our friends at the Anti-Choice Project are bringing Gregg Cunningham to Bremerton and Seattle. Gregg is the director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. He is travelling to the area with his collegue Gregory Grimm to speak on the importance of graphic images in social reform, the work CBR is doing to end abortion in America and how you can help. This will be an immensely valuable presentation which we encouage all pro-lifers to attend.

Bremerton, WA
Friday, February 25 at 7pm
Central Kitsap Fire Hall

Seattle, WA
Saturday, February 26 at 7pm
Blessed Sacrament Church Hall

See here for more info.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pence Amendment Passes, Reichert Supports, McDermott Makes Fool of Himself

Washington Democrat
"Baghdad" Jim McDermott
The Pence Amendment to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country (for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year) passed Friday by a vote of 240-185.

All eyes are watching what happens in the Senate, which is still under Democrat control, but where numerous Democrat Senators from Republican states are up for re-election in 2012. If this amendment becomes federal law, it will have a dramatic impact on Washington State.

The passage of the amendment in the House was a truly historic moment for those who have fought to end the annual distribution of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the nation's largest single killer of human beings, and most controversial organization.

For Washington's State's Congressional delegation, the vote split across party lines: Republicans Doc Hastings and Cathy (McMorris) Rodgers from the eastern part of the state voted for it, in addition to freshman Jaime (Herrera) Beutler, and Western Washington Republican Dave Reichert. Reichert's vote was not a surprise -- he has voted for previous versions of the Pence Amendment -- but ever since the famed Sheriff voted to let Terry Schiavo be killed, pro-lifers have never considered him to be a sure thing when it comes to voting on issues that the lunatic fringe abortion bloc west of the Cascades might consider sacramental.